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8ook liM

8oliioquy thereon x. 720

Continned x. S54

Wishes for hht dissolution x. 770

Refleetions on the immor-
taiity of the soui. Ae x. 782

Repulsory speeeh to Eve, at-
tempting to eonsolate him., x. 800

Relents towards her x. 040

Reply to her )aeeusing herself
as the first in transgression1 x. 047

Answer )to her reply, advising

to die by their own hands)., x. 1013

Resolves the eontrary lsub-
ndssion to Ged's wiil, and
repentaneel x. 1028

8peeeh to Eve ,on the eIfieaey
of prayer, Ae.l xi. 141

Haiis her the mother of man-
kind xi. 158

8peeeh to her on the omens
preeeding their expulsion
from Paradise xi. 103

On the view of Miehael ap-
proaehing xi. 220

Behaviour on reeeiving the
message xi. 203

8p,n-eh to Miehael thereon.... xi. 200

Resignation xi. 370

Diseourse with Miehaei. di#-
eovering to him in vision
what should happen in the
world tiil the floed xi. 450-807

Diseourse with him. relating
what should happen to the
general resurreetion xii. 13-551

General reply to him ,resolu-
tions of future obedienee,
dependenee on Ged's provi-
denee, Ae.1 xii. 552

8ee Eve Miehael Ra-

Adonis, a river in 8yria L 450

Adramelee and Asmadai. fallen
Angels, wounded and put

to flight vi. 800

Air first rlondexl on Adam's Iall xi. 182
Allusions-—8ee 8imiies.
Amarant, a Ilower transplanted

fp:m Pnradi"e to Heaven ... iii. 352
Ambition eensured ii. 482

A eause of 8atan's fall iv. 80

Angels leelestial1 obey Ged of

ehoiee, not neeessity v. 535

Imhattelled against 8atan and

the fallen Angels vi. 15

Their signal, and mareh v. 50

8ignal to engage, and en-
gagement vi. 202

Prevaii vi. 380

Disposition to re-engage vi. 524

Retreat vi. 007

Rally again, and renew the

fight vi. 034

f vii. 1s0
vii "'V

Their song on the ereation.. J vii'

[ vii. 002
On itr dissolntion and reno-
vation x. 041

Gnardians of Paradise, their f j*' i^J
parade, watehes, Ae 1 )v' ^j.)

Gnardians of Paradise, their f iv. 077

parade, watehes. Ae v. 287

Re-aseent to Heaven on

Adam's fali. x. 17

Appointed to expel Adam, Ae .

from l'arndise xJ. 127

Deseent there xi. 208

Expe)liing him, Ae xii. f,20

Gnardians of mankind ix. 150

Angels, fallen, their after-state i. 50, 230

, t 33i

Numbers . v"

Names i. 374

Various pursults, Ae. ii. 528

Loss suppiied by man's erea-
tion iii. 078

lmhatte1led against the An-
gels eelestial vi. 70

Engagement vi. 21rJ

Defeat vi. 380

DisIwsition to re-engage vi. 507

Their artiilery—eaunon, Ae... 572

Prevaii vL 507

Entire defeat and expulsion

from Heaven ri. 831-877

Transformed to serpents x. 510

Further punished with an ii-
lusion of the forbidden frnit x. 047

Both aunnally eontinned x. 575

Animals—8ee \Ysaturex.

Apostles, their ndssion. Ae. xii. 430

Gift of the Holy Ghost xii. 407

8ueeessors lwolves, tdse

teaehers, 4e. deseribed) xii. 50$

Argument of the poem { ix! 1

Ariei. Arioe, and Ramiel van-
qnished vi. 371

Ark, its buiiding deseribed xi. 728

8ee Ifoah,

Ark of the eovenant deseribed., xii. 240

Ashtaroh and Baaiim i. 422

Astoreth, or A starte i. 43.$

Author's refleetion, in prospeet

of Adam's, Ae. fall ii. 380

On 8atan's premeditated at-
tempt iv. 1

On Eve's parting with Adam ix. 404
On their nakedness after the

fall ix. 1114

On his own biindness iii. 22

Azazel, 8atan's standard-bearer i. 534

Baaiim and Ashtarob i. 422

Babel, the eity and tower, buiit

by Nimred. Ae xii. 38

The eonfusion .-f langnages

there deseribed - xii. 53

Baptism, what the sign of. xii. 442

Raptized, the Holy Ghost given

prindtively to all sueh xii. 407

Battel, Ae. betwwn the eeles-
tial and fallen Angels de-
seribed vi. 202—$77

8ee Angsh, Gisslial and

Beasts, part of the sixth day's

ereation deseribed vii. 453

Beelz-'bub. his eharueUT i. 70

Deseriiwd ii. 200

His answer to 8atan's first

speeeh after their foii i. 12$

To bis seeond i. 272


8ook L,ns

8peeeh in eouneii, eall.-I by

8atan thereon ll. 310

Promotes an attempt on the

world iL 345

Belial, his eharaeter 1. 400

Deseribed lL 108

His speeeh in eouneii iL 110

To 8atan, on their advantage gained in the re-engugement with the eelestial Angels vL 020

Rirds, put of the fifth day's

ereation deseribed viL 417

Blasts, an effe, t of AdamV foli., x.

Biindness, author's refleetions

on his mrn - iii. 22

Bower of Adam and Eve Lv. 000

Bridge from Hell-gates to the world, over Chaos, the work, Ae. deserit1ed x. 203-320

Cain and AM, their story ro

lnted xi. 420

Chanee, the eommon notion of

it expleded ll. 000

Chaos deser,bed -! ^

lts eonrt iL 050

Bounds sinee the Angels' fall ii. 008

8tate before it v. 577

A bridge over it, from the

gates of Hell to the world., x. 282 8ee 8imiies.

Charitv, its praises , Ae xii. 570-5s7

Chemos , or Peor L 400

Cherubim—8ee Angels Odett.idi,

and 8imiiss. Chun'h. hireiings in it, eompared to the Devii in Paradise Lv. 102

Coeytna, a river of Hell ii. 070

Comparisons—8re 8iwiiss,

Conjngal love praised 1v. 750

Distingnished from an amour iv. 7O5 Consists in rea

:, not passion viii. 5K0

Defined viii. 080

Expressed {by the woman) in

praetiee viii. 00

In words - xii. 015

A reeiproeal duty of it ix. 307

Conjugal obedienee, woman's

happiness iv. C35

)viii 41'4 Conjngal union, its reasons l

and obiigations ) -x' ^

Conseienee, )ied's umpire in

man .. iiL 104

The terrors of it I iv/ ^

Laws to fme it. eensured xii. 015

No infaliibiiity against it xiL 520

Coustellations , their motions,

Ae iii. 577

Creation, the universal, de- f iii. 708

seribed \ vii. 221

Creatures, animal, in Parmiise,

deseribed iv. 340

Have degrees of knowledge

and reason viii. 300

Their diseord, an effeet of

Adam's fall x. 707

Entry of Noah's ark xL 733

Dagun deseribed i. 407

Damued, their torments deseribed li. 000

David, his tbrone, why eternai., xii. 320 Day and night in Heaven deseribed vL 4

Death and 8in, their station at

Hell-gates before the fall... ii. 048

Their union x. 201

They bridge over Chaos „ x. 282

Meet 8atan in his return to

Hell from thenee x. 320

Their jonrney thither x. 410

Arrivel at Paradise x. 585

After-eonduet in the world ... x. 010 8ee 8im,iss.

Death deseribed ii. 000

Answer to 8atan at Hell gates ii. 088

The son of 8atan and 8in iL 727

lts birth lL 777

Answer to 8in, on Adam's fall x. 204

To 8in's speeeh in Paradise... x. 000 8ee 8im,iss. Death of the bedy, its eauses

and \ariety xi. 400-403

More temble in prosI-eet than

reaiitv xi. 400

Of the faithful, a sleep to immortaiity xii. 425-434

The gate of llfe xii. 571

Death eternal eonsidered x. 808

Delnge universal—8ee Noah.
Despair, the degrees and eolours

of it iv. 108

Deviis, why eternally exelnded

from graee iii. 120

Diseord eensured ii. 4,.tti

Danghter of 8in, Ae x. 707

Dominion absol ute, among men,

unjustifiahle xiL 04

Dreams iilusive, their souree.... Lv. 700

Natural v. 110

Divine xiL 012

Eagle, a bird of prey, one effeet

of Adam's fall xi. 185

Earth and Heaven—8ee Heaven and Earth.

Earth, its ereation { § 0^

The shadow of Heaven v. 074

IIs separation from the waters

deseribed vii. 270

The frnits of it, 4e vii. 313

8peeulations on its motions, or of the Heavens, eensured viii. 70

IIs praises ix. 00

The eentre of the ereation .... ix. 107 Destruetion of. by Noah's floed xi. 743

Resiit nt ion after it xL 852

A universal Paradise at the Messiah's eondng to jndgment xii. 403

8ee World.

Eden, the eountry bounded iv. 210

The garden of R—8ee 7uradite.

Rgypt. the plagnes of it deseribed xiL 173

Eleetion asserted iii. 1n3

Rb ments, Ae. subsist on eaeh

other v. 415

Enoelt. his story and translation xL 004,700 Charge to Raphael, to warn 8ook L,no

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Answer to Adam's diseourse,
on the prohibition of the

tree of knowledge Lv.

Reeonnts her firet view of the

ereation iv. 440

Answer to him at night iv. 035

To him, waking her lrelates
her dream, the subjeet of
8atan's Iirst iilusive tempta-
tion1 v. 27

Vfoeping deseribed v. 120

Attending on Raphael v. 443

Her formation from Adam.... viii. 405
Behaviour on view of him.... viii. 500
Diseonrse with him preeeding

the temptation ix. 205-384

Answer to 8atan ix. 552

The effeet of 8atan's speeeh

upon her ix. 733

8oliioquy before her eating

the frnit ix. 745

Plueks and eats ix. 780

8oliioquy after it ix. 705

Resolution to tempt Adam ... ix. 830

8peeeh to him thereon ix. 850

Replv to bis answer, resolving

to "die with her ix. 000

Behaviour thereon ix. 000

Gives him the frnit ix. 005

Repeats the transgression

with him ix. 1005

ls ineited by him to earnal

frnition ix. 1014,1035

The plaee, Ae. deseribed ix. 1037

Answer to him, laeeusing her
as the aggressor.) impntes

it to his indulgenee ix. 1142

Answer to Ged, ealiing her to
jndgment laeouses the ser-
pentl x.

The sentenee prononneed on

her x.

Behavionr and speeeh to
Adam's repulse of her, and
her offers of eonsolation

laeeuses herselfl ~ X

After-l-ehaviour thereon x.

Reply to his answer ladvises

to die by their own handsl x.
To him, haiiing her the mo-
ther of mankind xi.

8oliioquy, lamenting the
tbreatened expulsion from

Paradise xi.

Speeeh to him on qnitting it
laffeetion, eonjngal resolu-
tion, and eonsolation on

8ook Llm

the prondse of the Mes-
siahl xii. 010

Evening deseribed iv 508

Evii, if in thonght unapproved.

blameless v. 117

Experienee, a guide to wisdom., ix. S07
Fai)h, uuneeessary endeavoue.'

to approve it, suspieious ix. 1140

Faith in Christ, with works,

eternal iife xii. 427

Laws to foree it eensured tii. 515

No infaliibiiity against it xii. 520

| Faney, its offiee V. 100

I The eye of the sonl viii. 400

Fame, the eommon notion of it

eensured .. xL 088-000

Fate, the wiil of Ged viL 170

Father Alndghty—8ee &M/.
Fig-troe, of whieh Adam and

Eve mad'' aprons, deseribed ix. 1101

Firmament deseribed vit. 201

Fish, their ereation deseribed... viL 301

Flaming sword in Paradise xii. 032

Floed universal—8ee Neah.
Freedom, effeet.s of its loss upon

virtoe . xi. 707

Free graee asserted iii. 173

Defined iii. 227

iii. 05

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The image of Ged viii.

Frnition, earnal, the passion of

it eensured viii.

Gabriel, ehief of the gnardian

Angels, his station iv.

Informed of 8atan's move-
ments iv.

Undertakes to deteet him iv.

His eharge to Uzzlel, IIhuriel,
and Zephon ltbree other
of the gnardian Angels)
thereon iv.

8peeeh to them, Ae. on their
taking, and return with
8atan iv. 800

To 8atan thereon iv. 877

Repiies to Ms answee., iv. 002,040,1000

Appointed ehief of tl,e eeles-
tial army, against the re-
velted Angels vi.

His prowess in the hattel vi.

Glory, the eommon notion of it

eensured xi

GOD the FATHER eontem-
plating his works iii.

8peeeh to his 8on, on the do-
signs of 8atan iii.

Reply to his answer lit.

Proposes the mauner of re-
demption: iiL

Answer to the 8on, under-
taking it iii. 274

Deerees his resurreetion - iii. 204

His own attributes iii. 372

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Adam again* t his Iall v. 224

8peeeh to the eeleatial hierarehy V. 000

To the 8ou, on 8atan's revolt v. 710

8peeeh to AbdM Tl 20

Appoints Miehael and Gabriel

ehiefs of the eelestial army vi. 44 Battel between them and the

revelters deseribed Tl 202-307

Appoiut- his 8on to end it.... vi. 080

Hia ehariot deseribed - vi. 740

Resoives to ereate the world.. vii. 154 Comndts the work to his 8on Tii. 103

His own omuiprenenea vii. 108, 588

Goedness, free vii. 171

His wiil, fate vii. 173

lnstitution of the 8abbsth.... Vll. 581 Hls rpeeeh on the gaaniiau Angels' return iY,.m Paradisz upon Adam s, Ae . fali., x. 34 Appoints the 8on jndge of it- z. 05 8peeeh to the eelestials, on 8in and Death's entranee into

the world thereby x. 014

Prondse of their dissolution, and renovation of heaven

and earth x. 033

Charge to the Angels, teaehing the ehanges in the ereation on the taiL x. 040

Answ er to the 8on's intereea

sion on Adam's repentanee xL 45 8peeeh to the eelestials, eonvened at his deereeing his expulsion from Paradise.... xi. 84

To Miehael thereon - xi. 00

GOD the 8ON—8ee SOiV.
GOD, purity of adoration more
aeeeptable to him than

ritnal Lv. 730

All goed proeeeds from him... V. 400 To be eontemplated in his

works V. 010

Aets immediate vii. 170

Tbe eentre of heaven ix. 107

His absolute deerees xi. 311

Omnipresenee, goedness, Ae... xL 335

Partieular presenee x,l 48

To obey and love him, the sum of happiness and wisdom xii. 501-570

Gospel, how to be understoed... xii. 514 Irace uf Ged, man its objeet, and deviis eternally exelnded from R, why iiL 131

Man resists it at his perii iii. 108

Repentanee, a frnit of it xi. 22

li x 8pirit the eomfort of Liberty xii. 026

Gratitnde exerted diseharges its

debi iv. 05

Gunpowder, guns, Ae.. the original lnvention of the devii vi. 478,484

Diseharge deseribed vi. 584

Ham's story xii. 101

Heaven and earth, their final / xi. 000

renovation by fire { xii. 048

After-bappiness therein.... xii. 403,000 Heaven, i : ' joys. iii. 344

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l vIi. 120

Withont restraint, folly 1 vui. 188

(xii. 500
Rnowledge of future events, the

desire of it reprehended .... xi. 770
lts sum, the love and fear of

Ged xii. 557

In animal ereatures asserted viii. 373
8ee 8i mi lr s.

Lethe, a river of Hell R. fi82

Medusa the gnard of it tL 010

leviathan deseribed i. 201

Liberty, with its loss virtne lost xi. 707
Adam's fall the eause of its'

loss xiL 82

Lii,erty. the same with reason... xii. 83

Dwells with reason xii. 84

Life, the tree of it deseriiwd iv. 218

Where sitnated ix. 08

Life, long by temperanee xi. 031

lt.s great rule respeeting itself xi. 503

Light, hymu to it iii. 1

The first day's ereation, de-
seribed vii. 243

Lightuing, how predueed x. 1073

Limi10, or fool's Paradise, where 1ii. 405
Lion, a beast of prey, an effeet

of Adam's fall xi. 187

Lom\ eonjngal, its praises iv. 750

Distingnished from that of an

amour iv. 705

Consists in reason, not passion viii. 580

Trne, defined viii. 580

1n spirits eelestial viii. 020

8miies, the foed of love ix. 230

Founded in reason ix. 241

Lueifer. 8atan why so ealled x. 425

8ee 8aton.

Lust . earnal, ihe effeet of the fall ix. 1011

Mammon la fallen Angel1 i. 078

His speeeh in 8atan's eouneii ii. 220

Man, fallen, the objeet of graee iii. 130
Conseqnenees of his resisting

graee iii. 108

Redemption proposed by the

Father iii. 203

rndertaken by the 8on iii. 227

The 8on's merit.s imputative., iii. 200

Man ereated to repair the loss f iii. )W7

of the fallen Angela \ ix. 143

Hls ereation deseribed vii. 024

Dondnion over the rest vii. 020

Love to woman, how eonsist-
ent with his superiority viii. 5117

The whole ereation in iittle... ix. 100

Angels, his gnardians ix. 104

His superiority over the wo-
man given hin, hy Ged.... x. 145,105
Pursning his appetites, disfi-
gures not Ged's image, hut

his own xi. 521

Conforndty to the divine wiil

the trne end ot" his ereation xi. 003
Absolutc dondnion over his

brother man a usurpstion., xii. 04
Given him hy Ged only over

the inferior ereation xii. 07

Matehes eonjngal, the medern

eensured viii. 57

Respeeting the woman par-
tieularly x. 888

Medusa, the gnard of hethe iL 011

Merey, Ged's first and last at-

tribute iii. 132

Messiah prondsed x. 18l

The prondse explained | .jj'

Hls birth and kingdom de-
seribed xii. 300

Why ealled the seed of the

woman. xii. 370

Life and passion of. xii. 388

Resurreetion, and ndssion of

the Apostles xii. 420-445

Aseension, Ae xii. 451

Coming to jndgment. Ae... xii. 458, 543
8ee 8OJV of GOD.
Miehael appointed one of the

ehiefs of the eelestial army vi. 44

His prowess in the hattel vi. 250

8peeeh to 8atan, eneounter-
ing him vi. 202

The eomhat deseribed vi. 290-354

Wounds 8atan vi. 320

The re vol ten defeated vi. 410

Prepares to expel Adam from

Paradise . . xi. 120

His appearanee there xi. 238

8peeeh to Adam thereon xi. 251

Reply to Rve. lamenting their

expulsion xi. 280

To Adam, on the same sub-
jeet xi. 334

Diseovers to him lin vision1
what should happen untii

the Floed xi. 423-8117

The story of Cain and Abei.- xi. 420
Death, with Rs eauses and

veriety xi. 400

The state of the antediiuvian

world xi. 550

IIs eivii institutions xi. 038

The story of Enoeh xi. 004

Of Noah xi. 700

The flood xl 738

Ged's ,ovenant to destroy the

world no more by water xi. 802

Diseovers to him )relatively1
what should happen from
the floed to the general

resumption xii. 0-551

The patriarehal government., xii. 13

Nimred's tyrauny xii. 24

The bnilding and eonfusion

at Babel idL 38

The story of Ham xii. 101

Of Alraham and the Patri-
arebs xii. 113

Of lhe lsraeiites' bondage in
F-gypt . and deliveranee

thenee xii. 103

Of the settlement of their
eivii and saered eeonomy
in the wiiderness, and esta-
blishment in Canasn xii. 223

Of their various ritnal laws,

their reason, use. Ae sn. 200

Of their government by

Jndges and Rin^s xii. 320

Of their eaptivity in llabylon xiL 335
Of their return from thenee;
their after-di.M..nslons; the
birth and kingdom of the
Messiah xii. 340-371

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