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poor, to whom M. Rénan, with an and more subduing matter, will adroit adaptation which agrees but found the dignity and the true libpoorly with the dignity of bis phi- erty of all men. Let us prepare, losophy, has sent his book wrap- each by doing his duty, this paraped in a flattering preface; but dise of the future." Such a paranotwithstanding chance infections, dise does not accord with English which may ruffle the composure of imaginations; but even were it athere and there a parish priest, any tained-had science done her best, general effect in England is impos- sanitary and otherwise, and “recipsible. Christianity itself does not rocal support” been realised in its undertake to satisfy all the questions highest ideal, the most intimate and of the wistful spirit, but there is no- profound of human miseries would thing else which makes any response still remain to be somehow proat all out of the awful darkness in vided for. People would still die, which, one time or other, every liv- and hearts still break, and even the ing soul loses some precious thing. much-contemned priest would conThe intellectual classes are, as we vey more consolation than M. Réhave said, limited in number, and nan. In England we are rather presumably able to take care of them- fond of taking fright upon this subselves; and to persons consciouslyject, and conceiving danger to the self-sufficing our argument may not religion of the people where no danseem a lofty one. But we are per- ger exists. That is founded upon suaded it is true. Mere scepticism more imperative necessities, and attempting only to deprive us of wants that go deeper down. It is our hopes will never reach the pop- good that the Church should meet ular heart. “Consider the hori- frankly and boldly all her assailzon,” says M. Rénan, addressing ants; but she may at the same time the poor; "there rise the tints of take comfort in reflecting that the the dawn, deliverance by means of vast mass of her members are huresignation, labour, liberality, re- man creatures, and that no amount ciprocal support - deliverance by of eloquence is likely to convince means of science, which, penetrat- them, instead of bread, to accept a ing the laws of humanity, and more stone.




IF Tony Butler took no note of Moorcap was away two hours, time as he sat at breakfast with Sir and came back with the same Joseph, he was only sharing the for- story. tune of every man who ever found “I suspect how it is," said Tony. himself in that companionship. From “ Chamberlayne has been obliged one end of Europe to the other his to start suddenly, and has carried equal could not be found. It was off my bags with his own; but when not alone that he had stores of con- he discovers his mistake, he'll drop versation for the highest capacities them at Naples." and the most cultivated minds, but Sir Joseph smiled-perhaps he he possessed that thorough know- did not think the explanation very ledge of life so interesting to men satisfactory; and perhaps — who of the world, and with it that in- knows?-but he thought that the sight into character which is so of- loss of a despatch-bag was not ten the key to the mystery of state- amongst the heaviest of human craft; and with all these he had a calamities. “At all events," he said, geniality and a winning grace of “we'll give you an early dinner, look, voice, and demeanour that Butler, and you can start by the sent one from his presence with the late train for Genoa, and catch the thought that, if the world could but morning steamer to Naples.” compass a few more like him, one T ony asked no better ; and I am would not change the planet for afraid to have to confess that he the brightest in the firmament. engaged at a game of "pool" with Breakfast over, they smoked ; then all the zest of one who carried no they had a game at billiards ; after weighty care on his breast. that they strolled into the garden, When the time for leave-taking and had some pistol-firing. Here came, Sir Joseph shook his hand Tony acquitted himself creditably, with cordial warmth, telling him and rose in his host's esteem ; for to be sure to dine with him as he the Minister liked a man who could came through Turin. “Hang up do anything—no matter what-very your hat here, Butler ; and if I well. Tony, too, gained on him. should be from home, tell them His own fine joyous nature under- that you are coming to dinner.” stood at once the high - hearted Very simple words these. They spirit of a young fellow who had cost little to him who spoke them, no affectations about him, thorough- but what a joy and happiness to ly at his ease without presumption; poor Tony! Oh, ye gentlemen of and yet, through that gentleman high place and station, if you but element so strong in him, never knew how your slightest words of transgressing the limits of a free kindness-your two or three syldom so handsomely accorded him. lables of encouragement - give

While the hours rolled over thus warmth and glow and vigour to delightfully, a messenger returned many a poor wayfarer on life's highto say that he had been at each of road, imparting a sense not alone the great hotels, but could find no of hope, but of self-esteem, to a trace of Colonel Chamberlayne, nor nature too distrustful of itself, mayof the missing bags.

hap you might be less chary of “Send Moorcap," said the min- that which, costing you so little, is ister.

wealth unspeakable to him it is be

stowed upon. Tony went on his Damer would be dressed and with way rejoicing; he left that thresh- him by the time he had read it. old, as many others had left it, Poor Tony's eyes swam with tears thinking far better of the world as he saw his mother's handwritand its people, and, without know- ing, and he tore open the sheet ing it, very proud of the notice of with hot impatience. It was very one whose favour he felt to be short, as were all her letters, and so fame. Ah, thought he, if Alice we give it entire :had but heard how that great man spoke to me-if Alice only saw “MY OWN DARLING TONY,-Your how familiarly he treated me,-it beautiful present reached me yesmight show her, perhaps, that terday, and what shall I say to my others at least can see in me poor reckless boy for such an act some qualities not altogether hope- of extravagance? Surely, Tony, it less.

was made for a queen, and not for If now and then some thought a poor widow that sits the day of that “unlucky bag''—so he called long mending her stockings at the it to himself-would invade, he window. But ain't I proud of it, dismissed it speedily, with the as- and of him that sent it! Heaven surance that it had already safely knows what it has cost you, my reached its destination, and that the dear boy, for even the carriage here Colonel and Skeffy had doubtless from London, by the Royal Parcel indulged in many a hearty laugh Company, Limited, came to thirtyover bis embarrassment at its loss. two and fourpence. Why they call “If they knew but all," muttered themselves Limited after that, is he, “I take it very coolly. I'm clean beyond my comprehension." not breaking my heart over the If Tony smiled here, it was with a disaster.” And so far he was hot and flushed cheek, for he had right-not, however, from the phi- forgotten to prepay the whole carlosophical indifference that he ima- riage, and he was vexed at his gined, but simply because he never thoughtlessness. believed in the calamity, nor had “As to my wearing it going to realised it to himself.

meeting, as you say, it's quite imWhen he landed at Naples he possible. The thought of its getting drove off at once to the lodgings wet would be a snare to take my of his friend Damer, which, though mind off the blessed words of the at a considerable height from the minister; and I'm not sure, my dear ground, in a house of the St Lucca Tony, that any congregation could Quarter, he found were dignified sit profitably within sight of what with the title of British Legation, not knowing the love that senta written notice on the door in- would seem like a temptation and forming all readers that “ H. B. a vanity before men. Sables, inMi's Chargé d'Affaires transacted deed, real Russian sables, appear business from twelve to four every a strange covering for these old day." It was two o'clock when shoulders. Tony arrived, and, notwithstanding “It was about two hours after it the aforesaid announcement, he had came that Mrs Trafford called in to to ring three times before the door see me, and Jeanie would have it was opened. At length a sleepy- that I'd go into the room with my looking valet appeared to say that grand new cloak on me; and sure “His Excellency"-he styled him enough I did, Tony, trying all the 80—was in his bath, and could not while not to seem as if it was anybe seen in less than an hour. Tony thing strange or uncommon, but sent in his name, and speedily re- just the sort of wrapper I'd throw ceived for answer that he would round me of a cold morning. find a letter addressed to him in But it wouldn't do, my dear the rack over the chimney, and Mr Tony. I was half - afraid to sit VOL. XCVI.—NO, DLXXXVIII.


down on it, and I kept turning was swayed here and swayed there out the purple-satin lining so often by my thoughts for the lass, what that Mrs Trafford said at last, was best for her body's health, and · Will you forgive my admiration that other health that is of far more of your cloak, Mrs Butler, but I value ; when there came a letter to never saw one so beautiful before ;' me (it was anonymous), saying, “Beand then I told her who it was fore you suffer your good and virtuthat sent it; and she got very red ous daughter to go away to a foreign and then very pale, and then walked land, just ask the lady that is to to the window, and said something protect her if she still keeps up the about a shower that was threaten- habit of moonlight walks in a garing; though, sooth to say, Tony, den with a gentleman for her comthe only threat of rain I could see panion, and if that be the sort of was in her own blue eyes. But teaching she means to inculcate.” she turned about gaily and said, Mrs Trafford came to the door as I • We are going away, Mrs Butler- was reading the letter, and I said, going abroad;' and before I could “What can you make of such a letask why or where, she told me in a ter as this ?” and as she read it her hurried sort of way that her sister cheek grew purple, and she said, Isabella had been ordered to pass “There is an end of our proposal, a winter in some warm climate, and Dr Stewart. Tell your daughter I that they were going to try Italy. shall importune her no more ; but She said it all in a strange quick this letter I mean to keep : it is in a voice, as if she didn't like to talk hand I know well." And she went of it, and wanted it over; but she back to the carriage without another grew•quite herself again when she word; and to-morrow they leave said that the gardener would take the Abbey, some say, not to come care that my flowers came regular back again.' ly, and that Sir Arthur and Lady “I cried the night through after Lyle would be more than grati- the Doctor went away, for what a fied if I would send up for any- world it is of sin and misery ; not thing I liked out of the garden that I will believe wrong of her, 'Don't forget that the melons were sweet and beautiful as she is, but all of Tony's sowing, Mrs But what for was she angry ? and why ler,' said she, smiling; and I could did she show that this letter could have kissed her for the way she give her such pain ? And now, my said it.

dear Tony, since it could be no " There were many other kind other than yourself she walked things she said, and in a way, too, alone with, is it not your duty to that made them more than kind; write to the Doctor and tell him so that when she went away, I sat so ? The pure heart fears not the thinking if it was not a temptation light, neither are the good of conto meet a nature like hers-SO science afraid. That she is above sweet, so lovely, and yet so worldly; your hope is no reason that she is for in all she spoke, Tony, there above your love. That I was your was never a word dropped of what father's wife may show that ! sinful creatures we are, and what a Above all, Tony, think that a Gosthorny path it is that leads us to pel minister should not harbour the better life before us.

an evil thought of one who does “I was full of her visit, and every- not deserve it, and whose mightiest thing she said, when Dr Stewart sin is perchance the pride that dropped in to say that they had scorns a self-defence. been down again at the Burnside to “The poor Doctor is greatly aftry and get him to let Dolly go abroad flicted : he is sorry now that he with them. . 'I never liked the no- showed the letter, and Dolly cries tion, Mrs Butler,' said he, 'but I over it night and day.


“ Is it not a strange thing that dared it. These were his reasonCaptain Graham's daughters, that ings — or rather some shadowy never were used to come here, are shapes of these fitted through his calling at the Burnside two or three mind. times a-week?

And was it now all over ? was “Write to me, my dear Tony, the star that had guided him so and if you think well of what I long to be eclipsed from him ? was he said, write to the Doctor also, and never again to ask himself in a mobelieve me your ever-loving mo- ment of difficulty or doubt, What ther, ELEANOR BUTLER. will Alice say what will Alice

think? “Dolly Stewart has recovered

As for the scandalous

tongues that dared to asperse her, her health again, but not her spirits.

he scorned them; and he was inShe rarely comes to see me, but I half suspect that her reason is her

dignant with the old minister for

not making that very letter itself dislike to show me the depression

the reason of accepting a proposal that is weighing over her. So is it, dear Tony, go where you will :

he had been until then averse to.

He should have said, “ Now there there is no heart without its weary

can be no hesitation-Dolly must load, no spirit without that touch of sorrow that should teach sub

go with you now.” It was just as mission. Reflect well over this,

his musings got thus far that

Skeffy rushed into the room and dear boy; and never forget that

seized him by both hands. though at times we put off our

“Ain't I glad to see your great troubles as a wayfarer lays down

sulky face again? Sit down and his pack, we must just strap on the load again when we take to the

tell me everything-how you came road, for it is a burden we have to

-when- how long you're to stay

—and what brought you here.” bear to the journey's end."

“I came with despatches—that Not all the moral reflections of is, I ought to have had them.” this note saved it from being '“What do you mean?crushed passionately in his hand as “I mean that some of the bags I he finished reading it. That walk, left at Turin; and one small fellow, that moonlight walk, with whom which I take to have been the could it have been with whom cream of the correspondence, Chambut Maitland? And it was by her berlayne carried on here--at least I -by her that his whole heart was hope so. Haven't you got it?”. filled-her image, her voice, her «What infernal muddle are your gait, her smile, her faintest whis brains in? Who is Chamberlayne?" per—that made up the world in “Come, come, Skeffy, I'm not which he lived. Who could love in a joking mood ;” and he glanced her as he did? Others would have at the letter in his hand as he spoke. their hopes and ambitions, their “Don't worry me, old fellow, but dreams of worldly success, and such- say that you have got the bag all like; but he-he asked none of right.” these ; her heart was all he strove “But I have not. I never saw for. With her he would meet any it-never heard of it." fortune. He knew she was above “And has the Colonel not been him in every way-as much by here?. every gift and grace as by every “Who is the Colonel ?” accident of station ; but what did “Chamberlayne." that signify? The ardour of his “And who is Chamberlayne ?”. love glowed only the stronger for “That is cool, certainly; I think the difficulty-just as his courage a man might acknowledge his godwould have mounted the higher father ?” the more hazardous the feat that “ Whose godfather is he?”

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