Willelmi Malmesbiriensis Monachi Gesta Regum Anglorum,: atque Historia novella, المجلد 2

الغلاف الأمامي
Sumptibus Societatis., 1840

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الصفحة 423 - Thus the resources of a province,* once flourishing, and the nurse of tyrants, were cut off by fire, slaughter, and devastation ; the ground, for more than sixty miles, totally uncultivated and unproductive, remains bare to the present day.
الصفحة 547 - The place of his birth, as well as the condition of his mother Helena, have been the subject, not only of literary, but of national disputes. Notwithstanding the recent tradition, which...
الصفحة 709 - ... donee pastor canonice substituatur. Omnes exactiones et injustitias et mescheningas, sive per vicecomites vel per alios quoslibet male inductas, funditus exstirpo. Bonas leges et antiquas et justas consuetudines, in murdris et placitis et alus causis, observabo, et observan praecipio, et constituo.
الصفحة 538 - Hie superum formas superi mirantur et ipsi, Et cupiunt fictis vultibus esse pares. Non potuit natura deos hoc ore creare Quo miranda deum signa creavit homo. Vultus adest his numinibus, potiusque coluntur Artificum studio quam deitate sua. Urbs felix, si vel dominis urbs ilia careret, Vel dominis esset turpe carere fide.
الصفحة 669 - Haec omnia acta sunt consensu et consilio principum quorum nomina subscripta sunt: Adelbertus archiepiscopus Mogontinus, F. Coloniensis archiepiscopus, H. Ratisbonensis episcopus, O.
الصفحة 548 - Lycus, formed by the conflux of two little streams, pours into the harbour a perpetual supply of fresh water, which serves to cleanse the bottom and to invite the periodical shoals of fish to seek their retreat in that convenient recess. As the vicissitudes of...
الصفحة 543 - Damasus papa dcposilus est, etc. Inter viam Appiam et Ostiensem est via Ardeatina, ubi sunt Marcus et Marcellianus, et ibi jacet Damasus papa in sua ecclesia (v, De Rossi, Roma sotterranea, i. pp. 180-181). (772-795) it had already been placed in the church of S. Lorenzo in Damaso, where it is still venerated.1 It is probable, therefore, that the body was transferred from the Via Ardeatina to the interior of Rome in the Pontificate of Paul I. (757-767).
الصفحة 412 - Confessor ; afterwards it is said, "vastatum fuit;" and then follows the value at the time of the survey. The situation of those manors evidently shows their devastated state to have been owing to the army marching over it ; and this clearly evinces another circumstance relating to the invasion, which is, that William did not land his army at one particular spot, — at Bulverhithe or Hastings, as is supposed, — but at all the several proper places for landing along the coast from Bexhill to \Vinchelsea.
الصفحة 439 - He sprang from a race of valvassors, or bannerets, of the diocese of the Coutances, in lower Normandy ; the castle of Hauteville was their honourable seat ; his father Tancred was conspicuous in the court and army of the duke ; and his military service was furnished by ten soldiers or knights.
الصفحة 538 - Expendere duces thesauros, fata favorem, Artifices studium, totus et orbis opes. Urbs cecidit de qua si quicquam dicere dignum Moliar, hoc potero dicere : Roma fuit.

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