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Shame on the heartless, on the selfish wight,
Can tread thy shore, and cast abroad his eye
On thy vast regions, bless'd in freedom's light,
In active, peaceful, happy industry;
Can walk amid thy race of free-born men,
Whose fathers broke the stubborn tyrant's rod,
And taught the truth, none will unlearn again,
That man hath no superior but his God.
Shame on the wretch can tread thy sacred shore,
And feel no generous thoughts expand his mind;
Can speak thy name, and think thy story o'er,
Nor bless thee in the name of all mankind !
Ay, young America ! earth owes to thee,
If now, through all her vast and varied climes,
Aught better, nobler, 'mong her tribes she see,
Than suffering slaves, and tyrants working crimes.
Thy cry of freedom first poor Gallia heard,
And shook her chains, and burst them at one bound;
Then all the tribes of mighty Andes stirr'd,
Till e'en the slumbering Spaniard caught the sound.
And when all earth shall hear the stunning call,
And all her myriads range 'neath freedom's wings ;
When from her peoples the last chains shall fall,
With the last iron sceptre of her kings-
Then shall the nations turn their eyes to thee;
To thee, America! whose youthful mind
Had strength to brave the laws of tyranny,
And point the way of truth to all mankind :
Then shall they bless thy Congress, firmly great,
Who made appeal to men and heaven's Lord,
When they in solemn council fearless sat,
Declar'd their nation's rights, and drew the sword:
Then shall they write upon the door of fame
Thy Franklin, the pure patriot and the sage,
And Jefferson, and many a stainless name,
Whose virtues live within thy history's page:
Then shall they read, with sympathizing pride,
How thy firm Washington the cause upstaid,
With equal mind, did good or ill betide,
Unaw'd by danger, or by faction sway'd.
But hark! what clamour makes the battling wind !
Ocean and heaven mix in wild uproar;
The raving deep in mountains rolls behind,
And storm and tempest point our track before.
Farewell ! Farewell! Kindly I'll think on thee,
Land of the West ! and so may'st thou retain,
In some warm hearts, kind memory of me,
A cheerless pilgrim of the stormy main.

F. W.

** The answers to the Queries of D. F. are unavoidably post

poned for a future number.

The Art. IV. of our last number, contains what has been con

sidered an unfriendly criticism upon the Army. The passage alluded to was not published exactly as was intended—but it would be useless to give an erratum, with the correction, now. In a second edition of the first numbers (which are to be reprinted) the correction will be embraced. The force and general applicability of the passage, as it stands, escaped the editor, in the multiplicity of his business, and he is assured that the writer himself did not intend to convey the general censure which the words fairly warrant. It is sincerely regretted that any expression injurious to our military establishment, should be understood to proceed from a work, which will so cheerfully support the permanent interests of the service.


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