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Book Linie

Book Lise
Soliloquy thereon

X. 720

Guardians of Paradise, their iv. 977

X. 851

parade, watches, &C.........? v. 287
Vishes for his dissolution.....

X. 775

Re-ascent to Heaven
Reflections on the immor-

Adam's fall...

X. 17
tality of the soul, &c..... X. 782

Appointed to expel Adam, &c.
Repulsory speech to Eve, at-

from Paradise

xi. 127
tempting to consolate bim.. x. 866

Descent there..

xi. 28
Relents towards her

X. 910
Expelling him, &c...

xii. 626
Reply to her (accusing herself

Guardians of mankind......... ix. 156
as the first in transgression) X. 947 | Angels, fallen, their after-state i. 50, 239
Answer (to her reply, alvising


i. 331
to die by their own hands)..
x. 1013

V. 1 43
Resolves the contrary (suh-


i. 374
mission to God's will, and

Various pursuits, &C...

ii. 528

x. 10:38

Loss supplied by man's crea-
Speech to Eve (on the efficacy


ii. 678
of prayer. &c.)...

xi. 141 Imbattelled against the An-
Hails her the mother of man-

gels celestial.

vi. 79

xi. 158

vi. 2012
Speech to her on the omens


vi. 386
preceding their expulsion

Disposition to re-engage. vi. 507
from Paradise

xi. 193 Their artillery-canvon, &c... vi. 572
In the view of Michael ap-


vi. 597

xi. 226 Entire defeat and expulsion
Behaviour on receiving the

from Heaven

vi, 831-877
xi. 263 Transformeri to serpents.......

X. 519
Speech to Michael thereon.... xi. 296 Further punished with an il-

xi. 370 lusion of the forbidden fruit
Discourse with Michael, dis.

Both annually continued ......

x. 575
covering to him in vision

Animals--See Creatures.
what should happen in the

Apostles, their mission, &c. ...... xii. 439
world till the flood..........Xi, 450-867 Gift of the Iloly Ghost.......... xii. 437
Discourse with him, relating

Successors (wolves, false
what should happen to the

teachers, &c. described...... xii. 508
general resurrection..........xii. 13-551

i. 1
General reply to him (resolu-

Argument of the poem. ix. 1
tions of future obedience,

Ariel, Arioc, and Ramiel van
dependence on God's pruvi-


vi. 371
dence, &c.)

xii. 552 | Ark, its building described ...... xi. 7:28
See Ere Michael-Ra-

See Noah.
phael- Similes.

Ark of the covenant described.. xii. 249
Adonis, a river in Syria......... i. 450 Ashtaroh and Baalim .......... i. 422
Adramelec and Asmadai, fallen

A toreth, or Astarte...

i. 438
Angels, wounded and put

Author's reflection, in prospect
to flight....
vi. 365 of Adam's, &c. fall

ii. 380
Air first clouded on Adam's fall xi. 182 On Satan's premeditated at.
Allusions-See Similes.


iv. 1
Amarant, a flower transplanted

On Eve's parting with Adam ix. 404
frein Paradise to Ileaven ... iii. 352 On their nakedness after the
Ambition censured...
ii. 482 fall.

ix. 111
A cause of Satan's fall

iv. 86 On his own bliudnoce..
Angels (celestial) obey God of

Azazel, Satan's standaril-bearer i, 5+
choice, not necessity

v. 535
Baalim and Ashtaroh

i. 422
Imbattelled against Satan and

Babel, the city and tower, built
the fallen Angels...

vi. 15
by Nimrod, &C......

xii. 38
Their signal, and march. V. 56 The confusion of languages
Signal to engage, and en-

there described......


vi. 202 Baptism, what the sign of...... xii. 442

vi. 386 Baptizet, the Holy Ghist given
Disposition to re-engage.. vi. 5:24

primitively to all such ...... xii. 497

vi. 697 Battel, &c. between the celes-
Rally again, and renew the

tiał and fallen Angels de
vi. 634 scribe.....

..vi. 202-577
vii. INO

See Angels, Clestial and
vii. 252

Their song on the creation..

vii. 557 Beasts, part of the sixth day's
vii. 002 crention devrihed.

vii. 453
On its dissolution and reno-

Beelzebub, his character.......... i. 79
041 Described

ii. 299
iv. 781
Guanlians of Paradise, their

His answer to Satan's first
iv. 788

speerli after their fall.. i. 128
porade, watches, &c.

To his second...

i. 272



x. 326

X. 585

X. 692

of it....

Book Lane

Book Line Speech in council, called by

Damned, their torments deSatan thereon... ii. 310 cribed.

ii. 596 Promotes an attempt on the

David, his throne, why eternal.. xii. 520 World...

ii. 365 Day and night in Heaven de Belial, his character. i. 490 scribed

vi. Described

ii. 108 Death and Sin, their station at His speech in council

ii. 119 llell-gates before the fall ... ii. 618 To Satan, on their advantage

Their union...

X. 251 gained in the reengage

They bridge over Chaos

X. 282 ment with the celestial An

Meet Satan in his return to gels....

vi. 620 llell from thence Birus, part of the fifth day's

Their journey thither.

X. 410 creation described...

vii. 417 Arrival at Paradise Blasts, an effect of Adam's full..

After-conduct in the world ...

X. 010 Blindness, author's reflections

See Similes. on his own...... iii. 22 Death described.....

ii. 666 Bower of Adam and Eve

iv. 690 Answer to Satan at liell gates ii. 688 Bridge from Hell Gates to the

The son of Satan and Sin...... ii. 727 world, over Chaos, the work,

Its birth..

ii. 777 Àc, described.... x. 293-320 Answer to Sin, on Adam's full

X. 2017 Cain and Abel, their story re

To Sin's speech in Paradise...

X. 596 inted

xi. 429

See Similes. Chance, the common notion of

Death of the body, its causes it exploded. ii. 909 and variety..

xi. 466-493 Chaos described............

rii. 890 More terrible in prospect than
vii. 211 reality.

xi. 469 Its rourt.

ii. 939 Of the faithful, a sleep to imBounds since the Angels' fall ii. 995 mortality

xii. 425-134 State before it.

v. 577
The rate of life

xii. 571 A bridge over it, from the

Death cternal considerel.......

X, 808 gates of Hell to the world.. X. 282 Deluxe universal - see Voah. See Similes.

Despair, the degrees and colours Charity, its pruises, &c... ...xii. 576-597

iv. 108 Chemos, or Peor..

i. 406 Devils, why eternally excluded Cherubim-See Angels Celestial,

from vrace...

iii. 129 and Similes.

Discord censured......

ii. 496 Churrh. hirelings in it, com

Daughter of Sin, &c.....

x. 707 pared to the Devil in Para

Dominion absolute, among men, dise iv. 192 umjustifiable

xii. Cocytus, a river of Hell

ii. 579 Dreams illusive, their source.... iv. 799 Comparisons-See Similes.


v 110 Conjugal love praised.... iv. 730 Divine.

xii. 612 Di-tinguished from an amour iv. 765 Eagle, a hird of prey, one effect Consists in reason, not passion viii. 556 of Adnin's fall

xi. 185 Defined

viii. 659 Earth and Ileaven-See Ileaven Expressed by the woman) in

and Earth. practice... viii. 50

iii. 715 In worls..

Earth, its creation.............. xii. 615

vii. 231 A reiprocal duty of it. ix. 357 The shadow of lleuren.

v. 574 Conjunal obedience, woman's

Its separation from the waters happiness.. iv. (35 described

vii, 276 viii. 494 The fruits of it, &c.

vii. 313 Conju zal union, its reasons

ix. 955 and obligations...

Speculations on its motions,

ix. 961 or of the Heavens, censurud viii. 70 Conscience, God's umpire in

Its praises.......

ix. 99 man.....

iii. 194

The centre of the creation .... ix. 107

iv. The terrors of it

Destruction of, by Noah's flood xi. 743
X. 812
Restitution after it....

xi. 852 Laws to forre it, censured...... xii. 515 A universal Paradise at the

No infallibility against it...... xii. 5-29 Messiah's coming to judyConstellations, their motions,


xii. 403 ፈc. .

iii. 577

See World. Creation, the universal, de- iii. 708 Eden, the country bounded...... lv. 210 scribed

vii. 221 The garden of it-See Yura. Creatures, animal, in Paruulise,

dise. described

iv. 340 | Egypt, the plagues of it deHave dezrees of knowledge


xii. 173 and reason viii. 369 Election asserted.

iii. 153 Their discord, an effect of

Elements, &c. subsist on cach
Adam's fall

X. 707

V. 415 Entry of Noah's ark

xi. 733 Enoch, his story and translaDagon described i. 457 tion......

xi. 664, 700

v. 235

upon her

Book Lane

Book Line
Eve and Adam-See Adam and

the promise of the Mes-


xii. 610
iv. 712 Evening described

iv 598
v. 379 Evil, if in thought unapproved.
viii. 470 blamelegs.

T. 117
viii. 482 Experience, a guide to wislom.. ix. 807
viii. 546 Faith, unnecessary endeavours

viii. 596
Eve particularly described,

to approve it, suspicious..... ix. 1140
characterized, &c...

ix. 386 Faith in Christ, with works,
ix. 431 eternal life...

xii. 427
ix. 457 Laws to force it censured...... xii. 515
ix. 489 No infallibility against it...... xii. 529
ix, 538 Fancy, its office.

V. 100
ix. 603 The eye of the soul...

riii. 460
ix. 896 Fame, the common notion of it
Answer to Adam's discourse,


... xi. 688–699
on the prohibition of the

Fate, the will of God ... vii. 170
tree of knowledge ........... iv. 440 Father Almighty-See God.
Recounts her first view of the

Fig-tree, of which Adam and
creation .....

iv. 449

Eve made aprons, describel ix. 1101
Answer to him at night........ iv. 635 Firmament described

vii. 261
To him, waking her (relates

Fish, their creation described... vii. 391
her dream, the subject of

Flaming sword iu Paraclise ...... xii. 632
Satan's first illusive tempta-

Flood universal--See Noah.

v. 27 | Freedom, effects of its loss upon
Weeping described...

v. 129

xi. 797
Attending on Raphael.... v. 443 Free grace asserted.

iii. 173
Her formation from Adam.... viii. 465 Defined

iii. 227
Behaviour on view of him.... viii. 500

iii. 95
Discourse with him preceding
the temptation
ix. 205-384

v. 520
Answer to Satan

ix. 552
Free-will asserted.

viii. 635
The effect of Satan's speech

ix. 350
ix. 733

X. 43
Soliloquy before her eating

iii. 108
the fruit

ix. 745
Reason, the same.......

ix. 350
Plucks and eats...................
ix. 780 The image of God...

viii. 440
Soliloquy after it...

ix. 795 Fruition, carnal, the passion of
Resolution to tempt Adam.... ix. 830 it censured...

viii. 579
Speech to him thereon.... ix. 856 Gabriel, chief of the guardian
Reply to his answer, resolving

Angels, bis station... iv. 549
to die with her......

ix. 960 Informed of Satan's move-
Behaviour thereon...
ix. 990 ments.....

iv. 561
Gives him the fruit......... ix. 995 Undertakes to detect him..... iv. 576
Repeats the transgression

Ilis charge to Uzziel, Ithuriel,
with him....

ix. 1005 ard Zephon (three other
Is incited by him to carnal

of the guardian Angels)
ix. 1014, 1035 thereon..

iv. 782
The place, &c. described........ ix. 1037 Speech to them, &c. on their
Answer to him, (accusing her

taking, and return with
as the aggressor,) imputes


ir. 866
it to his indulgence
ix. 1142 To Satan thereon...

iv. 877
Answer to God, calling her to

Replies to his answer.. iv. 902, 946, 1006
judgment (accuses the ser-

Appointed chief of the celes-

X. 159

tial army, against the re-
The sentence pronounced on

volted Angels..

vi. 45

X. 192

His prowess in the battel..... vi. 354
Behaviour and speech to

Glory, the common notion of it
Adam's repulse of her, and


..... xi. 688–699
her offers of consolation

GOD the FATHER contem-
(accuses herself)

X. 909
plating his works...

iii. 56
After-lehaviour thereon......

X. 937

Speech to his Son, on the do-
Reply to his answer (adviseg

signs of Satan.....

iii. $0
to die by their own hands)

X. 966
Reply to his answer

iii. 168
To him, huling her the mo-

Propeses the manner of re-
ther of mankind.....
xi. 162 demption....

ii. 203
Soliloquy, lamenting the

Answer to the Son, under-
threatened expulsion from

taking it....

iii. 274

xi. 268 Decrees his resurrection....... iii. 294
Speech to him on quitting it

His own attributes .....

iii. 372
(affection, conjugal resolu-

lij. 383
tion, and consolation on

Visibly seen in the Son....

Ti 680

V. 224

V. 600
V. 719


V. 588

X. 614

Book Line

Book Line Charge to Raphael, to warn

Passage thence to the world... iii. 526 Adam against his fall.

Its general creation....... iii. 716 Speech to the celestial hier

Visible, its study necessary... viii. 66 archy..

Speculations on its motions To the Son, on Satan's revolt

or the earth's, censured..... viii. 70 Speech to Abdiel..., 29 How situated....

X. 320 Appoints Michael and Gabriel

i. chiefs of the celestial army vi.

i. 228 Battel between them and the

Hell described.

ii. 587 revolters described......... vi. 202-607

ii. 618 Appoints his Son to end it.... vi. 680

Its gates.

ii. 645 His chariot described.......... vi. 749

First opened by Sin

ii. 871 Resolves to create the world.. vii. 154 How situated respecting heaCommits the work to his son vii. 163 ven and the world.............

X. 322 His own omnipresence vii. 168, 588 See Similes. Goodness, free......

vii. 171 Hierarchies of Heaven........... His will, fate vii. 173 Hinnom, the valley of

i. 404 Institution of the Sabbath.... vii. 581 HOLY-GHOST, its effusion, &c. His cpeech on the guardian

at the creation........

vii. 209 Angels' return from Para

Descent on the Apostles xii. 485 dis, upon Adam's, &c. fall.. X. 34 Promised to all believers xii. 518 Appoints the Son judge of it.. X. 65 Hospitality, an incitation to it...

V. 316 Speech to the celestials, on Sin

Ilymn to light...

iii. 1 and Death's entrance into

To God the Father and Son... iii. 372 the world thereby............

On conjugal love...

iv, 750 Promise of their dissolution,

vii. 180 and renovation of heaven

vii. 252 and earth..

On the creation
X. 633

vii. 557 Charge to the Angels, touch

vii. 602 ing the changes in the crea

Ilypocrisy visible to God alone.. iii. 682 tion on the fall.....

X. 649 Hypocrites, Satan the first...... iv. 121 Answer to the Son's interces

Pretenders to superior purity iv. 744 sion on Adain's repentance xi. 45 Idolatry, its origin....

i. 364 Speech to the celestials, con.

of the post-iluvian world.... xii. 115 vened at his decreeing his

Jealousy, the lover's Hell...

Y. 449 expulsion from Paradise.... xi. 84 Immortality of the soul disTo Michael thereon....

xi. 99 cussed GOD the SON-See SON.

iv. 312 GOD, purity of adoration more

iv. 492 acceptable to him than

iv. 738 ritual..

iv. 736 Innocence, the state of it de

scribed All good proceeds from him... To be contemplated in his

v. 443 works...

viii. 510 Acts immediate., vii. 176 Intellectual being........

ii. 146 The centre of heaven........... ix. 107

i. 6 His absolute decrees xi. 311

1 Omnipresence, goodness, &c... xi. 335 Jove (a fallen Angel)..

i. 512 Particular presence.

xii. 48 Israelites, their story................ xii. 163 To obey and love him, the

In the wilderness..

xii. 223 sum of happiness and wis

Establishment in Canaan...... xii. 260 dom...

xii. 561-576 Reason of their laws... xii. 280 Gospel, how to be understood... xii. 514 Government by Judges and irace of God, man its object,


xii. 320 and devils eternally ex

Captivity in Babylon

xii. 341 cluded from it, why

iii. 131 Return thence, &C............ xii. 345-359 Man resists it at his peril...... iii. 198 Isis (a fa Angel)

i. 478 Repentance, a fruit of it....... xi. 22 Ithuriel (a guardian Angel of Its Spirit the comfort of Li


iv, 788 berty

xii. 525 Detects Satan's first attempt Gratitude exerted discharges its

on Eve there, and touches debt

iv. 55
him with his fpear.....

iv, 810 Gunpowder, guns, &c., the origi

iv. 220 nal invention of the devil vi. 478, 484 Knowledge, the tree of it.....

ix. 044 Discharge described.............. vi. 584 Described

ix. 575 Ham's story... xii. 101

vii. 542

Forbidden to Adam............. Heaven and earth, their finals xi. 900 renovation by fire.... xii. 548

Satan's encomium of it...... ix. 679 After-happiness therein.... xii. 463, 550 Eve's

ix. 795, 863 Heaven, its joys..

iii. 344 Knowledge, the result of reason Its gate.........

iii. 501
and fancy..

v. 100 V. 253 of things necessary, wisdom.. viii. 192

x. 782

v. 211 V. 303

V. 469

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Book Line

Book Line
vii. 126 Mercy, God's first and last at-
Without restraint, folly
viii. 185 tribute.

iii. 132
xii. 500 Messiah promised

X, 181
Knowledge of future events, the

The promise explained...... ; xii. 356

X. 182
desire of it reprehended xi. 770
Its sun, the love and fear of

His birth and kingdom de-
xii. 557 scriberl..

xii. 359
In animal creatures asserted viii. 373 Why called the seed of the
See Similes.


xii. 376
Lethe, a river of Hell..
ii. 582 Life and passion of.....

xii, 388
Medusa the guard of it......... ii. 610 Resurrection, and mission of
Leviathan described..

i. 201
the Apostles

........... xii. 420-415
Liberty, with its loss virtue lost xi. 797 Ascension, &C.......

xii. 451
Adam's fall the cause of its

Coming to judgment. &c... xii. 458, 543

xii. 82

See SON of GOD.
Liberty, the same with reason... xii. 83 Michael appointed one of the
Dwells with reason

xii. 84 chiefs of the celestial army vi.
Life, the tree of it described..... iv, 218 His prowess in the battel...... vi. 250
Where situated.....

ix. 69 Speech to Satan, encounter-
Life, long by temperance. xi. 531 ing him......

vi. 262
Its great rule respecting itself xi. 553 The combat described ........ vi. 296-354
Light, hymn to it
iii. 1 Wounds Satan......

vi. 320
The first day's creation, de-

The revolters defeated.. vi. 410

vii. 243

Prepares to expel Adam from
Lightning, how produced....

x. 1073
Paradise ....

xi. 126
Limbo, or fool's Paradise, where iii. 495 His appearance there ..... xi. 238
Lion, a beast of prey, an effect

Speech to Adam thereon xi. 251
of Adam's fall

xi. 187 Reply to Eve, lamenting their
Love, conjugal, its praises..... iv. 750 expulsion..

xi. 286
Distinguished from that of an

To Adam, on the same sub-
iv. 765 ject.....

xi. 331
Consists in reason, not passion viii. 586 Discovers to him (in vision)
True, defined

viii. 589 what should happen until
In spirits celestial
viii. 6:20 the Flood....

xi. 123-867
Smiles, the food of love......... ix. 239 The story of Cain and Abel... xi. 429
Founded in reason...

ix. 241 Death, with its causes and
Lucifer, Satan why so called.....

X, 423

xi. 466
See Sutan.

The state of the antediluvian
Lust. carnal, the effect of the fall ix. 1011 world

xi. 556
Mammon (a fallen Angel) ........ i. 675 Its civil institutions.

xi. 638
His speech in Satan's council i. 229 The story of Enoch...

xi. 66+
Man, fallen, the object of grace iii. 130 Of Noah

xi. 700
Consequences of his resisting

The flood....

xi. 738
race ,

iii. 198 God's covenant to destroy the
Redemption proposed by the

world no more by water..... xi. 892

iii. 203 Discovers to him (relatively)
Undertaken by the Son iii. 227 what should happen from
The Son's merits imputative.. iii. 2010 the flood to the general
Man created to repair the loss iii. 66.7 resurrection ....

xii. 6-551
of the fallen Angels ....... ix. 113 The patriarchal government.. xii. 13
Ilis creation described.... vii. 521 Nimroit's tyranny.

xii. 24
Dominion over the rest....... vii. 520 The building and confusion
Love to woman, how consist-

at Babel...

xii. 38
ent with his superiority..... viii. 567 The story of Ham..

xii. 101
The whole creation in little... ix. 109 Of Al raham and the Patri-
Angels, his guardians.... ix. 154 archs

xii. 113
His superiority over the wo-

Of the Israelites' bondage in
man given him by God.... x. 145, 195 Egypt, and deliverance
Pursuing his appetites, disti-


xii. 103
gures not God's image, but

Of the settlement of their
his own....

xi. 521 civil and sacred economy
Conformity to the divine will

in the wilderness, and esta-
the true end of his creation xi. 603 blishment in Canaan... xii. 223
Absolute dominion over his

Of their various ritual laws,
brother man a usurpation.. xii. 64 their reason, use. &c..... xii. 280
Given hin by God only over

of their government by
the inferior creation..... xii. 67 Judges and King's

xii. 320
Matches conjugal, the modern

of their captivity in Babylon xii. 335

viii. 57 Of their return from thence;
Resperting the woman par.

their after-dixxi nsions; the

birth and kingdom of the
Medusa, the guard of Lethe..... ii. 611 Messiah ........

.......... xii. 345-371

X. 888

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