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tude, and the quanities in which they fall are under the direction of him who sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

And is it not thus in the religious worlıl. Has not God commuuicated the written revelation of his will to - some couvtries and not to others ?: Has he not granted

more copious supplies of revealed truths to some ages and nations than to others ? As God has wise reasons for his government of the natural world, we cannot doubt his wisdom and goodness in the government of the moral world. Has not the giver of every good and perfect gift, an equal right to dispense the blessings of revela. tion and the blessings of common providence unequally among mankind.

THIRDLY; God ordinarily carries on the operations of Divine providence through the instrumentality of seeondary causes.. For the production of rain and snow he ordinarily canseth the vapours to ascend from the earth, they are embodied in clouds, and when coudensed fall in showers. One important purpose angwered by the seas which he has created, is that they supply more moisture to the air for watering the earth.

The uncommonly long and frequent porth-east storins of some seasons probably originate from the ocean, and perhaps are increased by the vast bodies of ice floating from the pole to more southern latitudes.

In the kingdom of grace we discover the use of instruments for the accomplishment of the Divine purposes. Though the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man, yet men were made the medium of Divine communications. Holy mer of God spoke and wrote as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. Thoughi Jehovah could make mankind know intuitively the truths of his word, he has seen fit to adopt a different course,

And for the upiversal promulgation of the Gospel, doubtless he will continue to use the instrumentality of means. He will raise up men of ability and zeal for translating the Scriptures into all the languages of the earth. He will open the hearts and the hauds of the Christianized world to extend the blessings of revelation to all the onevangelized parts of the earth. Many will run to and fro for the dissemination of Divine truth, till the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the whole earth as the waters cover the ocean's bed. Though

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secondary causes are used, the efficiency of the Great First cause must not be overlooked.

FourthLY; There is a striking analogy in the influ. ence of the snow and rain in the vegetable kingdom, and the influence of God's word in his moral kingilom. The prophet had a special reference to this salutary influence when he wrote this passage.

- For as the snow and the rain water the earth and cause it to bud and bring forth, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so is my word, it shall not return unto me void."

God is now astonishing us with the expressions of his goodness in the rapidity with which vegetation rises to maturity. Doubtless the wetness of the early part of the season has contributed to facilitate the growth of vegeta. tion when the air became steadily warm. We may learn from this fact that Divine providence knows infinitely best in what manner and time to usher in the promised seasons of seed-time and harvest.

In thanksgivings to God we have frequent occasion to · adopt the language of the pious Psalmist." Thou visitest the earth and waterest it; thou greatly enrichest it with the river of God, which is full of water. Thou. waterest the ridges thereof abundantly! thou settlest the furrows thereof; thou makest it soft with showers ; thou blessest the springing thereof." How delightful to be

. hold Almighiy Love, renewing the face of the earth, The cold blasts of winter have given place to the mild breezes of summer. The ground so recently bound in fetters of frost or covered with snow, is overspread with verdure. The boughs so lately bare and dreary are reclothed with foliage and beginning to bend and to blush with the fruits of summer. While we contemplate the influence of showers from heaven in renovating nature around

us, let our prayers ascend to God that his word may be instrumental of renovativg our souls, our fami. lies, churches, and congregations in this vicinity and throughout our land, and that it may bless all ands. The salutary influence of Divine traths, accompanied with the blessing of God on the soul are numerous and important. “Is not my word like as a fire ? saith the Lord; and like the hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?” « The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul : the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise

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the simple. The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes :" The word of God reveals the perfection of the Divine character, and shows our own meanness and vileness by contrast. It exhibits the strict. ness and spirituality of God's law, and convicts us of our aggravated guilt in violating that law. It tends to softe the soul into tears of penitential grief for sin, particularly when viewing the sufferings of him who died, the just for the upjust, as an offering for sin. Dear read. ers, have we felt the blessed effects of Divine truth in softening and refreshing our hearts with truly devout and holy affections ? Hare we received the ingrafted word with meekness? Have we as new-born babes desired the sincere milk of the word that we might grow thereby. Has it made us wise unto salvation, through faith in Jesus Christ?

The precepts of Divine revelation have a favourable influence on the family circle. In proportion as they are known and obeyed, domestic comfort is promoted. Hus. bands and wives live together as fellow heirs of the grace of life, and are mutual helpers of each other's faith and joy. Parents and children become mutual blessings. The family altar witnesses their devotions, and domestic quietness pervades their dwellings. They are bound together by ihe bonds of Christian affection on earth, and look forward with an humble confidence of a future reunion, which nothing can sever. When accompanied with the blessing of God it prepares the soil of human hearts for the right exercise of all the social, and benevolent, and Christian affections, and through the abundance of the heart multiplies the fruits of righteousness in the life and conversation. These same effects are inanifesteil in the more enlarged circles of churches and societies where the precepts of the Seriptures have their natural influence. Plants of righteousness spring up in the garden of the Lord, through the influence of heaven. ly truth. Much fruit is produced to the praise and glory of God; some thirty fold, some sixty, and some an hundred fold.

The general influence of the Scriptures for changing the moral aspect of the world, deserves and demands our particular attention. It was the lively oracles of

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God which distinguished the Jewish nation from idola. trous nations around them for many centuries. The change in the moral circumstances of inany nations since the canon of Scripture was completed, has been entirely effected by its influence. Nations but nominally Christianized, are in circumstances incalculably more desira. ble than any Pagans, whether ancient or modern. The word of God has ever been an incorruptible seed for the use of those employed in cultivating truth and holiness in the world, and it has fed and nourished millions now in glory, and millions of others who through its influence are now ripening for glory. The unexampled efforts How making for the dissemination of the word of God, and for rendering the young intimately acquainted with its inestimable truths are characteristics of the age in which we live. They are auspicious omens for future ages.

FIFTHLY; Though the rays of the sun and the rea! agency of God is necessary, to cause the earth to bud and bring forth fruit, when watered with rain from above, yet God is accustomed to connect these things in the nat: ural world. And he has assured us in the

passage we have used as our motto, that his word shall not return to him void. It shall accomplish what he pleases, and prosper in the thing whereto he sends it. He is accusiomed to visit with the rays of the Sun of righteousness in a greater or less measure those places which he waters by his word. Notwithstanding the rage which has been manifested against his word, it has free course and is glorified. We have reason to rejoice that the time will come when his purpose of having revelation overspread the whole earth shall be fully accomplished.

Two or three reflections will conclude this Essay.

First; In view of the Divine benevolence displayed in the kingdoms of Providence and of zrace, we iufer our infinite obligations to be grateful to God. He has not left himself without witness that he is good and doeth good, in that he gives us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness. In the kingdoms of Providence all eyes wait on him that they may receive their supplies. Nor is his goodness limited to Providence. Contemplate the overflowings of infinite love in the perfect gift of his holy word, to reuer


der a desert world fruitful in holiness. Through its influence behold the moral wildernesses of the earth bud. ding and blossoming as the rose. What but hearts of stone can remain destitute of emotions of thankfulness !

Secondly; From our subject we infer, how vain the efforts of impotent men to frustrate the purposes of God either in the kingdoms of Providence or of grace. When God determines to water and fructify the earth, can worms of the dust close the bottles of heaven, prevent the descent of rain, or counteract its influence on the vegetable kingdom? No. The wheels of Providence roll on their course, undiverted and uncontrolled by man. Ef. forts to obstruct them are not only ineffectual, but they are criminal, and if persisted in must be ruinous. Nor can rebel worms effect more by opposing Divine purposes in the kingdom of grace. His word shall accomplish what he pleases, and prosper in the thing whereto he sends it. In the primitive age of Christianity, infernal malice, armed with human power could not prevent the mustard seed from extending its roots from eity to city and its branches from province to province and from kingdom to kingdom.

Papal Rome could not thwart the purposes of God in the dissemination of the Scriptures. By the reformation they were extensively circulated. When infidelity reared its hideous head, threatning to annihilate the Bible, the

purposes of God have rolled on undisturbed. Its impotent efforts against the truth have given rise to new, unexampled and successful efforts for the dissemination of the Scriptures and the preaching of the Gospel among many nations. And when the purposes of God shall waft the angel through the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people; a legion of devils cannot retard his progress. Omnipotence bears him, and all opposition is vain. But it discloses the moral temper and fits the vessels of wrath for destruction. Let all opposers to the spread of the Gospel, tremble at the thought of having the stone which was cut out of the mountain without hands, in its progress to fill the whole earth,-fall on them as enemies. On whomsoever this stone shall fall, it will grind hiin to powder.

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