Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow, المجلد 12

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الصفحة 171 - To chase these pagans in those holy fields Over whose acres walked those blessed feet Which fourteen hundred years ago were nailed For our advantage on the bitter cross...
الصفحة 208 - How good is man's life, the mere living ! how fit to employ All the heart and the soul and the senses forever in joy...
الصفحة 181 - A far-projecting, firm basaltic way Of clustering columns wedged in dense array; With skill so like, yet so surpassing art, With such design, so just in every part, That reason pauses, doubtful if it stand The work of mortal, or immortal hand.
الصفحة 129 - Council for the purpose. 2. At the annual meeting the Council shall present a report of the proceedings of the Society during the past year, and the treasurer shall present his annual report. CHAPTER V. MONTHLY AND SPECIAL MEETINGS. 1. The Society, unless it is at any time specially ordered otherwise by the Council, shall hold a stated meeting for the transaction of business on the second Monday of each month except July, August, September...
الصفحة 211 - But I should turn mine ears and hear The moanings of the homeless sea, The sound of streams that swift or slow Draw down ^Eonian hills, and sow The dust of continents to be ; And Love would answer with a sigh, ' The sound of that forgetful shore Will change my sweetness more and more. Half-dead to know that I shall die.
الصفحة 241 - Handbook on the Natural History of Glasgow and the West of Scotland, prepared by AA Dalglish.
الصفحة 248 - On a Volcanic Series associated with the Schists of North Glen Sannox, Arran.
الصفحة 183 - we felt convinced, while examining the spot, that the rock was no other than the slate-clay of the lias formation in an indurated state." In 1814 Dr. Buckland visited, in conjunction with Mr. Greenough, an insulated group of rocks of slate and greenstone in Cumberland and Westmoreland, on the east side of Appleby, and his paper describing them was read March 23, 1815.
الصفحة 172 - Wherein of antres vast and deserts idle, Rough quarries, rocks, and hills whose heads touch heaven, It was my hint to speak, — such was the process: And of the Cannibals that each other eat, The Anthropophagi, and men whose heads Do grow beneath their shoulders.
الصفحة 130 - The Council may at any time call a Special General Meeting ; and they shall at all times be bound to do so on the written requisition of ten Members, specifying the nature of the business to be transacted. Notice of the time and place of such Meeting shall be sent to the Members at least fourteen days previously, mentioning the subject to be brought forward ; and no other business shall be introduced at such Meeting.

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