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النشر الإلكتروني

One thing have I desired of the LORD, which I will require', that I may dwell in the house of the LORD

all the days of my life,
to behold the fair beauty of the LORD,

and to visit His temple.
Two things have I required of Thee, O LORD,

deny Thou me not before I die ;
remove far from me vanity and lies ;

give me neither poverty nor riches,
feed me with food convenient for me;

lest I be full and deny Thee
and say, who is the Lord ?

or lest I be poor and steal,
and take the Name of my God in vain.

Let me learn to abound,
let me learn to suffer need,
in whatsoever state I am,

therewith to be content.
For nothing earthly, temporal, mortal,

to long nor to wait.
Grant me a happy life
in piety, gravity, purity,

in all things good and fair,

in cheerfulness, in health, in credit,
in competency, in safety, in gentle estate, in quiet;

a happy death,
a deathless happiness.

(3) Profession.

I believe
in the Father, benevolent affection ;
in the Almighty, saving power ;

in the Creator, providence
for guarding, ruling, perfecting the universe.

| Vide p. 194, edit. 1675.

VOL. V. -88.


In Jesus, salvation,

in Christ, anointing ;
in the Only-begotten Son, sonship,
in the LORD, a master's treatment,

in His conception and birth the cleansing of our unclean conception and birth; in His sufferings, which we owed, that we might not pay;

in His cross the curse of the law removed ;

in His death the sting of death ; in His burial eternal destruction in the tomb; in His descent, whither we ought, that we might not go; in His resurrection, as the first fruits of them that sleep;

in His ascent, to prepare a place for us ;

in His sitting, to appear and intercede;

in His return, to take unto Him His own; in His judgment, to render to each according to his works. In the Holy Ghost, power from on high,

transforming unto sanctity
from without and invisibly,
yet inwardly and evidently.
In the Church, a body mystical
of the called out of the whole world,

unto intercourse in faith and holiness.
In the communion of Saints, members of this body,

a mutual participation in holy things',

for confidence of remission of sins, for hope of resurrection, of translation,

to life everlasting

(4) Intercession. And I have hoped in Thy mercy

from everlasting to everlasting.
How excellent is Thy mercy, O LORD;

If I have hope, it is in Thy mercy,
O let me not be disappointed of my hope.

Moreover we beseech Thee,
remember all, Lord, for good;

i Vide above, pp. 24, 42.

have pity upon all, O Sovereign LORD,

be reconciled with us all.
Give peace to the multitudes of Thy people ;

scatter offences;

abolish wars ;
stop the uprisings of heresies.

Thy peace and love
vouchsafe to us, O God our Saviour,
the Hope of all the ends of the earth.
Remember to crown the

year with Thy goodness; for the eyes of all wait upon Thee, and thou givest them their meat in due season.

Thou openest Thy hand,
and fillest all things living with plenteousness.

Remember Thy Holy Church,
from one end of the earth to the other ;

and give her peace, whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy precious blood;

and establish her

unto the end of the world. Remember those who bear fruit, and act nobly,

in Thy holy Churches,
and who remember the poor and needy ;

recompense to them
Thy rich and heavenly gifts;

vouchsafe to them,
for things earthly, heavenly,
for corruptible, incorruptible,

for temporal, eternal.
Remember those who are in virginity,

and purity and ascetic life; also those who live in honourable marriage,

in Thy reverence and fear. Remember


Christian soul
in affliction, distress, and trial,
and in need of Thy pity and succour;

also our brethren in captivity, prison, chains,

and bitter bondage ; supplying return to the wandering,

health to the sick, deliverance to the captives. Remember religious and faithful kings, whom Thou hast given to rule upon the earth ;

and especially remember, LORD,
our divinely-guarded king;

strengthen his kingdom,
subdue to him all adversaries,

speak good things to his heart,

for Thy Church, and all Thy people. Vouchsafe to him deep and undisturbed peace,

that in his serenity
we may lead a quiet and peaceable life

with all godliness and honesty.
Remember, Lord, all power

and authority,

our brethren in the court,
those who are chief in council and judgment,

and all by land and sea

waging Thy wars for us. Moreover, LORD, remember graciously

our holy Fathers, the honourable Presbytery, and all the clergy, rightly dividing the Word of Truth,

and rightly walking in it. Remember, LORD, our brethren around us, and praying with us in this holy hour,

for their zeal and earnestness-sake. Remember also those who on fair reasons are away,

and pity them and us

in the multitude of Thy pity. Fill our garners with all manner of store, preserve our marriages in peace and concord,

nourish our infants,

lead forward our youth,

sustain our aged, comfort the weak-hearted, gather together the scattered,

restore the wanderers, and knit them to Thy Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

Set free the troubled

with unclean spirits,
voyage with the voyagers,
travel with the travellers,
stand forth for the widow,

shield the orpban,
rescue the captive,

heal the sick. Those who are on trial, in mines, in exile, in galleys, in whatever affliction, necessity, and emergence,

remember, O God;
and all who need Thy great mercy ;

and those who love us,

and those who hate ;
and those who have desired us unworthy

to make mention of them in our prayers ;
and all Thy people remember, O Lord, our God,

and upon all pour out Thy rich pity,
to all performing their requests for salvation;

and those of whom we have not made mention, through ignorance, forgetfulness, or number of names,

do Thou Thyself remember, O GOD,
who knowest the stature and appellation of each,

who knowest every one from his mother's womb. For thou art, O LORD, the Succour of the succourless,

the Hope of the hopeless,
the Saviour of the tempest-tost,
the Harbour of the voyager,

the Physician of the sick,
do Thou Thyself become all things to all men.

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