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to wit, over the Mocking and Scorning Blood-men; his standard-bearer bore the red colours, and his scutcheon was one mocking at Abraham's Isaac, Gen. xxi. 9, 10.

4. Captain Esau was captain over two bands, to wit, the Blood-men that grudged that another should have the blessing; also over the Blood-men that are for executing their private revenge upon others; his standard-bearer bore the red colours, and his scutcheon was one privately lurking to murder Jacob, Gen. xxvii. 42, 43, 44, 45.

5. Captain Saul was captain over two bands, to wit, the Groundlessly Jealous and the Devilishly Furious Blood-men; his standard-bearer bore the red colours, and his scutcheon was three bloody darts cast at harmless David, 1 Sam. xviii. 11.

6. Captain Absalom was captain over two bands, to wit, over the Blood-men that will kill a father or a friend, for the glory of this world; also over those Blood-men that hold one fair in hand with words, till they shall have pierced him with their swords; his standard-bearer bore the red colours, and his scutcheon was the son pursuing the father's blood, 2 Sam. xv. 13, 14. xvii. 16.

7. Captain Judas was over two bands, to wit, the Blood-men that will sell a man's life for

money, and those also that will betray their friend with a kiss; his standard-bearer bore the red colours, and his scutcheon was thirty pieces of silver, and the halter, Matt. xxvi. 14, 15, 16.

8. Captain Pope was captain over one band, for all these spirits are joined in one under him ; his standard-bearer bore the red colours, and his scutcheon was the stake, the flame, and the good man in it, Rev. xiii. 7,8. Dan. xi. 33*.

2 The names of some ancient persecutors and oppressors are here mentioned, beginning with Cain, the first blood-man, and Now the reason why Diabolus so soon rallied another force after he had been beaten out of the field, was, for that he put mighty confidence in this army of Blood-men, for be put a great deal of more trust in them than he did before in his army of Doubters, though they had also often done great service for him

in the strengthening of him in bis kingdom. But those Blood-men he had often proved, and their sword seldom returned empty. Besides, he knew that these, like mastiffs, would fasten upon any; upon father, mother, brother, sister, prince, or governor, yea, upon the prince of princes. And that which encouraged him the more was, for that they once forced Immanuel out of the kingdom of Universe ; and why, thought he, may they not drive him from the town of Mansouls?

So this army of five-and-twenty thousand strong, Lord Incredu

was by their general the great Lord lity leads the Incredulity, led up against the town army of Blood- of Mansoul. Now Mr. Prywell, the

scout-master-general, went out to spy, and he brought Mansoul tidings of their coming. Wherefore they shut up their gates, and put themselves in a posture of defence against these new Diabolonians that came up against the town.

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So Diabolus brought up his army, and beleaguered the town of Mansoul; the Doubters ending with his Holiness of Rome, who has been in these later ages, the most bloody scourge of the true church of God.

3 Diabolus, with no small cause, puts much confidence in bloody, persecutors, for their rage has seldom been in vain. Though the true disciples of Christ have been enabled to stand their ground; a great multitude of professors become apostates through fear of death. Satan also well remembers that his Jewish blood-men prevailed (by divine permission) to force Immanuel himself out of the world. Incredulity is deservedly put at the head of this army.


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were placed about Feel-gate, and the Blood-men set down before Eye-gate and Ear-gate.

Now when this army had thus encamped themselves, Incredulity, in the name of Diabolus, in

his own name, and in the name of the The town sum- Blood-men and the rest that were moned by Incredulity to sure with him, sent a summons as hot as render to Dia- a red hot iron to Mansoul, to yield to bolus.

their demands, threatening, that if they still stood it out against them, they would presently burn down Mansoul with fire. For you must know, that as for the Blood-men, they were not so much that Mansoul should be surrendered, as that Mansoul should be destroyed, and cut off out of the land of the living. True, they sent to them to surrender ; but should they so do, that would not quench the thirsts of these men: they must have blood, the blood of Mansoul, else they die; and it is from hence that they have their name. Wherefore these Blood-men he reserved while now, that they might, when all his engines proved ineffectual, as his last and sure card be played against the town of Mansoul, Psalm xxix. -10. Isa. lix. 7. Isa. xxii. 174.

Now when the townsmen had received this redhot summons, it begat in them at present some changing and interchanging thoughts; but they jointly agreed in less than half an hour, to carry the summons to the prince, which they did when they had writ at the bottom of it, Lord, save Mansoul from bloody men, Psalm lix. 2.

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* Persecution will be satisfied with nothing less than the utter destruction of the christian. Even a surrender will not suffice, as some too-yielding professors have found to their cost; witness good Archbishop Cranmer who recanted through fear, and yet was put to death by the bloody Papists.

So he took it, and looked upon it, and considered it, and took notice also of that short petition that the men of Mansoul had written at the bottom of it, and called to him the noble Captain Credence, and bid bim go and take Captain Patience with him, and go and take care of that side of Mansoul that was beleaguered by the Blood-men, Heb. vi. 12. ver. 15. So they went and did as they were commanded! then Captain Credence went and took Captain Patience, and they both secured that side of Mansoul that was besieged by the Blood-men".

Then he commanded that Captain Good-hope Immanuel

and Captain Charity, and my Lord gives directions Will-be-will should take charge of for the security the other side of the town; and I, of the town.

said the prince, will set my standard upon the battlements of your castle, and do you three watch against the Doubters. This done, he again commanded that the brave Captain Experience sirould draw up his men in the market-place, and that there also he should exercise them day by day before the people of the town of Mansoul. Now the siege was long, and many a fierce attempt did the enemy, especially those called Blood-men, make upon the town of Mansoul, and many a shrewd brush did some of the townsmen meet with from them; especially Captain Self-denial; who, I should have told you before, was commanded to take the care of Ear-gateand Eye-gate now against the Blood-men. This Captain Self-denial was a young man, but stout, and a townsman in Mansoul, as Captain Experience also was; and Immanuel, at his second return to Mansoul, made him a captain over a thousand of the Mansoulians, for the good of the corporation. This captain, therefore, being an hardy man, a man of great courage, and willing to venture himself for the good of the town of Mansoul, would now and then sally out upon the Blood-men, and give them many notable alarms, and had several skirmishes with them, and also did some execution upon them; yet you must think that this could not easily be done, but he must meet with brushes himself, for he carried several of their marks in his face; yea, and some in other parts of his body. So after some time spent for the trial of the

5 It was through faith and patience that the ancient believers inherited the promises. These graces therefore are judiciously opposed to the persecutors, and nothing less will sustain the soul in the time of trial.

faith, hope, and love of the town of Immanuel pares to give the Mansoul, the Prince Immanuel upon enemy battle.

a day calls his captains and men of How he ordereth war together, and divides them into

two companies; this done, he commands them at a time appointed, and that in the morning very early, to sally out upon the enemy; saying, “ Let half of you fall upon the Doubters, and half of you fall upon the Blood-men. Those of

go out against the Doubters, kill and slay, and cause to perish so many of them as by any means you can lay hands on;

but for


that go out against the Blood-men, slay them not, but take them alive."

Accordingly at the time appointed, betimes in the morning, the captains went out as they were commanded against the enemies: Captain Goodhope, Captain Charity, and those that were joined

6 A time of persecution loudly calls for the exercise of selfdenial. When this prevails, the terrors of persecution are diminished.

7 Christianity forbids us to kill our persecutors ; on the contrary we are to return good for evil.

his men.

you that

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