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nor of his loyalty to his prince, as will afterwards appear 21.

Now when the children of Prudent-thrifty who dwelt with Mr. Mind, (for Thrift left children with Mr. Mind, when he was also committed to prison, and their names were Gripe and Rake-all, these he begat of Mr. Mind's bastard daughter whose

name was Mrs. Hold-fast-bad,) I say, Mr. Mind plays when his children perceived how the

14 Lord Will-be-will had served them that dwelt with him, what do they but (lest they should drink of the same cup) endeavour to make their escape. But Mr. Mind being wary of it, took them, and put them in hold in his house till morning, (for this was done over-night,) and remembering that by the law of Mansoul all Diabolonians were to die (and to be sure they were at least by father's side such, and some say by mother's side too;) what does he, but takes them, and puts them in chains, and carries them to the self-same place where my lord hanged his two be. fore, there he hanged them. The townsmen also took great encouragement at this act of Mr. Mind, and did what they could to have taken some more of these diabolonian troublers of Mansoul; but at that time the rest lay so close, that they could not be apprehended; so they set against them a diligent watch, and went every man to his place 22.

21 The world pleads hard for gaiety and freedom of behaviour between the sexes; dancing and other amusements are calculated to promote them. But experience, painful experience, and careful observation, prove their danger. Avoid the appear, ance of evil, and every approach towards it. The gracious will determines on the destruction of carnal jollity and frolic. In this way alone young persons will find their safety; and this act of mortification will please Christ, and dismay the enemy.

22 Covetousness, under whatever name it assumes, must be mortified, for it is of the devil.

I told you a little before, that Diabolus and his army were somewhat abashed and discouraged at the sight of what my Lord Will-be-will did, when he hanged up those iwo young Diabolonians ; but his discouragement quickly turned itself into furious madness and rage against the town of Mansoul, and fight it he would. Also the townsmen and captains within had their hopes and expectation heightened, believing at last the day would be their's, so they feared them the less. Their subordinate preacher too made a sermon about it, and took that theme for his text, “ Gad, a troop shall overcome him, but he shall overcome at the last.” Whence he shewed, that though Mansoul should be sorely put to it at the first, yet the victory should most certainly be Mansoul's at the last, Gen. xlix. 19 %.

So Díabolus commanded that his drummer should beat a charge against the town, and the captains also that were in the town sounded a charge against them, but they had no drum, they were trumpets of silver with which they sounded against them.

. Then they which were of the camp

of Diabolus came down to the town gins between Mansoul and the to take it, and the captains in the army of Diabo. castle, with the slingers at Mouth

gate, played upon them amain. And now there was nothing heard in the camp of Diabolus but horrible rage and blasphemy ; but in the town good words, prayer, and singing of psalms. The enemy replied with horrible objections, and the terribleness of their drum ; but the town made answer with the slapping of their slings, and the

The battle be.


23 This was arguing wisely, and thus should the christian encourage himself in the Lord his God, when assaulted by an ar. my of Doubters.

melodious noise of their trumpets. And thus the fight lasted for several days together, only now.' and-then they had some small intermission, in which the townsmen refreshed themselves, and the captains made ready for another assault.

The captains of Immanuel were clad in silver armour, and the soldiers in that which was of proof; the soldiers of Diabolus were clad in iron, which was made to give place to Immanuel's engine shot. In the town some were hurt, and some were greatly wounded. Now the worst of it was, a surgeon was scarce in Mansoul, for that Immanuel at this time was absent, Rev. xxii. 2. Ps. xxxviii. 5. Howbeit, with the leaves of a tree the wounded were kept from dying, yet their wounds greatly Who of Man. putrified, and somedid grievously stink. soul were Of the townsmen these were wounded, wounded. to wit, my Lord Reason, he was wounded in the head. Another that was wounded, was the brave lord-mayor; he was wounded in the eye. Another that was wounded, was Mr. Mind; he received his wound about the stomach. The ho

nest subordinate preacher also received Hopeful

a shot not far off the heart, but none of thoughts.

these were mortal. Many also of the inferior sort were not only wounded, but slain outright. Now in the camp of Diabolus were wounded and slain a considerable number: for instance, Who in the Captain Rage was wounded, and so camp of Diabo- was Captain Cruel. Captain Damlus were wound- nation was made to retreat, and in

and slain. trench himself further off of Mansoul; the standard also of Diabolus was beaten down, and his standard-bearer, Captain Much-hurt, had his brains beat out with a sling-stone, to the no little grief and shame of his prince Diabolus.

Many also of the Doubters were slain outright, though enough of them were left alive to make The victory Mansoul shake and totter. Now the turned that day victory that day being turned to Manto Mansoul, &c. soul, put great valour into the townsmen and captains, and covered Diabolus's camp with a cloud, but withal it made them far more furious. So the next day Mansoul rested, and commanded that the bells should be rung, the trumpets also joyfully sounded, and the captains shouted round the town 24.

My Lord Will-be-will also was not idle, but did notable service within against the domestics, or the Diabolonians, that were in the town, not only by keeping of them in awe; for he lighted on one at last whose name was Mr. Any-thing, a fellow of

a will whom mention was made before, for be-will taketh it was he, if you remember, that one Any-thing, brought the three fellows to Diabolus, and one Loose

e whom the Diabolonians took out of

el foot, and committeth them to' Captain Boanerges's companies, and ward. that persuaded them to list themselves under the tyrant, to fight against the army of Shaddai ; my Lord Will-be-will also took a notable Diabolonian, whose name was Loose-foot ; this Loose-foot was a scout to the vagabonds in Mansoul, and used to carry tidings out of Mansoul to the camp, and out of the camp to those of the enemies in Mansoul; both these my lord sent away safe to Mr, Trueman the gaoler, with a commandment to keep them in irons; for he intended then to have them out to be crucified, when it would be for the best to the corporation, and most for the discouragement of the camp of the enemies 25.

24 By this battle we may understand the conflict that often takes place between faith and unbelief. The believer may be wounded, but shall not be slain.

My Lord-mayor also, though he could not stir about so much as formerly, because of the wound that he had lately received, yet gave he out orders to all that were the natives of Mansoul, to look to their watch, and stand upon their guard, and, as occasion shall offer, to prove themselves men. Mr. Conscience the preacher also did his utmost to keep all his good documents alive upon the hearts of the people of Mansoul.

.25 Any-thing means indifference about religion-a conformity, or opposition to it, as convenience requires. Loose-foot, may signify a careless walk and conversation.

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