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Matthias, the Apostle, who was chosen in the
place of Judas that fell; that his spirit was res-
urrected in him; and that this was the way or
scheme of eternal life-this transmigration of
soul or spirit from father to son.

I told him that his doctrine was of the devil,
that he was in reality in possession of a wicked
and depraved spirit, although he professed to
be the Spirit of truth itself; and he said also
that he possessed the soul of Christ.

He tarried until Wednesday, 11th, when,
after breakfast, I told him, that my God told
me, that his god was the devil, and I could not
keep him any longer, and he must depart. And
so I, for once, cast out the devil in bodily shape,
and I believe a murderer.-History of the Church,
Vol. 2, p. 307.

Treason, Beware of-O ye Twelve! and all
Saints! profit by this important key-that in
all your trials, troubles, temptations, afflictions,
bonds, imprisonments and death, see to it, that
you do not betray heaven; that you do not be-
tray Jesus Christ; that you do not betray the
brethren; that you do not betray the revela-
tions of God; whether in the Bible, Book of
Mormon or Doctrine and Covenants, or any
other that ever was or ever will be given and
revealed unto man in this world or that which
is to come. Yea, in all your kickings and
flounderings, see to it that you do not this
thing, lest innocent blood be found upon your
skirts, and you go down to hell. All other
sins are not to be compared to sinning against

the Holy Ghost, and proving a traitor to the brethren. History of the Church, Vol. 3, p. 385.

Visions-We may look for angels and receive their ministrations, but we are to try the spirits and prove them, for it is often the case that men make a mistake in regard to these things. God has so ordained that when He has communicated, no vision is to be taken but what you see by the seeing of the eye, or what you hear by the hearing of the ear. When you see a vision, pray for the interpretation; if you get not this, shut it up; there must be certainty in this matter. An open vision will manifest that which is more important. Lying spirits are going forth in the earth. There will be great manifestations of spirits, both false and true.-Hstory of the Church, Vol. 3, p. 391.

Wicked, The Punishment of the There is no pain so awful as that of suspense. This is the punishment of the wicked; their doubt, anxiety and suspense cause weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.-History of the Church, Vol. 5, p. 340.

Women Not to Found Churches—A woman has no right to found or organize a church— God never sent them to do it.-History of the Church, Vol. 4, p. 579.

Wrong-Doing to be Proved by EvidenceA woman, near the same place, professed

to have the discerning of spirits, and began to "accuse" another sister of things that she was not guilty of, which she said she knew was so by the spirit, but was afterwards proven to be false; she placed herself in the capacity of the "accuser' of the brethren," and no person through the discerning of spirits can bring a charge against another, they must be proven guilty by positive evidence, or they stand clear. -History of the Church, Vol. 4, p. 581.

Zion, Importance of Gathering to Take away the Book of Mormon and the revelations, and where is our religion? We have none; for without Zion, and a place of deliverance, we must fall; because the time is near when the sun will be darkened, and the moon turn to blood, and the stars fall from heaven, and the earth reel to and fro. Then, if this is the case, and if we are not sanctified and gathered to the places God has appointed, with all our former professions and our great love for the Bible, we must fall; we cannot stand; we cannot be saved; for God will gather out His Saints from the Gentiles, and then comes desolation and destruction, and none can escape except the pure in heart who are gathered.History of the Church, Vol. 2, p. 52.

Zion, Warning to-The Lord will have a place whence His word will go forth, in these last days, in purity; for if Zion will not purify herself, so as to be approved of in all things, in His sight, He will seek another people; for His

work will go on until Israel is gathered, and they who will not hear His voice, must expect to feel His wrath. Let me say unto you, seek to purify yourselves, and also all the inhabitants of Zion, lest the Lord's anger be kindled to fierceness. Repent, repent, is the voice of God to Zion; and strange as it may appear, yet it is true, mankind will persist in self-justification until all their iniquity is exposed, and their character past being redeemed, and that which is treasured up in their hearts be exposed to the gaze of mankind. I say to you (and what I say to you I say to all), hear the warning voice of God, lest Zion fall, and the Lord swear in His wrath the inhabitants of Zion shall not enter into His rest.-History of the Church, Vol. 1, p. 316.

Zion, Redemption of-I know that Zion, in the due time of the Lord, will be redeemed but how many will be the days of her purification, tribulation, and affliction, the Lord has kept hid from my eyes; and when I inquire concerning this subject, the voice of the Lord is: Be still, and know that I am God! all those who suffer for my name shall reign with me, and he that layeth down his life for my sake shall find it again.

Now, there are two things of which I am ignorant; and the Lord will not show them unto me, perhaps for a wise purpose in Himself— I mean in some respects-and they are these: Why God has suffered so great a calamity to

come upon Zion, and what the great moving cause of this great affliction is; and again, by what means He will return her back to her inheritance, with songs of everlasting joy upon her head. These two things, brethren, are in part kept back that they are not plainly shown. unto me; but there are some things that are plainly manifest which have incurred the displeasure of the Almighty.-History of the Church, Vol. 1, p. 453.

Zion, What Prophets have said ConcerningBut all these impediments vanish when it is recollected what the Prophets have said concerning Zion in the last days; how the glory of Lebanon is to come upon her; the fir tree, the pine tree, and the box tree together, to beautify the place of His sanctuary, that He may make the place of His feet glorious. Where for brass, He will bring gold; and for iron, He will bring silver; and for wood, brass; and for stones, iron; and where the feast of fat things will be given to the just; yea, when the splendor of the Lord is brought to our consideration for the good of His people, the calculations of men and the vain glory of the world vanish, and we exclaim, "Out of Zion the perfection of beauty, God hath shined."-History of the Church, Vol. 1, p. 198.

Zion, Ransomed of the Lord to come toBut the tribe of Judah will return to old Jerusalem. The city of Zion spoken of by David, in the one hundred and second Psalm, will be

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