Universal geography, or A description of all the parts of the world

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الصفحة 282 - America demands, the means of acting in conformity with those sentiments; and engages, moreover, to prohibit his subjects from carrying on the slave trade, for the purpose of supplying any islands or possessions, excepting those appertaining to Spain ; and to prevent, by effectual measures and regulations, the protection of the Spanish flag being given to foreigners who may engage in this traffic, whether subjects of his Britannic Majesty, or of any other state or power.
الصفحة 30 - ... then deposited in a separate layer. Sometimes the two crystallizations seem to choose separate localities in insulated parts of the same lake. ! This curious valley is only inhabited by Greek monks. Their four convents are at once their fortresses and their prisons. They subsist on a small quantity of leguminous seeds. The vegetation in these valleys has a wild and dreary aspect. The palms are mere bushes, and bear no fruit. Caravans come to this place in quest of natron.
الصفحة 283 - May, 1820, and that, from and after that period, it shall not be lawful for any of the subjects of the crown of Spain to purchase slaves, or to carry on the slave trade, on any part of the coast of Africa, upon any pretext or in any manner whatever...
الصفحة 267 - There is no God but God, and Mahomet is his prophet." This profession once uttered, concludes the business. Several negro slaves brought from the Banda country have the teeth much pointed ; the wounds which they inflict in biting are difficult to heal ; and their masters take the precaution of blunting them with a file.
الصفحة 77 - This monstrous production consists of a virgin head joined to the body of a quadruped. The body is principally formed out of the solid rock ; the paws are of masonry, extending forward fifty feet from the body ; between the paws are several sculptured tablets, so arranged as to form a small temple, and further forward, a square altar with horns.
الصفحة 26 - On the very banks the slime is mixed with much sand, which it loses in proportion as it is carried farther from the river, so that at a certain distance it consists almost entirely of pure argil.
الصفحة 281 - Ximenes, during the minority of Charles the Fifth, the establishment of a regular commerce in the persons of the native Africans. "The Cardinal, however, with a foresight, a benevolence, and a justice, which will always do honour to his memory, rejected the proposal ; not only judging it to be unlawful to consign innocent people to slavery at all, but to be very inconsistent to deliver the inhabitants of one country from a state of misery by consigning it to those of another. Ximenes, therefore,...
الصفحة 476 - ... found if miners were employed to open the sepulchral caverns which are cut in the rock on the eastern slope of the Peak, between Arico and Guimar. These mummies are in a state of desiccation so singular, that whole bodies, with their integuments, frequently do not weigh above six or seven pounds ; or a third less than the skeleton of an individual of the same size, recently stripped of the muscular flesh. The conformation of the skull has some slight resemblance to that of the white race of the...
الصفحة 46 - Egypt differ not much from those of Europe. He saw the Egyptian swan, represented in all the temples of Upper Egypt, both in sculptures and in coloured paintings, and entertains no doubt that this bird was the...
الصفحة 476 - ... that the entire body, covered with its integuments, does not often weigh more than six or seven pounds; that is, a third less than the skeleton of an individual of the same size, recently cleared of its muscles. The cranium, in its form, has some resemblance to that of the white race of the...

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