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TARY Books have lately been published for the USE of YOUNG PERSONS of both Sexes. The De. jign of the dutburs kas been to render them interesting and complete, on the leveral Subjects, classical and correet in their Style anı Arrangement, and of a Size and Prix duted to the business of Tutors, and to the @bonmidl views of Parents.

1. CLASSICAL ENGLISH POETRY, for the use of Schools, anci Young Perfons of both Sexes; selected from the b-t Authors, with a Prefice, indicating the several Species of Poetry, and the best Mode of Recitation. By Dr. MAVOR and Mr. ÞRÁTT, Author of Sympathy, &c. &c.; intended as a Sequel to Miils dikir's Po.try for Children. Price 4s. Od. in Bords, or s. bound.

It is remarkable that, till this Work, there did not exist, in the English Language, any chaste and unexceptionable Collection of the Gems of British Poetry, which could with .contence be put into the hands of Youth of both Sexes, and which it the same time united the neceílary requisites of 20.tity are che.pness. The present Volume, it is believed, will topply this deficiency, and be adopted at once as a School-Book in our respectable Seminaries, and as a part of the Library of every private Family.

+2. THE BRITISH NEFOS, or MIRROR OF YOUTH; being select Lives of ILLUSTRIOUS BRITONS, who have been dutinguished by their Virtues, Talents, or remarkable Advanrement in Life, with incidental practical Reflections; written purposel; for the Use of Young Persons, on the obvious principle,-that Example is mor: powerful and more Jediic

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tive than Precept. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. Vidar of Hurley, in Berkshire, and Chaplain to the Earl of Dumfries. Price 4. 6d bound.

3. THE LIVES of PLUTARCH, abridged, containing Accounts of all the most illustrious and eltimable Characters of Antiquity; by. THE SAME AUTHOR. Price 4s. 6d, bound.

4. SCRIPTURE BIOGRAPHY, for the Use of Schools and Moral Families, containing the lives and Actions of all the principal Characters in the Old and NEW TESTAMENT, with practical Inference, adapted to real life, and designed to promote the Imitation of those illustrious Examples. By JOHN WATKINS, A.M. LL.D. Price ss. bound.

5. THE JUVENILE PLUTARCH confifting of the Lives of Extraordinary Children, and of Accounts of the infancy anii early Progress of illuitrious Men, intended to stimulate by Example. Price zs. bourd.

6. AN UNIVERSAL and COMPLETE SYSTEM OF SHORT HAND WRITING; being the same which has been adopted by the Editors of the Fincyclopædia Britannica, and which is used in the Courts of Liw in the Metropolis. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL D. Fifth Edition, price 7s.60.

7. A COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE DICTIONARY of MUSIC; being an indispensable Coupanion to every Harpsichord, and to every Amateur and Student in Muíc. By THOMAS BUSBY, Mus D. and LL. D. Price 6s. in boards

8.' THE ELEMENTS of ENGLISH COMPOSITION; containing plain and practical Direciions for Writing the English Language with Eate, Perspicuity and Elegance; and designed, in the progress of Education, immediately to suc. ceed to the Study of the various Englii Grammars, and of the Latin and Greek Clasics By DAVID IRVING, A. M. Price 4s. in boards, or 45. bd, bound.

9. NATURAL HISTORY, founded on the Linnzan Arrangement, with popular and entertaining Descriptions, in the Manner of Goldsmith and Buffon ; embellithed with Forty-fix Copper-plates, representing One Hundred and Sixty-fix of the most curious Objects. By the AUTHOR of the BRITISH NEPOS. Price gs. bound.

10. The same, with the Plates beautifully coloured, and elegantly bound, prioc 125.

Books of Education.

165 II. VISITS to the MENAGERIE and the BOTANICAL GARDEN at PARIS, containing a rapid and very pleasing View of animated Nature, adapted to the capacities of Children,translated from the French of L. F. Jauffret. Price 2s:6d. neatly half-bound.

12. THE ELEMENTS OF POLITE EDUCATION; containing all the valuable and unexceptionable Information in the Letters of the late LORD CHESTERFIELD TO HIS Son, selected and arranged by GEORGE GREGORY, D. D. Author of The Economy of Nature, and other Works. Price 4s. 6d. bonnd.

13. On the first Day of every Month is published a Volume of-An UNIVERSAL HISTORY, ANTIENT and MO. DERN, from the Creation of the World to the Peace he. tween France and England in 1802 ; to be completed in Twenty-five small Volúmes. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL. D. Author of the British Nepos, &c. &c. Price 3s each Volume in boards, or gs. 6d. half-bound; or upon small and co.nmon paper, price 38. gd. in boards, or 45. half-bound. N. B. The Antient History may be had complete in 9 vols. and the Modern in 16 vols.

14. A HISTORY of GREECE, from the EARLIEST PERIODS, till its REDUCTION into a ROMAN PROVINCE. Intende i principally for the Use of Schools, and Young Perfons of both Sexes. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. In Two Volumes, royal 18mo, with Engravings, and a correct Map, price ios. in boards, iis. half-bound, or 125. handsomely bound and lettered.

15. THE HISTORY OF ROME, from the Foundation of the City till the Termination of the Eastern Empire. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. In Three Volumes, roval 18mo. Price 15s. in boards, illustrated with Maps and Prints.

16. MAVOR'S HISTORY of FRANCE and NAVARRE, on fine paper, price 5s. 6d. bound.

17. The same on common paper, price (s. 6d. bound.

18. MAVOR'S HISTORY of AMERICA, fine paper, price 5s 6d. bound.

19 The fame, on common paper, price 4s. 6d. bound. 20. MAVOR'S H STORY of SCOTLAND, 5s. d. bound. 21. The same, on common paper, price 4s. 6d. bound. 22. GEOGRAPHY for the USE of SCHOOLS, on a plan fo

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practical to Teachers, and so highly fascinating to Pupils, that it cannot fail to recommend itself to universal adoptiolin F the moment it is seen. By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH, A. M. Vicar of Dunnington, and formerly of Trinity College, Cambridge. Price ros. 64. bound and lettered, decorated with Fifty-fıx beautiful and interesting Copper-plates, representing the Manners, Customs, and Dresses, of all Nations, and illustrated with new and improved Maps. 23. AN EASY GRAMMAR Of GEOGRAPHY, intended

bc as a Companion ani Introduction to the above, by the fame Author, illustrated with Maps, price 28. 6d. neatly I bound.

8 24. AN ENGLISH SPELLING-BOOK, accompanied by a progressive Series of easy and familiar Lessons, in the B manner of BARBAULD, TRIMMER, EDGEWORTH, BER QUIN, &c. intended as a modern and improved Introduction to the English Language, and to the first Flements m of Knowledge. By WILLIAM MAVOR, IL D. Price eighteen pence bound, with a liberal allowance to perfons who purchase them by the dozen or hundred.

25. THE BOOK of TRADES; or, Library of the useful ti Arts; illustrated with 60 copper-plates, in three parts, price it 35. each part, or gs. for each part with the plates coloured : either part to be had separately.

26. A VISIT to A FARM HOUSE; or, An Introduce b tion to various Subjects connected with Rural (Econoiny: with several beautiful engraved plates, price 2s. 6d. handsomely half-bound. 27. TABART's Collection of POPULAR STORIES,

pl adorned with elegant plates, by eminent Artists, in tlires parts ; price of each part 25 6d. handsomely half-hornd, or pr with the places beautifully coloured, s. 64. each pait:

The first part contains,-Whittington and his Cat: the Children in the Wood; Peronella; Fortunatus ;. Griselda ; the White Cat; izid Robin Hood.

The second part contains - Little Red Riding-hood; Toads and Diamonds; Blue Beard; Puss in Boots; the Sleeping Beauty in the Wood; Cinderella ; Riquet with the Tuft; 106 Hop-oʻ-my Thumb; 'Beauty and the Beast ; and Fortunio.

The third part contains, Jack the Giant Killer; Tom Thumb; Goody Two Shoes; Tommy Two Shoes; the Se.



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bilo ven Champions of Christendom ; Valentine and Orson; to Prince Fatal and Prince Fortune; and the Three Wishes.

28. The WONDERS of the MICROSCOPE, a very cuè, rious book, adorned with several large plates, price 25. 6d. red

29. The WONDERS of the TELESCOPE, with many se plates, price 28. 6d.

30. The TRAVELS of ROLANDO round the WORLD, with many beautiful engravings, 4 vols. price 12s. halfEed bound.

31. The HISTORY of CARLO; the famous Dog of tly Drury lane, with his portrait, and several other plates,

beautifully engraved, price 26. 64. neatly half-bound. by 32. PUZZLE for a CURIOUS GIRL, adorned with iz be beautiful vignettes, price 25. 6d. half-bound, with roast H, backs.

33. PRESENTS for GOOD GIRLS, adorned with nuaf merous coloured engravings, consisting of words chiefly of é one fyllable, price is.

34. PRESENTS for GOOD BOYS, on the same plan, is.

35. A TOUR through ENGLAND, described in a se. sul ries of letters from a young gentleman to his sister, illuco itrated with fix views and a map, price 3s. 6d, half-bound, d: 36. UNIVERSAL HISTORY, abridged from Dr. Mavor's

valuable work, for the use of children and schools, halfUC bound, with 2 maps, price 25. 6d.

37. The HISTORY OF BRITISH QUADRUPEDS, with and many plates, price 29 6d.

38. The HISTORY of BRITISH. BIRDS, with many ES plates, price is 6d.

39. DIALOGUES for GOOD CHILDREN, by M. P. a price is.

49. DICTIONARY of POLITE LITERATURE, 2 vols. ther with many beautiful plaies, price 13s. in boards.

41. A French and Englith PRIMER, price gd.

42. FIRST going to SCHOOL ; or, the History of Tom ads Brown and his sisters, by M. P. price 2s. 64. ding 43. The JUVENILE LIBRARY; or, Complete Course of ; Instructions in every Branch of Polite and Useful Literature, 6 vols, price two gụineas in boards.,

44. MEMOIRS of DICK the little PONEY, price 25. 6d.


45. MAR Y


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