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that were

they had now thereof to the full. Psalm lxxviii. 24, 25.

I must not forget to tell you, that as at this table there were musicians, so they were not those of the country, nor yet of the town of Mansoul; but they were the masters of the songs sung at the court of Shaddai '. Now after the feast was over Immanuel was

for entertaining the town with some curiRiddles.

ous riddles of secrets drawn up by his father's secretary, by the wisdom and skill of Shaddai ; the like to these there are not in any kingdom.

The riddles were made upon king Shaddai The holy scrip- himself, and upon Immanuel his son,

and upon his wars and doings with Mansoul. Immanuel also expounded unto them some of those riddles himself; but oh how they were lightened! They saw what they never saw before, they could not have thought that such rarities could have bcen couched in so few and such ordinary words. I told you before, whom these riddles did concern; and as they were opened, the people evidently saw it was so.

Yea, they gathered, that the things themselves were a kind of portraiture, and that of Immanuel himself; for when they read in the scheme where the riddles were writ, and looked in the face of the prince, things looked so like one to the other, that Mansoul could not forbear but say, This is the lamb, this is the sacrifice, this is the rock, this is the red


10. This is the gospel-feast—a feast of fat things—meat indeed, and drink indeed ! not the produce of nature, but im• ported from heaven. The music also is heavenly; not the song of frothy vanity, but such as saints and angels sing before the throne; the word of Christ, in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

cow, this is the door, and this is the way ; with a great many other things more".

And thus he dismissed the town of Mansoul. The end of that But can you imagine how the peobanquet. ple of the corporation were taken with his entertainment? Oh, they were transported with joy, they were drowned with wonder, while they saw, and understood, and considered what their Immanuel entertained them withal, and what mysteries he opened to them ; and when they were at home in their houses, and in their most retired places, they could not but sing of him and of his actions. Yea, so taken were the townsmen now with their prince, that they would sing of him in their sleep. Now it was in the heart of the prince Immanuel

to new-model the town of Mansoul, Mansoul must

and to put it into such a condition as delled.

might be most pleasing to him, and that might best stand with the profit and security of the now flourishing town of Mansoul. He provided also against insurrections at home, and invasions abroad : such love had he for the famous town of Mansoul 12. Wherefore he first of all commanded, that the

great slings, that were brought from his father's court when he came to the

town of Mansoul, should be mounted, some upon the battlements of the castle, some

be new mo

The instruments of war mounted.

11 The riddles seem to refer chiefly to the types of Christ, which abound in the scriptures, which are full of divine entertainment to gracious and enlightened souls. The very portraiture of Jesus is seen in them; meditation on these adds greatly to the delight of the gospel feast.

12 The soul of man, when converted to God, “ must be new-modelled,” “old' things must pass away, all things be made new."


ppon the towers; for there were towers in the town of Mansoul, towers new built by Immanuel since he came thither. There was also an instru

ment invented by Immanuel, that A nameless terrible instru- was to throw stones from the castle of ment in Man- Mansoul, out at Mouth-gate ; an insoul,

strument that could not be resisted, nor that could miss of execution ; wherefore, for the wonderful exploits that it did when used, it went without a name; and it was committed to the care of, and to be managed by, that brave captain, the Captain Credence, in case of war 13 Will-be-Will This done, Immanuel called the Lord promoted. Will-be-will to him, and gave him in commandment to take care of the gates, the wall, and towers in Mansoul: also the prince gave him the militia into his hand, and a special charge to withstand all insurrections and tumults that might be made in Mansoul against the peace of our lord the king, and the peace and tranquillity of the town of Mansoul.

He also gave him in commis. sion, that if he found any of the Diabolonians lurking in any corner of the famous town of Mansoul, he should forthwith apprehend them and slay them, or commit them to safe custody, that they may be proceeded against according to law.

Then he called unto him the Lord UnderstandMy lord-mayoring, who was the old lord-mayor, he put into place. that was put out of place when Diabolus took the town, and put him into his former office again, and it became his place for his lifetime. He bid him also build it in fashion like a tower for a defence. He bid him also read in the

13 This nameless engine, placed at Mouth-gate, is prayer ; its power is wonderful beyond description, and therefore it went without a name; no name can sufficiently describe the vse and power of prayer. Matt. xxi. 22.


revelations of mysteries all the days of his life, that he might know how to perform his office aright.

He also made Mr. Knowledge the recorder, Mr. Knowledge not of contempt to old Mr. Conscimade recorder. ence, who had been recorder before ; but for that it was in his princely mind to confer upon Mr. Conscience another employ; of which he told the old gentleman he should know more hereafter. Then he commanded that the image of Diabolus

should be taken down from the place The image of the prince and where it was set up; and that they his father set up should utterly destroy it, beating it in Mansoul.

into powder, and casting it into the wind, without the town-wall; and that the image of Shaddai his father should be set up again, with his own, upon the castle-gates; and that it should be more fairly drawn than ever, forasmuch as both his father and himself were come to Mansoul in more grace and mercy than heretofore, Rev. xxii. 4. He would also that his name should be done on the best of gold, for the honour of Mansoul".

14 The understanding is re-instated in its proper and original office as chief magistrate of the town, and for his direction, is ordered to study the scriptures, for it is thus the understanding must be informed. Knowledge, the knowledge of God in Christ, is to bear sway, another office being appointed for Mr. Conscience; the image of Satan is now to be utterly destroyed, and that of God renewed in the soul.

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