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الصفحة ii - What things have we seen Done at the Mermaid! Heard words that have been So nimble and so full of subtle flame As if that every one from whence they came Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest, And had resolved to live a fool the rest Of his dull life.
الصفحة 109 - Since o'er shady groves they hover, And with leaves and flowers do cover The friendless bodies of unburied men. Call unto his funeral dole The ant, the field-mouse, and the mole, To rear him hillocks that shall keep him warm, And (when gay tombs are robb'd) sustain no harm, But keep the wolf far thence, that's foe to men, For with his nails he'll dig them up again.
الصفحة 208 - Not a whit : What would it pleasure me to have my throat cut With diamonds ? or to be smothered With cassia ; or to be shot to death with pearls ? I know death hath ten thousand several doors For men to take their exits...
الصفحة 95 - Oh thou soft natural death ! that art joint-twin To sweetest slumber !— no rough-bearded comet Stares on thy mild departure : the dull owl Beats not against thy casement : the hoarse wolf Scents not thy carrion. Pity winds thy corse, Whilst horror waits on princes.
الصفحة 207 - Of what is't fools make such vain keeping? Sin their conception, their birth weeping, Their life a general mist of error, Their death a hideous storm of terror. Strew your hair with powders sweet, Don clean linen, bathe your feet, And (the foul fiend more to check) A crucifix let bless your neck : 'Tis now full tide 'tween night and day ; End your groan, and come away.
الصفحة 206 - Princes' images on their tombs do not lie as they were wont, seeming to pray up to heaven ; but with their hands under their cheeks (as if they died of the toothache) : they are not carved with their eyes fixed upon the stars ; but, as their minds were wholly bent upon the world, the selfsame way they seem to turn their faces.
الصفحة 144 - I remember. After these triumphs and this large expense, It's fit, like thrifty husbands, we inquire What's laid up for to-morrow. Ant. So please your beauteous excellence. Duch. Beauteous ! Indeed, I thank you : I look young for your sake ; You have ta'en my cares upon you.
الصفحة 1 - If it be objected this is no true dramatic poem, I shall easily confess it; non potes in nugas dicere plura meas Ipse ego quam dixi, willingly and not ignorantly in this kind have I faulted; for should a man present to such an auditory the most sententious tragedy that ever was written, observing all the critical laws, as height of style and gravity of person...
الصفحة 206 - Twas to bring you By degrees to mortification : Listen. Dirge. Hark, now every thing is still ; The screech-owl, and the whistler shrill, Call upon our dame aloud, And bid her quickly d'on her shroud.
الصفحة 211 - And what was the main cause ? her marriage, That drew a stream of gall quite through my heart. For thee, as we observe in tragedies That a good actor many times is curs'd For playing a villain's part, I hate thee for 't, And for my sake say thou hast done much ill, well.

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