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indeed sounds like the other, but I trow, your lordships know that between these two there is a wide difference ; for I hope that a man, even in the worst of times, and that too amongst the worst of men, may make an honest inquiry after things, without running the danger of death. Then spake my Lord Will-be-will, for he was

one of the witnesses : " My lord, and Lord Will-be

Il-be- you the honourable bench and mawill a witness against him. gistrates of the town of Mansoul, you

all have heard with your ears, that the prisoner at the bar has denied his name, and so thinks to shift from the charge of the indictment. But I know him to be the man concerned, and that his proper name is Evil-questioning. I have known him, my lord, above these thirty years, for he and I (a shame it is for me to speak it) were great acquaintance, when Diabolus, that tyrant, had the government of Mansoul; and I testify, that he is a Diabolonian by nature, an enemy to our prince, and an hater of the blessed town of Mansoul. He has, in times of rebellion, been at, and lain in my house, my lord, not so little as twenty nights together, and we used to talk then (for the substance of talk) as he and his Doubters have talked of late. True, I have not seen him many a day; I suppose that the coming of Immanuel to Mansoul has made him change his lodgings, as this indictment has driven him to change his name ; but this is the man, my lord.”

Then said the court unto him, Hast thou any more to say ?

Yes, quoth the old gentleman, that I have ; for all that has yet been said against me is but by the mouth of one witness; and it is not lawful for the famous town of Mansoul, at the mouth of one witness, to put any man to death. : Then stood forth Mr. Diligence, and said,

." My lord, as I was upon my watch

nce of such a night at the head of BadMr. Diligence, street in this town, I chanced to another witness. street,

hear a muttering within the gentleman's house ; then thought I, What's to do here? So I went up close, but very softly, to the side of the house to listen, thinking, as indeed it fell out, that there I might light of some diabolonian conventicle. So, as I said, I drew nearer and nearer, and when I was got up close to the wall, it was but a while before I perceived that there were outlandish men in the house (but I understood their speech, for I have been a traveller myself;) now, hearing such language in such a tottering cottage this old gentleman dwelt in, I clapped mine ear to a hole in the window, and there heard them talk as followeth. This old Mr. Questioning asked these Doubters what they were; whence they came, and what was their business in these parts? And they answered him to all these ques. tions, yet he entertained them. He also asked what numbers there were of them; and they told him, ten thousand men. He then asked them why they made no more manly assault upon Mansoul, and they told him. So he called their general coward, for marching off when he should have fought for his prince. Further, this old Evil-questioning wished, and I heard him wish, Would all the ten thousand Doubters were now in Mansoul, and himself at the head of them! He bid them also take heed and lie quiet ; for if they were taken they must die, although they had heads of gold."


Then said the court, Mr. Evil-questioning, here is now another witness against you, and this testimony is full: 1. He swears that you received these men into your house, and that you nourished them there, though you knew that they were Diabolonians, and the king's enemies. 2. He swears that you wished ten thousand of them in Mansoul. 3. He swears that you gave them advice to be quiet and close, lest they were taken by the king's servants. All which manifesteth that thou art a Diabolonian; but hadst thou been a friend to the king, thou wouldst have apprehended them. Then said Evil-questioning, To the first of

these I answer, The men that came Evil-questioning into mine house were strangers, and sets up a de

I took them in; and is it now become

a crime in Mansoul for a man to entertain strangers ? That I also nourished them is true; and why should my charity be blamed ? As for the reason why I wished ten thousand of them in Mansoul, I never told it to the witnesses, nor to themselves. I might wish them to be taken, and so my wish might mean well to Mansoul, for ought that any yet knows. I also bid them take heed that they fell not into the captain's hands, but that might be because I am unwilling that any man should be slain, and not because I would have the king's enemies, as such, escape 13.

My lord-mayor then replied, “ That though it was a virtue to entertain strangers, yet it was treason to entertain the king's enemies. And for what else thou hast said, thou dost by words


13 He answers with much subtlety, and pretends to great charity, but he is a true Diabolonian and ought to die.

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but labour to evade, and defer the execution of judgment. But could there be no more proved against thee but that thou art a Diabolonian, thou must for that die the death of the law; but to be a receiver, a nourisher, a countenancer, and a harbourer of others of them, yea, of outlandish Diabolonians ; yea, of them that came from far, on purpose to cut off and destroy our Mansoul; this must not be borne.”

Then said Evil-questioning, I see how the game will go. I must die for my name, and for my charity. And so held his peace. Then they called the outlandish Doubters to

the bar, and the first of them that was The trial of arraigned was the Election-Doubter; Mr. ElectionDoubter.

le so his indictment was read, and be

cause he was an outlandishman, the substance of it was told to him by an interpreter; to wit, “ That he was there charged with being an enemy to Immanuel the prince, a hater of the town of Mansoul, and an opposer of her most wholesome doctrine.

Then the judge asked him if he would plead; but he said only this, " That he confessed that he was an Election-doubter, and that that was the religion that he had ever been brought up in. And said moreover, If I must die for my religion, I trow I shall die a martyr, and so I care the less."

Then the judge replied, To question election is to overthrow a great doctrine of the gospel; to wit, the omniscience, and power, and will of God, to take away the liberty of God with his creature, to stumble the faith of the town of Mansoul, and to make salvation to depend upon works, and not upon grace. It also belyed the word, and


disquieted the minds of the men of Mansoul,
therefore by the best of laws he must die 14.
Then was the Vocation-Doubter called, and

set to the bar ; and his indictment for

.. substance was the same with the other, Doubter set to the bar. only he was particularly charged with

denying the calling of Mansoul. The judge asked him also what he had to say for himself?

So he replied, “ That he never believed that there was any such thing as a distinct and powerful call of God to Mansoul, otherwise than by the general voice of the word, nor by that neither, otherwise than as it exhorted them to forbear evil, and to do that which is good, and in so doing a promise of happiness is annexed.”

Then said the judge, Thou art a Diabolonian, and hast denied a great part of one of the most experimental truths of the prince of the town of Mansoul; for he has called, and she has heard a most distinct and powerful call of her Immanuel, by which she has been quickened, awakened, and possessed with heavenly grace to desire to have communion with her prince, to serve him, and to do his will, and to look for her happiness merely of his good pleasure. And for thine abhorrence. of this good doctrine thou must die the death '5. Then the Grace-Doubter was called, and his

indictment was read, and he replied Grace-Doubter. thereto. That though he was of the

14 Those who deny election deny (though perhaps unwittingly) the omniscience and sovereignty of God, and unavoidably assert (sometimes without perceiving it) that salvation is not of grace but of works.

15 The enemies of effectual-calling by the influence of the holy spirit are advocates for salvation by works--that dangerous leaven of the Pharisees.

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