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in a “New Night Mare,” which is all about Dr. Mantell's Museum-antediluvian monsters,

“ Skeletons, relics, and fossils." Barry Cornwall's dramatic sketch of the “ Cousius” is a gem.

But in truth there is scarcely a bad or indifferent thing in the whole volume.

Since writing the above, we have received another old friend, the oldest, the father of the English Annuāls—the

Forget Me Not. Edited by FREDERICK SCHOBERL. Here also the literary matter is good, comprising contributions from a variety of popular writers, among whom are the fair American contributors to whom the volume stood so much indebted last year. Miss Lawrance, the well-known author of the “ Historical Memoirs of the Queens of England,” &c., Major Calder Campbell, Mr. Hesketh Fleetwood, Mrs. Abdy, Mrs. Lee, the Howitts, Charles Swain, Washington Browne, T. K. Hervey, Douglas Jerrold, Miss Louisa H. Sheridan, and Miss M. A. Browne, have all furnished pleasant matter. There is also an able article entitled “Lady Olivia, or the Traveller.” In the engravings we see neither improvement nor falling off. They are much as they were.

Summary of Works that we have received, of which we have no space

to make a lengthened notice.

Animal Magnetism and Homeopathy. By EDWIN LEE, M.R.C.S., Author of “A Treatise on some Nervous Disorders,” &c. &c.—This is a second edition of an exceedingly well-timed little treatise, with considerable additions and improvements. The exposé of the two newest hums is perfect! We recommend it to all hypochondriacs who are trying, or thinking of trying, animal magnetism or infinitesimal doses.

The New Excitement ; or à Book to induce Young People to Read.Good ! very good! and likely to answer the end proposed.

Decerpta ex P. Ovidii Nasonis Metamorphoseon Libris ; with English Notes, and a Mythological, Geographical, and Historical Index, By GEORGE FERGUSON, A.M., one of the Masters of the Edinburgh Academy.-One of the best school-books we have ever met with. As far as it goes, it is perfect.

The Mortgagee.- This is the second volume of Sutherland's “ Edinburgh Cabinet Novels.”—From a hasty examination we should be tempted to say that it is as good as the first volume, containing “The Medicaster,” which we noticed with proper commendation last month.

Wilson's Tales of the Borders.-Stisl good, and in a proper spirit.

The Wonders of the World.-Wonderfully incorrect and provokingly mouthy.

A General Outline of the Animal Kingdom. By THOMAS RYMER JONES, F.Z.S.-A valuable work, beautifully illustrated and got up. It is one of a class (in course of publication or completed by Mr. Van Voorst) which we have frequently noticed with honest

approbation. Translations from the Lyric Poets of Germany, with brief Notices of their cives and Writings. By John MACRAY.—Although the poetry is not of the best, this book is likely to extend a taste for German literature, and will be a valuable assistant to the student of the German language.

LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. The Diadem, a Book for the Boudoir. Edited by Miss S. H. Sheridan. 4to. 31s. 6d. Jennings' Landscape Annual, 1839, Portugal." 8vo. 21s. Caunter's and Daniell's Oriental Annual, 1839. 8vo. 21s. Heath's Keepsake, 1839. 8vo. 215. Watts' (Mrs.) Juvenile Poetical Library. Fcap. plates. 8s. Friendship’s Vffering, 1839. 12s. Forget-Me-Not, 1839. 128. Henshall's Select Illustrated Topography of Thirty Miles around London. Royal

8vo. 15s. The Unity of Disease. By Samuel Dickson, M.D. 8vo. 9s. The Female Mentor, or Select Conversations. Edited by Mrs. E. H. Coxe. Third

edition. 12mo. 6s. Brett’s Principal Liturgies used in the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist. 8vo.

108. 6d. Thornton's Family Prayers. Eighth edition. 12mo. 3s. The Bishop of Chester's Exposition of St. John. New edition. 8vo. 9s. Abbott's Hoary-bead and the Valleys Below. Royal 32mo. 2s. 6d. Passing Thoughts. By C. Elizabeth. Second Edition. Fcp. 3s. 6d. The Youthful sufferer Rejoicing. 18mo. 1s. 6d. Tomlinson's Student's Manual of Natural Philosophy. Royal 12mo. 10s. 6d. Pali Annals, Turnour's Mahawarso. Vol. I. 4to. 30s. Carpenter's Apostolical Harmony of the Gospels. 8vo. 14s. Lingard's History of England. Vol. III. Fcp. 58. Freckleton's Outlines of General Pathology. Royal 12mo. 7s. Loudon's Hortus Lignosus Londinensis. 8vo. 7s. 6d. Nicholson's Practical Masonry. New Edition. Royal 8vo. 12s. Betts' New School Atlas, 14s., 16s., and 18s. German for Beginners. By W. Wittich. Second Edition. 12mo. 58. Smith's Latin Exercises for Beginners. 12mo. 3s. Ferguson's Decerpta ex Metamorphoseon, with English Notes. 18mo. 2s. 6d. Carr's Homonyma Linguæ Latinæ. Second Edition. 12mo. 3s. Smallfield's English Punctuation. 18mo. 15. 6d. Sopwith's Treatise on Isometrical Drawing. Second Edition. 8vo. 168. Morton's Surgical Anatomy of the Perinæum. Royal 8vo. 6s. plain, 78. 6d. col. Dowling's Practice of the Superior Courts. 12mo. "8s. Tyas's Map of the London and Southampton Railway. 1s. and 1s. 6d. Leithart's Practical Observations on Mineral Veins. 8vo. 5s.

LITERARY NEWS.-WORKS IN PROGRESS. The author of “ Misrepresentation ” has just committed to the press a Second Series of her Tales on the Passions, entitled “ JANET; OR A GLANCE AT HUMAN Nature.” We are glad to find the author has been encouraged to this course. We have before expressed the high opinion we entertain of her talents, and bave no doubt that their further exercise will tend still more to establish her productions in the estimation of the public.

Miss Burdon's new work, “ The Lost Evidence," has just appeared, though we bave not bad it in time for our present Notices. We shall, however, give it early attention, recommended as it is by the fame of the author's former attractive work, Seymour of Sudeley."

We have also to regret a similar want of opportunity for noticing the beautiful little volume of poems just completed by Mrs. Edward Thomas, entitled Tranquil Hours,” our account of which must be postponed till our next number.

We are glad to find that Mrs. Jameson is approaching the completion of her new work“ Winter Studies AND SUMMER RAMBles.” We anticipate much delight fro these new Studies and Rambles of this gifted lady.

Mrs. Needham's new work, “ ADA, A Tale, is, we understand, to appear with the Magazines.

The Hon. Miss Sayers has in the press a new work in three vols., entitled “ HENRY ActON, AND OTHER TALES."

In the press,

“ Gleanings from Germany, or Select Specimens of German Romance, History, and Biography ;' comprising the Productions of the most esteemed Authors of that Country. Including Clauren, Madame Pichler, Heinse, Castelli, Zschokke, Boerne, Solona, Von Tietz, Kohlrausch, Carl Maria von Weber, &c. From the German, by James D. Haas. In 1 vol. 12mo.

The Duke of Wellington's Waterloo Despatches, forming the Twelfth and last Volume of the Wellington Despatches.

Memoirs of George Lord Anson, the Circumnavigator of the Globe, by Sir John Barrow, Bart.

Moorcraft's Travels in the Himalayan Province of Hindostan, plates and map, 2 vols. 8vo.

Lord Mabon’s History of England, from the the Peace of Utretcht to the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle. Volume the third and last.

THE COMMERCIAL RELATIONS OF THE COUNTRY. The general results of the harvest have, we believe, proved more satisfactory than in many parts had been anticipated.

Some large orders are said to have been received by the last arrival of the Great Western.

The accounts from New York to the 4th inst. are of a very favourable character as regards mercantile prospects, the business done being of a steady and profitable nature. The Money Market was easy, though the dealings in Stocks and Shares were not very numerous or at advancing rates-a fact which is not at all to be regretted as far as the real interests of America are concerned. Party spirit runs very high between the ministerialists and opposition, and their respective strength is expected to be very nicely balanced in the ensuing Congress.



On Saturday, 27th of October. ENGLISH STOCKS. Bank Stock, 204 to 3 and a half.Three Portuguese New Five per Cent. 32 and a per Cent. Consols, 94 to 3 three-fourths.- quarter to 2.-- Dutch, Two and a Half per Cent., Three per Cent. reduced, 93 and a quarter to 54 to one-eighth.—Dutch, Five per Cent., 100 one-eighth.—Three and a Half per Cent., five-eights to a half.-Spanish, Five per Cents. reduced, 100 five eighths-Exchequer Bills, 648. 17 five-eights. to 668. prem.-India Bonds, 658. p.

Money MARKET REPORT.-The Money Market has been in rather an uneasy and unsettled state, and since the intelligence from India and Canada there has been a decline to some extent, which would most probably have been greater had not the market been supported from day to day by purchases on account of the Savings Banks, made by the Commissioners for the reduction of the national debt, and also, it is said, by purchases by the Bank of England. Consols opened on Monday, at 943, and the lowest point of depression has been 93} , since which date some reaction has taken place, and business to some extent has been done at improving rates.

FROM SEPT. 25, TO Oct. 19, 1838, INCLUSIVE.
Sept. 25.-C. Neall, Epping, cheesemonger. spinners.-W. Smith, Thurmaston, Leicester-
-R. Machell, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, inn- shire, sock manufacturer.
keeper.-G. Clarke, Shrewsbury, keeper. Oct. 2.--J. Hocken, Maddox Street, Han-

Sept. 28.—T. F. Masou, Park Street, Hyde over Square, tailor.--I. Samuel, High Street,
Park, horse dealer.--A. J. Kopsch, Crown Shadwell, watchmaker.-J. and W. Green-
Court, Old Broad Street, silk merchant.-E. wood, Halifax, cotton spinners.
Pullein and J. B. Lowe, Manchester, cotton Oct. 5.-W. Mathews, Kingsland, Middle-

sex, grocer.-G. Field, of Two Waters, Hertfordshire, paper maker. - W. S. Gladbill, Clerkenwell Close, Clerkenwell, japanner.D. Pinner, Crown Street, Finsbury, copperplate press maker.-J.Ranson, Tottenham Court road, victualler.-J. Skeat, Lost withiel, Cornwall, druggist.-W. Clayton, Newcastle-uponTyne, milliner and woollen draper.-R. Lid. dell, Monk wearmouth-shore, Durham, sbip chandler.-J. Smith, Salford, Lancashire, plumber and glazier.-W. Curtis, Clevedon, Somersetshire, innkeeper.-J. J. Anderson, York, innkeeper.-I. Shore, Preston, Lancashire, draper. - T. and W. Hodgson, Thorp, Yorkshire, shoemakers.

Oct. 9.-H. S. Winter, Bristol, comb mangfacturer.-W. Ashmore, Sheffield, optician.J. Home, Whiston, Lancashire, stone mason.J. Collins, Gillingham, Dorsetsbire, builder.

Oct. 12.--R. Cox, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, paper merchant.-C. F. Parsons, Liverpool, money scrivener.

Oct. 16.-J. Laurence, Bucklersbury, Man. chester, warehouseman.-C. Jackson, Great Newport Street, St. Anne's, featherbed maker. -T. Weaver, Lower Street, Islington, butcher. -H. Graves, Strand, tailor.-J. Bettridge, Biriningham, timber merchant.-J. D. Wil. liams, Carmarthen, ironmonger.

Oct. 19.-J. Lawrance, Lawrence Lane, Cheapside, Manchester warehouseman Anderson, Mark Lane, wine merchant.-J. Bradshaw, Manchester, provision dealer.- E. Sharp, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, draper.-F. Diggon, sen., Thetford, Norfolk, tanner. – R. Hartill, Willenhall, Staffordshire, iroumonger.

- G.

MONTHLY METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL. Kept at Edmonton. Latitude 51° 37' 32" N. Longitade 3' 51" West of Greenwich. The mode of keeping these registries is as follows :- At Edmonton the warmth of the day is observed by means of a thermometer exposed to the north in the shade, standing about four feet above the surface of the ground. The extreme cold of the night is ascertained by a horizontal self-registering thermometer in a similar situation. The daily range of the barometer and thermometer is known from observations made at intervals of four hours each, from eight in the morning till the same time in the evening. The weather and the direction of the wind are the result of the most frequent observations. The rain is measured every morning at eight o'clock.


Range Range

Ther. Barom.




in Inches

Prevailing Weather.


Cloudy, rain in the morning and evening.
,0375 Cloudy, raining generally from 9 A.M. till 5 P.M.
,675 Generally cloudy.
,025 Generally cloudy.
2025 Evening clear, otherwise cloudy, rain in the morn.
,875 Evening cloudy, otherwise clear.

Cloudy, rain at times.
,05 Evening clear, otherwise cloudy.


23 66-47 29,86-29,84 24 55-41.5 29,83-29,74 25 55-50 29,78-29,72 2660-44.5 29,90 29,87 2759-52 29,83-29,79 28 59-37 29,94-29,87 29 67-38 29,95-29,94

30 63-55 30,15-30,06 Oct.

1 61-44 30,20 Stat.
2 62-51 30,28-30,21
3 63-46 30,30-30,28
4 55 41:5 30,28-30,25
5 58-40 30,23 Stat.

59-40 30,25 Stat.
7 56-43 30,25-30,23
8 57-48 30,26-30,23

9 59-46 30,26-30,19 10 55.45 30,14-30,08 11 61-47 29,90-29,56 12 50-45 29,62-29,58 13 45-30 29,79-29,65 14 49 28 29,83-29,50 15 57-47-5 29,57-29,45 1661-54.5 29,56-29,40 17 57-50 29,49-29,26 18 54-37 29,92-29,86 1958-47 29,96-29,87 2063-47 30,10-29,96 21|63-47 30,17-30,15 22 62-45.5 30,08-30,00



General overcast, a little rain in the morning.
Generally clear.
Generally clear.
Generally clear.
Afternoon clear, otherwise clondy.
Morning overcast, otherwise clear.
General overcast, just beginning to rain.
General overcast.
Afternoon clear, otherwise cloudy.
General overcast.
Generally clear.
Generally clear, a shower of hail about noon.
Gen. cloudy, a little snow fell between 1 & 2 aft.

Cloudy, with frequent rain.
,15 Cloudy, a little rain in the afternoon.
,0125 Cloudy, wind boisterous.
,1625 Morning cloudy, with rain, otherwise clear.

Morning clear, otherwise cloudy, rain at times.

Generally clear, rain in the morning.
,0625 Generally clear.

General overcast.
General overcast.



Nov. 1838,-VOL. XXIII.-10. XCI.


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NEW PATENTS. J. Keys, of Sutton, in the parish of Prescot, Lancaster, Copper Smelter; and W. T. Clough, of Eccleston, in the parish of Prescot, aforesaid, for a method or process for the manufacture of sulphuric acid from copper ore, copper regulus, and sulpburet of zinc. August 31st, 6 months.

M. Balmanno, of Queen Street, Cheapside, London, Merchant, for a new and improved method of making and manufacturing paper, pasteboard, felt, and tissues. September 6th, 6 months.

J. F. Bourne, of Manchester, Lancaster, and J. Bartley, jun., of the same place, Engineers, for certain improvements in the construction of wheels to be used upon railways and other roads, and which improvements are also applicable to the construction of wheels in general. September 6th, 6 months.

M. Berry, of 66, Chancery Lane, Middlesex, Patent Agent, for certain improvements applicable to certain parts of the process generally used for the manufacturing and refining of sugar. Communicated by a foreigner residing abroad. September 6th, 6 months.

T. Burstall, of Leith, Scotland, Engineer, for certain improvements in the steamengine, and in apparatus to be used therewith, or with any other construction of the steam-engine, or other motive power, for the more smooth and easy conveyance of goods and passengers on land and water, part of wbich will be applicable to water power. September 6th, 6 months.

H. Gibbs, of Birmingham, Warwickshire, Button Manufacturer, for an improved perforated button. September 6th, 6 months.

J. Brown, of the Minories, in the Liberty of the Tower of London, Upholsterer, for improvements in beds, sofas, chairs, and other articles of furniture, to render them more suitable for travelling and other purposes. September 8th, 6 months.

J. Ulric Vaucher, of Geneva in Switzerland, but now residing at Manchester, Gentleman, for certain improvements in fire engines, watering engines, and other hydraulic machines, and apparatus for raising or propelling water and other fluids, some of which improvements are also applicable to steam engines. September 8th, 6 months.

H. Dunnington, of Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer, for improvements in machinery employed in making frame work, knitting or stocking fabrics. September 10th, 6 months.

A. S. Stocker, and C. Heely, Manufacturers, of Birmingham, Warwickshire, for improvements in straps for wearing apparel. September 10th, 6 months.

A. Ador, of Leicester Square, Middlesex, for certain improvements on lamps, or apparatus for producing or affording light. September 13th, 6 months.

J. Hall, of Over, Cheshire, Plumber, for improvements in the manufacture of salt. September 13th, 6 months.

J. Chanter, of Earl Street, Blackfriars, Surrey, Esquire, and J. Grantham, of Liverpool, Engineer, for improvements in furnaces for steam boilers. September 13th, 6 months.

E. Bottomley, of South Crossland, in the parish of Almondbury, Yorkshire, Clothier, for certain improvement or improvements applicable to power and band looms. September 13th, 6 months.

R. Massey, of King Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Watchmaker, for improvements in watches and machines for keeping time. September 13th, 6 months.

J. Wapshare, of Bath, Somersetsbire, Gentleman, for certain improvements in the application of heat, for the purpose of drying wool, woollen yarns, woollen cloths, and other articles, and other improvements connected with the use of the press, in the process of dressing or finishing woollen cloths. September 13th, 6 months.

J. Wilkinson, of the Quadrant, Regent Street, in the parish of Saint James, in the city of Westminster, Ironmonger and Engineer, for certain improvements in the construction of tram or railways, and in the carriages to be used thereon. September 13th, 6 months.

T. Swinburne, of South Square, Gray's Inn, Esquire, for certain improvements in water-closets, and other conveniences of the kind. September 13th, 6 months.

A. M'Lellan, of the city of Glasgow, Coach Builder, for certain improvements upon the springs and braces of wheel-carriages, and upon the mode of hanging such carriages. September 13th, 6 months.

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