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the famous town of Mansoul filled with the tramplings of the inhabitants thereof, who went up thither to view the approach of the blessed prince and his royal army. Also the casements, win. dows, balconies, and tops of the houses, were all now filled with persons of all sorts, to behold how their town was to be filled with good,

Now when he was come so far into the town as to the recorder's house, he commanded that one should go to Captain Credence, to know whether the castle of Mansoul was prepared to entertain his royal presence (for the preparation of that was left to that captain) and word was brought that it was, Acts xv. 9. Then was Captain Credence commanded also to come forth with his power to meet the prince; which was done as he had commanded, and he conducted him into the castle, Eph. ii. 17. This done, the prince that night lodged in the castle with his mighty captains and men of war, to the joy of the town of Mansoul.. Now the next care of the townsfolk was, how

the captainsand soldiers ofthe prince's The townsmen covet who shall army should be quartered among have most of the them; and the care was, not how soldiers belong. they should shift their hands of them,

pames, but how they should fill their houses with them: for every man in Mansoul now had that esteem of Immanuel and his men, that nothing grieved them more, than because they were not enlarged enough, every one of them, to receive the whole army of the prince ; yea, they counted it their glory to be waiting upon them, and would in those days run at their bidding like lacqueys. At last they came to this result:

8 Captain Credence was to prepare the castle for Immanuel in scripture words— purifying their heart by faith," Acts xv. 9.


Immanud enkring Iriumphantly into Mansoul, is resived into the Castle Ay Captain Credenal.

Published by W. Britton de son, Paternoster Row London.



1. That Captain Innocency should quarter at How they were

ere Mr. Reason's. quartered in the 2. That Captain Patience should town of Man- quarter at Mr. Mind's. This Mr.

Mind was formerly the Lord Will-bewill's clerk in the time of the rebellion.

3. It was ordered that Captain Charity should quarter in Mr. Affection's house.

4. That Captain Good-hope should quarter at my lord-mayor's. Now for the house of the recorder, himself desired, because his house was next to the castle, and because from him it was ordered by the prince, that, if need be, the alarm should be given to Mansoul: it was, I say, desired by him, that Captain Boanerges and Captain Conviction should take up their quarters with him, even they and all their men.

5. As for Captain Judgment and Captain Execution, my Lord Will-be-will took them and their men to him, because he was to rule under the prince for the good of the town of Mansoul now, as he had done before under the tyrant Diabolus for the hurt and damage thereof. Rom. vi. 19. Eph. iii. 17.

6. And throughout the rest of the town were quartered the rest of Immanuel's forces; but Captain Credence, with his men, abode still in the castle. So the prince, his captains, and his soldiers, were lodged in the town of Mansoul '. Now the ancients and elders of the town of

in. Mansoul thought that they never famed with should have enough of the prince their prince Immanuel ; his person, his actions, Immanuel. his words, and behaviour, were so pleasing, so taking, so desireable to them. Wherefore they prayed him, that though the castle of Mansoul was his place of residence (and they desired that he might dwell there for ever) yet that he would often visit the streets, houses, and people of Mansoul; for, said they, dread sovereign! thy presence, thy looks, thy smiles, thy words, are the life, strength, and sinews of the town of Mansoul.

9 Much judgment is displayed in this distribution of the soldiers, particularly in quartering Boanerges and Conviction in the house of Conscience.


Besides this, they craved that they might have, without difficulty or interruption, continual access unto him ; so for that very purpose he comThey have ac- 'manded that the gates should stand cess unto him. open, that they might there see the manner of his doings, the fortifications of the place, and the royal mansion-house of the prince.

When he spáke, they all stopped their mouths, They learn and gave audience; and when he walkof him. ed, it was their delight to imitate him in his goings.

Now upon a time Immanuel made a feast for the town of Mansoul; and upon the feasting-day, the townsfolk were come to the castle to partake of his banquet. And he feasted them with all manner of outlandish food; food that grew not in the fields of Mansoul, nor in all the whole kingdom of Universe. It was food that came from his FaPromise after ther's court, and so there was dish promise after dish set before them, and they were commanded freely to eat. But still, when a fresh dish was set before them, they would, whisperingly, say to each other, "What is it?” Brave enter- for they wist not what to call it, Exod. tainment. xvi. 15. They drank also of the 'water that was made wine ; and were very merry, with him. There was music also all the while at the table, and man did eat angels food, and had honey given him out of the rock; so Mansoul did eat the food that was peculiar to the court, yea,

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