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A hot skirmish.

him un.

gentleman Mr. Conscience was knocked down twice by one of the Diabolonians, whose name was Mr. Benumbing. And my Lord Understanding had like to have been slain with an harquebus, but that he that had shot, failed to take his aim aright. Nor did the other side wholly escape: for there was one Mr. Rash-head, a Diabolonian, that had his brains beaten out by one Mr. Mind,

the Lord Will-be-will's servant: and

it made me laugh to see how old Mr. Prejudice was kicked and tumbled about in the dirt: for though a while since he was made a captain of the Diabolonians, to the hurt and damage of the town, yet now they had

got der their feet: and I'll assure you, he had, by some of the Lord Understanding's party, his crown cracked to boot. Mr. Any-thing also became a brisk man in the broil; but both sides were against him, because he was true to none.

Yet he had for his malapertness, one of his legs broken; and he that did it, wished it had been his neck. Much

harm more was done on both sides : Harm done on

but this must not be forgotten, it was

now a wonder to see my Lord Will. be-will so indifferent as he was; he did not seem to take one side more than another, only it was perceived that he smiled to see how old Prejudice was tumbled

both sides.

up and down in the dirt; also when Captain Any-thing came halting up before him, he seemed to take but little notice of him 3.

13 No small advantage is gained when sinful Rashness is destroyed, Prejudice thrown down into the dirt, and Indifference about religion discarded; while the Will, that before was wholly on the part of Satan, begins rather to take the other side.


The two old

Lord Understanding and Mr. Conscience impri

soned as Authors of the Riot.... T'he besieging Officers apply to Shaddai for Relief.... Immanuel, the Prince, undertakes to conquer Mansoul.... Marches with a great Army, and invests the

Town. Ng

W when the uproar was over, Diabolus

sends for my Lord Understanding and Mr. Conscience, and claps them both up in prison, as

the ring leaders and managers of this gentlemen put

most heavy riotous rout in Mansoul, in prison, as the So now the town began to be quiet authors of this again, and the prisoners were used revel-rout.

hardly; yea, he thought to have destroyed them, but that the present juncture did not serve for that purpose, for that war was in all their gates'. But let us return to our story: The captains, when they were gone back from the gate, and were come into the camp again, called a The captains

council of war, to consult what was call a council, further for them to do. Now some and consult said, Let us go presently and fall upon what to do.

the town, but the greatest part thought, rather better 'twould be to give them another summons to yield; and the reason why they thought this to be the best, was, because that, so far as could be perceived, the town of

1 The efforts of an enlightened understanding and a renewed conscience cannot but be offensive to Satan, as threatening to subvert his authority in the soul, but where the good work of grace is begun they cannot be destroyed.


Mansoul now was more inclinable than heretofore. And if, said they, while some of them are in a way of inclination, we should by ruggedness give them distaste, we may set them further from closing with our summons, than we would be willing they should”, Wherefore to this advice they agreed, and

called a trumpeter, put words into his The result is, they send ano

mouth, set him his time, and bid him ther trumpeter, God speed. Well, many

hours to summon the not expired, before the trumpeter town to yield. addressed himself to his journey. Wherefore, coming up to the wall of the town, he steered his course to Ear-gate; and there sounded, as he was commanded. They then that were within, came out to see what was the matter, and the trumpeter made them this speech following:

“ o hard-hearted and deplorable town of ManThe summons

soul! how long wilt thou love thy itself by the

simplicity; and ye fools, delight in trumpeter of your scorning? As yet despise you king Shaddai.

the offers of grace and deliverance? As yet will ye refuse the golden offers of Shaddai? and trust to the lies and falshood of Diabolus? Think you, when Shaddai shall have conquered you, that the remembrance of these your carriages towards him will yield you peace and comfort ? or that by ruffling language you can make him afraid as a grasshopper? Doth he intreat you, for fear of you? Do you think that you are stronger than he? Look to the heavens, and behold and consi

Ministers should deal gently with awakened sinners. Their great master “ will not break the bruised reed,” nor should they. Roughness of treatment may occasion discoų. ragement ; gentleness attracts,

der the stars, how high are they? Can you stop the sun from running his course, and hinder the moon from giving her light? Can you count the number of the stars, or stop the bottles of heaven? Can you

call for the waters of the sea, and cause them to cover the face of the ground? Can you behold every one that is proud, and abase him; and bend their faces in secret? Yet these are some of the works of our king, in whose name, this day, we come up unto you, that you may be brought under his authority. In his name, therefore, I summon you again to yield up yourselves to his captains: At this summons the Mansoulians seemed to be

at a stand, and knew not what answer The town at

to make : wherefore Diabolus forth

with appeared, and took upon him to do it himself; and thus he begins, but turns his speech to them of Mansoul. “ Gentlemen," quoth he," and my faithful sub.

jects, if it is true what this sum

moner hath said, concerning the a speech to the town, and endea- greatness of their king; by his tervours 10 terrify it ror, you will always be kept in bonwith the great- dage, and so be made to sneak. ness of God.

Yea, how can you now, though he is at a distance, endure to think of such a mighty One? And if not to think of him while at a distance, how can you endure to be in his presence? I your prince am familiar with you, and you may play with me as you would with a grasshopper.

a stand.

Diabolus makes

3 The irresistible greatness, the inconceivable glory of God, especially when coupled with the astonishing condescensions of his grace, are considerations of a most awakening kind. It may well put a sinner to a stand when he reflects on the wonderful love of Christ in sending his ambassadors to beseech'us, in his stead, to be reconciled to God, 2 Cor. 5.

Consider, therefore, what is for your profit, and remember the immunities that I have granted you.

“ Farther, if all be true that this man hath said, how comes it to pass that the subjects of Shaddai are so enslaved in all places where they come? None in the universe so unhappy as they, none so trampled upon as they.

Consider, my Mansoul; would thou wert as loth to leave me, as I am loth to leave thee. But consider, I say, the ball is yet at my foot: liberty you have, if you know how to use it : yea, a king you have too, if you can tell how to love and obey


soul into de

Mansoul grows

worse and worse.

Upon this speech the town of Mansoul again hardened their hearts yet more against the cap

tains of Shaddai. The thoughts of He drives Man.

his holiness sunk them in despair, spair.

wherefore, after a short consultation, they (of the Diabolonians'

party) sent back this word by the trum

peter: That, for their parts they were resolved to stick to their king, but never to yield to Shaddai; so it was but in vain to give them any further summons, for they had rather die upon the place than to yield. And now things seemed to be gone quite back, and Mansoul to be out of reach or call : yet the captains, who knew what their Lord could do, would not be beat out of heart; they therefore sent them another summons, more sharp and severe than

By the cruel artifices of Satan the majesty, and greatness of God, which should induce them to seek his favour, are made an argument to terrify and alienate the soul from him. God is represented as a cruel tyrant, and his free subjects as miserable slaves. O unhappy men, thus cheated by the grand deceiver !

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