Canada Lancet, المجلد 21

الغلاف الأمامي
Lancet Publishing Company, 1889

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الصفحة 64 - Manual of Chemistry. A Guide to Lectures and Laboratory work for Beginners in Chemistry. A Text-book, specially adapted for Students of Pharmacy and Medicine. By W. SIMON, PH. D., MD, Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, and Professor of Chemistry in the Maryland College of Pharmacy.
الصفحة 203 - To keep a privy-vault disinfected during the progress of an epidemic, sprinkle chloride of lime freely over the surface of its contents daily. Or, if the odor of chlorine is objectionable, apply daily four or five gallons of Standard Solution No.
الصفحة 201 - Disinfection of Excreta, etc. The infectious character of the dejections of patients suffering from cholera and from typhoid fever is well established; and this is true of mild cases and of the earliest stages of these diseases as well as of severe and fatal cases. It is probable that epidemic dysentery, tuberculosis, and perhaps diphtheria, yellow fever, scarlet fever, and typhus fever, may also be transmitted by means of the alvine discharges of the sick. It is, therefore, of fhe first importance...
الصفحة 201 - The object of disinfection is to prevent the extension of infectious diseases by destroying the specific infectious material which gives rise to them.
الصفحة 155 - Every dead body must be accompanied by a person In charge, who must be provided with a ticket, and also present a full first-class ticket marked "Corpse...
الصفحة 368 - Masiich. . >£ gr. m Ft. one pill. Lady Webster Dinner Pills. This is an excellent combination officially designated as Aloes and Mastich, USP We take very great pleasure in asking physicians to prescribe them more liberally, as they are very excellent as an aperient for persons of full habit or gouty tendency when given in doses of one pill after dinner.
الصفحة 368 - DOSE— A heaping teaspoonful in half a glass of water, to be repeated once after an interval of thirty minutes, if necessary.
الصفحة 144 - A solution of 1 : 500. For the destruction of infectious material which owes its infecting power to the presence of micro-organisms not containing spores, the committee recommends, — 1. Fire. Complete destruction by burning. 2. Boiling in water half an hour. 3. Dry heat, 110° C. (230° Fahr.) for two hours. 4. Chloride of lime, I to 4 per cent, solution.
الصفحة 200 - FOR MERCHANDISE AND THE MAILS.* The disinfection of merchandise and of the mails will only be required under exceptional circumstances; free aeration will usually be sufficient. If disinfection seems necessary, fumigation with sulphur dioxide, as recommended for woolen clothing, etc., will be the only practicable method of accomplishing it.

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