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not been trained to them, and be submit to this doctrine. I know found he had to abandon them in a of one instance where a very sick day or two. All the force-pumping lady had fallen into such hands. of knowledge into the Prussian will Her family found that the practinot teach him to wash his skin tioner, being a medicin Rath and breathe fresh air, any more sometimes so pronounced as to than it will enable him to under- sound like medicine Rat-could stand our constitutional safeguards. not only carry out his own nos

A great type of social ignorances trums, but could put down all comflourishes marvellously in Germany petition with them, having the -the quack doctor. With us he medical command of the district, works furtively among the very which he perambulated with unihumblest social elements. Those form and epaulets; and he would who never hear of him otherwise have undoubtedly proceeded dewill be surprised to find how he liberately with the slaughter of the plasters the walls of Liverpool and patient had she not, at considerthe manufacturing towns. But in able risk, been removed out of his Germany he is great and eminent. way. I found him with a newly started Surely, however, I hear you say, project, which was getting a great there should be something more run-fichte-nadel Anstalt, or fir- genial and pleasant than all this needle institution. The minister- national scolding to be had from a ing priest of such a temple doses fellow who has been so lucky as to you with a concoction of fir-needles, get a run in the Alps. You have and bathes you in the same, per- reason, as the French say: I have forming certain other incantations. said my malison — perhaps too In a country covered with dense much of it. I have more pleasant pine forests his stock-in-trade is things to discourse about, but I large enough, should his dupes shall wait a little before dealing prove sufficiently numerous. Like with them, to give opportunity for most people rurally inclined, I de- the escape of the bad humour light in the aroma of pine woods in caused by recent events, and still a sunny day; but the hot breath more recent intercourse with a from the caldrons of the Anstalt, people among whom the wrongs as I passed the door, felt sickening and cruelties of which they should You are told that it cures every have been ashamed were continudisease ; and you are not only re- ally brought before me as objects quested, but perhaps compelled, to of frantic and ridiculous exultation. TONY BUTLER.



IF Tony Butler's success in his laughed at the mistakes, did his new career only depended on his best to remedy - never rebuked zeal, he would have been a model them. At last, as he saw that clerk. Never did any one address poor Tony's difficulties, instead of himself to a new undertaking with diminishing, only increased with a stronger resolution to compre- time, inasmuch as his despairing hend all its details, and conquer all himself led him into deeper emits difficulties. First of all, he de- barrassments, M'Gruder determined sired to show his gratitude to the Tony should be entirely employed good fellow who had helped him ; in journeys and excursions here and secondly, he was eager to and there through the countryprove, if proven it could be, that he an occupation, it is but fair to own, was not utterly incapable of earn- invented to afford him employment, ing his bread, nor one of those rather than necessitated by any hopeless creatures who are doomed demands of the business. Not from their birth to be a burden to that Tony had the vaguest suspiothers.

cion of this. Indeed, he wrote to So long as his occupation led his mother a letter filled with an him out of doors, conveying orders account of his active and useful here and directions there, he got labours. Proud was he, at last, to on pretty well. He soon picked say that he was no longer eating up a sort of Italian of his own, in- the bread of idleness. “I am up telligible enough to those accus- before dawn, mother, and very tomed to it; and as he was alert, often have nothing to eat but a active, and untiring, he looked, at mess of Indian-corn steeped in oil, least, a most valuable assistant. not unlike what Sir Arthur used Whenever it came to indoor work to fatten the bullocks with, the and the pen, his heart sank within whole livelong day; and sometimes him; he knew that his hour of I have to visit places there are no trial had come, and he had no roads to; nearly all the villages strength to meet it. He would are on the tops of the mountains ; mistake the letter - book for the but, by good-luck, I am never beat ledger or the day-book; and he by a long walk, and I do my forty would make entries in one which miles a day without minding it. should have been in the other, and “If I could only forget the past, then, worst of all, erase them, or dearest mother, or think it nothing append an explanation of his blun- but a dream, I'd never quarrel der that would fill half a page with with the life I am now leading; for inscrutable blottedness.

I have plenty of open air, mounAs to payments, he jotted them tain walking, abundance of time to down anywhere, and in his anxiety myself, and rough fellows to deal to compose confidential letters with with, that amuse me ; but when I due care, he would usually make am tramping along with my cigar three or four rough drafts of the in my mouth, I can't help thinking matter, quite sufficient to impart of long ago-of the rides at sunset the contents to the rest of the on the sands, and all the hopes and office.

fancies I used to bring home with Sam M'Gruder bore nobly up me, after them. Well! it is over under these trials. He sometimes now just as much done for as if the time had never been at all; and Post' all about the departure for I suppose, after a while, I'll learn the Continent, intending to reside to bear it better, and think, as you some years in Italy.' often told me, that 'all things are “And that is more than I'd do for the best.'

if I owned Lyle Abbey, and had “I feel my own condition more eighteen blood-horses in my stable, painfully when I come back bere, and a clipper cutter in the Bay of and have to sit a whole even- Curryglass. I suppose the truth is, ing listening to Sam M'Gruder, people never do know when they're talking about Dolly Stewart and well off.” the plans about their marriage. The The moral reflection, not arrived poor fellow is so full of it all, that at so easily or so rapidly as the even the important intelligence I reader may imagine, concluded have for him he won't bear, Tony's letter, to which in due time but will say, ' Another time, Tony, came a long answer from his mother. another time-let us chat about With the home gossip we shall not Dolly. One thing I'll swear to, burden the reader, nor shall we ask she'll have the honestest fellow for of him to go through the short her husband that ever stepped, and summary-four close pages of the tell her I said so. Sam would take Doctor's discourses on the text, “I it very kindly of you, if you could would ye were hot or cold," two get Dolly to agree to their being sensations that certainly the mere married in March. It is the only sight of the exposition occasioned time he can manage a trip to Eng- to Tony. We limit ourselves to the land,—not but, as he says, wbat words of the postscript. ever time Dolly consents to shall “I cannot understand Dolly at be his time.

all, and I am afraid to mislead you “He shows me her letters some- as to what you ask. My impression times, and though he is half wild is—but mind it is mere impression with delight at them, I tell you —she has grown somewhat out of frankly, mother, they wouldn't sa- her old friendship for you. Some tisfy me if I was her lover. She stories possibly have represented writes more like a creature that you in a wrong light, and I half was resigned to a hard lot, than one think you may be right, and that that was about to marry a man she she would be less averse to the marloved. Sam, however, doesn't seem riage if she knew you were not to to take this view of her, and so much be in the house with them. It was, the better.

indeed, only this morning the Doctor “There was one thing in your last said, Young married folk should letter that puzzled me, and puzzles aye learn each other's failings withme still. Why did Dolly ask if I out bystanders to observe them'-a was likely to remain here? The significant hint I thought I would way you put it makes me think write to you by this post.” that she was deferring the marriage When Tony received his epistle, till such time as I was gone. If I he was seated in his own room, really believed this to be the case, leisurely engaged in deciphering a I'd go away to-morrow, though I paragraph in an Italian newspaper, don't know well where to, or what descriptive of Garibaldi's departure for. But it is hard to understand, from a little bay near Genoa to his since I always thought that Dolly Sicilian expedition. liked me, as certainly I ever did, Nothing short of a letter from and still do, her.

his mother could have withdrawn “ Try and clear up this for me in his attention from a description so your next. I suppose it was by full of intense interest to him ; and way of what is called sparing me, partly, indeed, from this cause, and you said nothing of the Lyles in partly from the hard labour of renvour last, but I saw in the 'Morning dering the foreign language, the de

tails stuck in his mind during all “Something not very unlike it; the time he was reading his mother's I mean to go and have a turn with words.

Garibaldi.'' “So that's the secret, is it?" mut- “Why, what do you know about tered he. “Dolly wishes to be alone Garibaldi or his cause?” with her husband-natural enough; “Perhaps not a great deal ; but and I'm not the man to oppose it. I've been spelling out these newsI hope she'll be happy, poor girl; papers every night, and one thing and I hope Garibaldi will beat the is clear, whether he has right or Neapolitans. I'm sure Sam is wrong on his side, the heavy odds worthy of a good wife; but I don't are all against him. He's going in know whether these Sicilian fel- to fight regular troops with a few lows deserve a better Government. hundred trampers. Now I call that At all events, my course is clear - very plucky." here I mustn't stay. Sam does not “ So do I; but courage may go know that I am the obstacle to his on to rashness, and become folly.” marriage ; but I know it, and that “Well, I feel as if a little rashis enough. I wonder would Gari- ness will do me a deal of good. I baldi take me as a volunteer. There am too well off here—too easy-too cannot be much choice at such a much cared for. Life asks no eftime. I suppose he enrols whoever fort, and I make none; and if I go offers; and they must be mostly on a little longer, I'll be capable of fellows of my own sort — useless none." dogs, that are only fit to give and “I see," said the other, laughing. take hard knocks."

“ Rags do not rouse your ambition, He hesitated long whether he Tony." should tell Sam M'Gruder of his “I don't know what wouldproject; he well knew all the op- that is, I don't think I have any position he should meet, and how ambition now;" and there was a stoutly his friend would set him- touch of sorrow in the last word self against a plan so fatal to all that gave all the force to what he habits of patient industry. “And said. yet," muttered Tony to himself, “I “At all events, you are tired of don't like to tell him that I hate this sort of thing," said the other, 'Rags,' and detest the whole busi. good-humouredly, "and it's not to ness. It would be so ungrateful of be much wondered at. You began me. I could say my mother wanted life at what my father used to call to see me in Ireland; but I never the wrong end.' You started on the told him a lie, and I can't bear that sunny side of the road, Tony, and our parting should be sealed with a it is precious hard to cross over falsehood."

into the shade afterwards." As he pondered he took out his “You're right there, M'Gruder. pistols and examined them care- Iled the jolliest life that ever man did fully; and, poising one neatly in till I was upwards of twenty ; but I his hand, he raised it, as marksmen don't believe I ever knew how glori. sometimes will do, to take an ima- ous it was till it was over ; but I ginary aim. As he did so, M'Gru- mustn't think of that now. See ! der entered, and cried out, laugh- this is what I mean to do. You'll find ing, “ Is he covered—is he dead?” some way to send that safely to my

Tony laid down the weapon, with mother. There's forty odd pounds a flush of shame, and said, “After in it, and I'd rather it was not lost. all, M'Gruder, the pistol is more I have kept enough to buy a good natural to me than the pen ; and it rifle - a heavy Swiss one, if I can was just what I was going to con- find it and a sword-bayonet, and fess to you."

with these I am fully equipped." “You're not going to take to the “Come, come, Tony, I'll not hear highways, though ?”

of this; that you are well weary of

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the life you lead here is not hard " Yes ; the committee sits at to see, nor any blame to you either, Genoa, and every one who enrols old fellow. One must be brought must appear before them." up to Rags, like everything else, “You could walk there in four and you were not. But my brother days." writes me about starting an Ameri- “Yes ; but I can steam it in can agency-what do you say to one." going over to New York ?

“Ay, true enough ; what I mean “ What a good fellow you are!” to ask of you is this, that you will cried Tony, staring at him till his go the whole way on foot; a good eyes began to grow clouded with walker as you are won't think much tears; "what a good fellow! you'd of that; and in these four days, risk your ship just to give me a as you travel along-all aloneturn at the tiller! But it musn't be you'll have plenty of time to think -it cannot be : I'm bent on this over your project. If by the time scheme of mine—I have determined you reach Genoa you like it as well

as ever, I've no more to say ; but “Since when? since last night?” if-and mark me, Tony, you must be

“Well, it's not very long, cer honest with your own heart—if you tainly, since I made up my mind.” really have your doubts and your

The other smiled. Tony saw it, misgivings; if you feel that for your and went on:“I know what you poor mother's sake " mean. You are of old Stewart's “There, there! I've thought of opinion. When he heard me once all that," cried Tony, hurriedly. say I had made up my mind, he “ I'll make the journey on foot, as said, “It doesn't take long to make you say you wish it, but don't open up a small parcel ;' but every fel- the thing to any more discussion. low, more or less, knows what he If I relent, I'll come back. There's can and what he cannot do. Now my hand on it!". I cannot be orderly, exact, and “Tony, it gives me a sad heart punctual—even the little brains I to part with you," and he turned have I can't be sure of keeping away, and stole out of the room. them on the matter before me: but “ Now I believe it's all done," I defy a horse to throw me; I'll said Tony, after he had packed his bring you up a crown piece out of knapsack, and stored by in his six fathoms water, if it's clear ; I'll trunk what he intended to leave kill four swallows out of six with a behind him. There were a few ball; and though these are not gifts things there, too, that had their own to earn one's bread by, the man memories! There was the green that has them needn't starve.” silk cap, with its gold tassel, Alice

“If I thought that you had really had given him on his last steeplereflected well over this plan-given chase. Ah, how it brought back it all the thought and consideration the leap-a bold leap it was—into it required --

the winning field, and Alice, as she “I have given it just as much stood up and waved her handkerconsideration as if I took five weeks chief as he passed! There was a to it. A man may take an evening glove of hers; she had thrown it over a pint of ale, but it's only a down sportively on the sands, and pint after all don't you see that ?” dared him to take it up in full

M'Gruder was puzzled; perhaps career of his horse ; he remembered there was some force in the illustra- they had a quarrel because he claimtion. Tony looked certainly as if he ed the glove as a prize, and refused thought he had said a clever thing. to restore it to her. There was an

“Well, Tony," said the other, evening after that in which she after a moment of grave thought, would not speak to him. He had “you'll have to go to Genoa to em- carried a heavy heart home with bark, I suppose ?”

him that night! What a fund of

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