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Note.--Relative to the Play from which the preceding extracts are taken, the Author received a highly complimentary letter from the Secretary of the Manchester Dranatic Reading Society, containing the following passage :

Second in order of merit was your admirable play of • Farce and Opera.' I am desired to express to you the committee's special obligation to you for your contribution, and to inform you that they hold the merits of your composition in high regard. In a few days I shall have the pleasure of handing you a testimonial for your satisfaction ou this head. It is the regret of the committee that the terms of the advertisement and the arrangements of the society do not admit of the selection of two dramas; had they, your play would have been the other chosen,

“ I am, yours, &c.
G. F. MANDLEY, Hon. Sec.


Now my sear fancy falls into “ the yellow

Leaf,” and imagination droops her pinion, And the sad truth which hovers o'er my desk Turns what was once romantic to burlesque.

[blocks in formation]

And if I laugh at any mortal thing,

'Tis that I may not weep.



Lines without a Subject.

You have asked for a verse; I'll compose for you

then; For I will not deny I'm a poet; But tho excellent verses have flowed from my pen, I assure you

few know it.

that very

Now then for the subject ; and what shall it be

By Jingo I'm thinking of many ; And yet from them all can't pick one,- let me see!

Suppose I should do without any.

And since I have finished two verses so well,

Jumping into another so splendid; Hope bids me go on, and to nobody tell

How elated I am that it's ended.

On completing a third people always begin

their ideas for another; But since


ideas no order are in, The whole verse in oblivion we'll smother ;

Commence at a fifth ; and if I could make

It as good as the ones that preceded ; Why then to myself all the merit I'll take,

And think I have right well succeeded.

Farewell ! now 'tis done; and can any one say

That 'tis bad, or ’mong poets not rank me ; Put it down in your Scrap-book, and some other day

When we meet, why then surely you'll thank me.

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