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Cease Earth, ah ! cease, proud Babel Earth, to swell; Heav'n blasts high tow’rs, stoops to a low roof’d cell; Firstheav'n must dwell inman,then man in Heav'n'shall dwell. XXVII. Close to Kerdia, *Pneumon takes his seat, Built of a lighter frame and spongy mould : Hence rise fresh airs, to fan Kerdia's heat, Temp'ring those burning fumes with moderate cold : Itself of larger size, distended wide, In divers streets and out-ways, multiplied; Yet in one corporation all are jointly tied. XXVIII. Fitly 'tis clothed with t hangings thin and light, Lest too much weight might hinder motion: His chiefest use, to frame the voice aright; . (The voice which publishes each hidden notion) And for that end a long pipe down descends (Which here itself, in many lesser spends) Until, low at the foot of Cephal's mount it ends. XXIX. This pipe was built for th'air's safe purveyance, To fit each several voice with perfect sound; Therefore of divers matter the conveyance Is finely fram'd ; the first in circles round, In hundred circles bended, hard and dry, (For wat'ry softness is sound's enemy) TNot altogether close, yet meeting very nigh. * The Pneumon, or lungs, is nearest the heart; whose flesh is light and spongy, and very large. It is the instrument of breathing and speaking, divided into many parcels, but all united into one body. + The lungs are covered with a light and very thin tunicle, lest it might. binder their motion. f The wind-pipe, which is framed partly of cartilages, or gristly matter, XXX. The second's drith and hardness somewhat less, But smooth and pliable, made for extending, Fills up the distant circle's emptiness; All in one body jointly comprehending: The * last most soft, which where the circle's seanted, Not fully met, supplies what they have wanted ; Not hurting under parts, which next to this are planted. - XXXI. Upon the top there stands the pipe's safet covering, Made for the voice’s better modulation: Above it fourteen careful warders hov'ring, Which shut and open it at all occasion: The cover in four parts itself dividing. Of substance hard, fit for the voice's guiding: One still unmov’d (in Thelu double oft) residing. - XXXII. Close f by this pipe, runs that great channel down, Which from high Cephal's mount, twice every day Brings to Koilia due provision: 8traight at whose & mouth a flood-gate stops the way, Made like an ivy leaf, broad, angle fashion; Of matter hard, fitting his operation,

because the voice is perfected with hard and smooth things (these cartilages are compassed like a ring) and partly of skin, which tie the gristles together.

For swallowing soon to fall, and rise for inspiration. o:

# And because the rings of the gristles do not wholly meet, this space is Imade up by muscles, that so the meat-pipe adjoining, might not be galled or hurt. + The Larynx, or covering of the woud-pipe, is a gristly substance, parted into four gristles; of which the first is ever unmoved, and in women often double. # Adjoining to it, is the Oesophagus or meat-pipe, conveying meats and idrinks to the stomach. § At whose end is the Epiglottis or cover of the throat; the principal instrument of tuning, and changing the voice; and therefore gristly, that it night sooner fall when we swallow, and rise when we breathe.

- XXXIII. But see, the smoke mounting in village migh, With folded wreaths, steals through the quiet air; And mix’d with dusky shades, in eastern sky, Begins the night, and warns us home repair: Bright Vesper now hath chang'd his name and place, And twinkles in the Heav'n with doubtful face : Home then, my full fed lambs; the night comes, home apace.”


- I. BY this the old Night's head (grown hoary gray) Foretold that her approaching end was near; And gladsome birth of young succeeding Day, Lent a new glory to our hemisphere : The early swains salute the infant ray, Then drove the dams to feed, the lambs to play: And Thirsil with night's death, revives his morning lay. II. “ The highest region in this little Isle, Is both the Island's, and Creator's glory: Ah! then, my lowly muse, and rugged style, How durst thou pencil out this wondrous story? Oh Thou! who mad'st this goodly regiment So heav'nly fair, of basest element, Make this inglorious verse, thy glory's instrument. III. So shall my flagging Muse to Heav'n aspire, Where with thyself, thy fellow-shepherd sits; And warm her pinions at that heav'nly fire: But, ah such height no earthly shepherd fits: Content we here, low in this humble vale, On slender reeds to sing a slender tale. A little boat will need as little sail and gale. IV. The third precinct, the best and chief of all, Though least in compass and of narrow space, Was therefore fram’d, like Heav'n, spherical, Of largest figure and of loveliest graee :

Though shap'd at first the “least of all the tree; Yet highest set in place, as in degree; And over all the rest bore rule and sovereignty. V. So of three parts, fair Europe is the least, w In which this earthly ball was first divided ; Yet stronger far, and nobler than the rest, . Where victory and learned arts resided ; Añd, by the Greek and Roman monarchy, Sway’d both the rest; now press'd by slavery Of Moscow, and the big-swoll'n Turkish tyranny. VI. Here all the tsenses dwell, and all the arts: Here learned Muses by their silver spring: The teity sever'd in two divers parts, Within the walls, and suburbs neighbouring ; The suburbs girt but with the common fence, Founded with wondrous skill and great expence; And therefore beauty here, keeps her chief residence. VII. And sure for ornament and buildings rare, Lovely aspect and ravishing delight, Not all the Isle or world, with this can pair; But in the Thelu is the fairest sight: These suburbs many call the Island's face; Whose charming beauty and bewitching grace, Oft times the SPrince himself inthralls in fetters base.

* The head of these three regions is the least, but noblest in frame and offiee, most like to heaven, being highest in this little world, as also, in figure, being round.

f The brain is the seat of the mind and senses.

: The head is divided into the city and suburbs; the brain within the wall of the scull, and the face witheut.

§ The mTad,

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