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Whose progeny you are. Meanwhile enjoy

Your fill what happiness this happy state

Can eomprehend, ineapable of more. 000

To whom the patriareh of mankind replied:
0 favourable spirit, propitious guest,
Well hast thou taught the way that might direet
Our knowledge, and the seale of nature set
From eentre to eireumferenee; whereon, 5ic
In eontemplation of ereated things,
By steps we may aseend to God. But say
What meant that eaution join'd, If ye be found
Obedient? Can we want obedienee then
To him, or possibly his love desert, 010
Who forin'd us from the dust and plaeed us here
Full to the utmost measure of what bliss
Human desires ean seek or apprehend?

To whom the angel: Son of heaven and earth,
Attend: that thou art happy, owe to God; 021
That thou eontinuest sueh, owe to thyself,
That is, to thy obedienee; therein stand.
This was that eaution given thee; be advised.
God made thee perfeet, not immutable;
And good he made thee, but to persevere 025
He left it in thy power; ordain'd thy will
By nature free, not over-ruled by fate
Inextrieable, or striet neeessity:
Our voluntary serviee he requires,

Not our neeessitated; sueh with him 030
Finds no aeeeptanee, nor ean find; for how
Can hearts, not free, be tried whether they serve
Willing or no, who will but what they must
By destiny, and ean no other ehoose?

Myself, and all the angelie host, that stand 038
In sight of God, enthroned, our happy state
Hold, as you yours, while our obedienee holds;
On other surety none: freely we serve,
Beeause we freely love, as in our will

To love or not; in this we stand or fall: N0
And some are fallen, to disobedienee fallen,
And so from heaven to deepest hell; O fall
From what high state of bliss, into what woe!

To whom our groat progenitor: Thy words
Attentive, and with more delighted ear, 040
Divine instruetor, I have heard, than when
Cherubie songs by night from neighbouring hills
Aereal musie send: nor knew I not
To be both will and deed ereated free;

504. Enjoy to your fill, Ae., or enjoy your Jiil of what, Ae.

512. By strps, Ae. There is a real, visiHo ladder )lnkles that visionarv one of Jaeobl whose foot, thongh plaeed on

earth among the loweat of the ereation, yet leads us. hy steps, in eontemplation of ereated things, np to Ged. the in\isibie Creator of all things.—Hume.

Yet that we never shall forget to love 0t o

Our Maker, and obey him whose eommand

Single is yet so just, my eonstant thoughts

Assured me, and still assure: though what thou tell'st

Hath pass'd in heaven, some doubt within me move,

But more desire to hear, if thou eonsent, 555

The full relation, whieh must needs be strange,

Worthy of saered silenee to be heard;

And we have yet large day; for searee the sun

Hath finish'd half his journey, and searee begins

His other half in the great zone of heaven. M0

Thus Adam made request; and Raphael,
After short pause assenting, thus began:

High matter thou enjoin'st me, 0 prime of men,
Sad task and hard; for how shall I relate
To human sense the invisible exploits 505
Of warring spirits? how, without remorse,
The ruin of so many, glorious onee
And perfeet while they stood? how last unfold
The seerets of another world, perhaps
Not lawful to reveal? yet for thy good 070
This is dispensed; ana what surmounts the reaeh
Of human sense, I shall delineate so,
By likening spiritual to eorporal forms,
As may express them best; though what if earth
Be but the shadow of heaven, and things therein s7s
Eaeh to other like, more than on earth is thought?

As yet this world was not, and Chaos wild
Reign d where these heavens now roll, where earth now rests
Upon her eentre poised; when on a day,
lFor time, though in eternity, applied tso
To motion, measures all things durable
By present, past, and future) on sueh day
As heaven's great year brings forth, the empyreal host
Of angels, by imperial summons eall'd,
Innumerable before the Almighty's throne 085
Forthwith, from all the ends of heaven, appear'd
Under their hierarehs in orders bright:
Ten thousand thousand ensigns high advaneed,
Standards and gonfalons 'twixt van and rear
Stream in the air, and for distinetion serve No
Of hierarehies, of orders, and degrees;
Or in their glittering tissues bear imblazed
Holy memorials, aets of zeal and love
Reeorded eminent. Thus when in orbs
Of eireuit inexpressible they stood, 505
Orb within orb, the Father infinite,

5*3. Heavm', 0veaiymv. Miiton sosros to have had Plato'8 great rear—the revelution of all toe spheres—ln his thonghts, imagining sueh kind of revelutions before tie Angela or the worlds were in being,

8o far hark into eternity did lbe rout mind of this greatest of all poets earry him)

580. Gonfalrms, ensigns, or Ilags.

By whom in bliss imbosom'd sat the Son,
Amidst, as from a naming mount, whose top
Brightuess had made invisible, thus spake:

Hear, all ye angels, progeny of light, «x)
Thrones, dominations, prineedoms, virtues, powers;
Hear my deeree, whieh unrevoked shall stand;
This day I have begot whom I deelare
My only Son, and on this holy hill

Ilini have anointed, whom ye now behold 0 5

At my right hand; your head I him appoint;

And by myself have sworn, to him shall bow

All knees in heaven, and shall eonfess him Lord.

Under his great vieegerent reign abide

United, as one individual soul, 010

For ever happy: him who disobeys,

Me disobeys, breaks union; and that day,

Cast out from God and blessed vision, falls

Into utter darkness, deep ingulf d, his plaee

Ordain'd without redemption, without end. 815

So spake the Omnipotent, and with his words
All seem'd well pleased; all seem'd, but were not all,
That day, as other solemn days, they spent
In song and danee about the saered hill;
Mystieal danee, whieh yonder starry sphere 020
Of planets, and of fix'd, in all her wheels
Resembles nearest, mazes intrieate,
Eeeeutrie, intervolved, yet regular
Then most, when most irregular they seem;
And in their motions harmony divine 025
So smoothes her eharming tones, that God's own ear
Listens delighted. Evening now approaeh'd;
lFor we have also our evening and our morn,
We ours for ehange deleetable, not neod,)
Forthwith from danee to sweet repast they turn 030
Desirous; all in eireles as they stood,
Tables are set, and on a sudden-piled
With angel's food; and rubied neetar flows
In pearl, in diamond, and massy gold,
Fruit of delieious vines, tho growth of heaven. 035
On flowers reposed, and with fresh flowerets erown'd,
They eat, they drink, and in eommunion sweet
Quaff immortality and joy, seeure
Of surfeit, where full measure only bounds
Exeess, before tho all bounteous King, who shower'd 040
With eopious hand, rejoieing in their joy.
Now when ambrosial night with elouds exhaled
From that high mount of God, whenee light and shade
Spring both, the faee of brightest heaven had ehanged
To grateful twilight, lfor night eomes not there 01S

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In darker veil,) and roseat dews disposed

All but the unsleeping eyes of God to rest;

Wide over all the plain, and wider far

Than all this globous earth in plain outspread,

(Sueh are the eourts of God,) the angelie throng, eso

Dispersed in bands and files, their eamp extend

By living streams among the trees of life,

Pavilions numberless and sudden rear'd,

Celestial tabernaeles, where they slept

Faun'd with eool winds; save those, who, in their eourse, M8

Melodious hymns about the sovran throne

Alternate all night long: but not so waked

Satan; so eall him now; his former name

Is heard no more in heaven: he of the first,

If not the first arehangel, great in power, eeo

In favour and pre-eminenee, vet fraught

With envy against the Son of" God, that day

Honour'd by his great Father, and proelaimed

Messiah King anointed, eould not bear

Through pride that sight, and thought himself impair'd. 805

Deep malwe thenee eoneeiving and disdain,

Soon as midnight brought on the dusky hour

Friendliest to sleep and silenee, he resolved

With all his legions to dislodge, and leave

Unworshipp'd, unobey'd, the throne supreme, 070

Contemptnous; and his next subordinate

Awakening, thus to him in seeret spake:

Sleep'st thou, eompanion dear? what sleep ean elose
Thy eyelids? and remember'st what deeree
Of yesterday, so late hath pass'd the lips 070
Of heaven's Almighty? Thou to me thy thoughts
Wast wont, I mine to thee was wont to impart:
Both waking we were one; how then ean now
Thy sleep dissent? New laws thou seest imposed;
New laws from him who reigns, new minds may raise 080
In us who serve, new eounsels to debate
What doubtful may ensue: more in this plaee
To utter is not safe. Assemble thou
Of all those myriads whieh we lead tho ehief;
Tell them, that by eommand, ere yet dim night 085
Her shadowy eloud withdraws, I am to hasto,
And all who under me their banners wave,
Homeward, with flying mareh, where we possess
The quarters of the north; there to prepare
Fit entertainment to reeeive our King, R0
The great Messiah, and his new eommands;
Who speedily through all the hierarehies
Ditends to pass trinmphant, and give laws.

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So spake the false arehangel, and infused
Bad influenee into the unwary breast eos
Of his assoeiate: he together ealls,
Or several one by one, the regent powers,
Under him regent; tells, as he was taught,
That the Most High eommanding, now ere night,
Now ere dim night had disineumber'd heaven, Too
The great hierarehal standard was to move;
Tells the suggested eause, and easts between
Ambignous words and jealousies, to sound
Or taint integrity: but all obey'd

The wonted signal and superiour voiee v&

Of their great potentate; for great indeed

His name, and high was his degree in heaven.

His eountenanee, as the morning-star that guides

The starry floek, allured them; and with lies

Drew after him the third part of heaven's host. 710

Meanwhile the Eternal eye, whose sight diseerns

Abstrusest thoughts, from forth his holy mount,

And from within the golden lamps that burn

Nightly before him, saw without their light

Rebellion rising; saw in whom, how spread T10

Among the sons of morn, what multitudes

Were banded to oppose his high deeree;

And, smiling, to his only Son thus said:—

Son, thou in whom my glory I behold
In full resplendenee, heir of all my might, 720
Nearly it now eoneerns us to be sure
Of our omnipotenee, and with what arms
We mean to hold what aneiently we elaim
Of deity or empire: sueh a foe

Is rising, who intends to ereet his throne 725

Equal to ours, throughout the spaeious north;

Nor so eontent, hath in his thought to try

In battel, what our power is, or our right.

Let us advise, and to this hazard draw

With speed what foree is left, and all employ 730

In our defenee; lost unawares we lose

This our high plaee, our sanetuary, our hill,

To whom the Son, with ealm aspeet and elear,
Lightening divine, ineffable, serene,

Made answer:—Mighty Father, thou thy foes 73t

Justly hast in derision, and, seeure,

Laugh'st at their vain designs and tumults vain,

Matter to me of glory, whom their hate

Illustrates; when they see all regal power

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