Pennsylvania, the keystone: a short history

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Christopher Sower Company, 1914 - 316 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 287 - There was a pause. A guardsman said : " We storm the forts to-morrow ; Sing while we may, another day Will bring enough of sorrow." They lay along the battery's side, Below the smoking cannon : Brave hearts, from Severn and from Clyde, And from the banks of Shannon. They sang of love, and not of fame ; Forgot was Britain's glory ; Each heart recalled a different name, But all sang
الصفحة 88 - A school or schools shall be established in each county by the legislature for the convenient instruction of youth, with such salaries to the masters paid by the public as may enable them to instruct youth at low prices: And all useful learning shall be duly encouraged and promoted in one or more universities.
الصفحة 286 - the soldiers cried, The outer trenches guarding, When the heated guns of the camps allied Grew weary of bombarding. The dark Redan, in silent scoff, Lay grim and threatening under; And the tawny mound of the Malakoff No longer belched its thunder. There was a pause. A guardsman said: " We storm the forts to-morrow ; Sing while we may, another day Will bring enough of sorrow.
الصفحة 280 - Twas early day, as poets say, Just when the sun was rising, A soldier stood on a log of wood, And saw a thing surprising. As in amaze he stood to gaze, The truth can't be denied, sir, He spied a score of kegs or more Come floating down the tide, sir. A sailor, too, in jerkin blue, This strange appearance viewing, First damn'd his eyes, in great surprise, Then said,
الصفحة 285 - Cavalry, charge!" Not a man of them shrank. Their sharp, full cheer, from rank on rank. Rose joyously, with a willing breath, — Rose like a greeting hail to death. Then forward they sprang, and spurred, and clashed ; Shouted the officers...
الصفحة 283 - In face of death he dared to fling Defiance to a tyrant king. Even as he spoke, his frame, renewed In eloquence of attitude, Rose, as it seemed, a shoulder higher ; Then swept his kindling glance of fire From startled pew to breathless choir ; When suddenly his mantle wide His hands impatient flung aside, And, lo ! he met their wondering eyes Complete in all a warrior's guise. A moment there was awful pause, — When Berkley cried, " Cease, traitor ! cease ! God's temple is the house of peace...
الصفحة 283 - He spoke of wrongs too long endured, Of sacred rights to be secured; Then from his patriot tongue of flame The startling words for Freedom came. The stirring sentences he spake Compelled the heart to glow or quake, And, rising on his theme's broad wing, And grasping in his nervous...
الصفحة 282 - A hundred men, with each a pen, Or more, upon my word, sir, It is most true, would be too few, Their valor to record, sir. " Such feats did they perform that day Against these wicked kegs, sir, That, years to come, if they get home, They'll make their boasts and brags, sir.
الصفحة 281 - The rebels — more's the pity, "Without a boat are all afloat, "And rang'd before the city. "The motley crew, in vessels new, " With Satan for their guide, sir. "Pack'd up in bags, or wooden kegs, "Come driving down the tide, sir. "Therefore prepare for bloody war, "These kegs must all be routed, "Or surely we despised shall be, "And British courage doubted.
الصفحة 143 - But if this country cannot be saved without giving up that principle, I was about to say I would rather be assassinated on this spot than surrender it Now, in my view of the present aspect of affairs, there is no need of bloodshed and war.

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