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miles north of the Arkansaw river; two hundred miles above the Arkapsaw Post; and five hundred miles from the junction of Arkansaw with the Mississippi. Rev. Alfred Finney, and Rev. Cephas Washburn, missionaries; and Messrs. Jacob Hitchcock and James Orr, assistant missionaries.


Established in April 1820. It has two stations; Hanaroorah and Wymai.

Hanaroorah. On the Island of Woahoo. Rev. Hirain Bingham and Rev. Asa Thurston, missionaries; Messrs. Daniel Chamberlain and Elisha Loomis, assistant mission. aries; and Thomas Hopoo and John Honooree, native assistants.

Wymai.On the Island of Attoci. Messrs. Samuel Whitney and Samuel Ruggles, assistant missionaries ; and George Sandwich, Native assistant.

On the 19th of November, Rev. William Richards, Rev. Charles S. Stewart, and Rev. Artemas Bishop, missionaries; Dr. Abraham Blatchely, physician; Messrs. Joseph Goodrich and James Ely, licensed preachers, and assistant missionaries; Mr. Levi Chamberlain, superintendent of secular concerns, and assistant missionary; and four Natives of the Sandwich Islands, embarked at New-Haven, (Coon.) to join the mission at the Islands.


The first missionaries, Messrs. Fisk and Parsons, arrived at Smyrna, in January, 1820. Rev. Pliny Fisk and Rev. Daniel Temple, missionaries. Rev. Jonas King, missionary, who has been residing at Paris, for the sake of the literary advantages of that eity, (see Mis. Herald, vol. xviii. p. 355,) has probably joined this mis. sion by this time. He proposes to continue in the mission

three years.

Rev. William Goodell and Rev. Isaac Bird, missiona. ries, embarked at New-York, in the early part of last month, for the mission in Western Asia."

IN this Number we have only room to remark, that the intelligence from the Ceylon, Choctaw, and Sandwich Islands missions, given in the last Herald, proves them in a progressive and prosperous condition.

The embarcation at New-Haven, of the reinforcement to the Sandwich Islands mission, must have been a scene peculiarly interesting and impressive.

A Worthy Baptist brother Editor has kindly promised us a sketch of the Missions, Stations, and labourers, under the Baptist Board of Missions. When this is received, we shall insert it for the convenience of reference in the intelligence we may give from their missionaries.

We hare brief votices prepared, respecting the Amer. ican Education Society,--the Boston Young Men's Aux. iliary Education Society, -and the Boston Society for the moral and religious instruction of the Poor; but we must defer their publication.

We have the promise of several communitions respecting Bible Classes in Boston and vicinity, which we hope to be able soon to lay before our readers. We would also remark, that there appears the commencement of

refreshing from the presence of the Lord” in this eity. This gentle distillation of heavenly influence, with the concurring means which God has here honoured, will be the subject of more extended remarks. To the pious without the city, we would say, Brethren

pray for us, that the word of God may have free course and be glorified.”

We do not forget that we have promised, occasionally to give hinTS TO PARENTS in our pages. We intend to redeem this pledge.

Under the head of MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE, we must omit all communications for the present,



A Young gentleman by the name of William Robinson, without any practical sense of religion, was once engaged

in teaching school in New Brunswick, New Jersey. As he was riding at a late hour, one evening, when the moon and stars shone with unusual brightness, and when every thing around him was calculated to excite refleetion. While he was meditating on the beauty and grandeur of the seene, which the firmament presented, and was saying to himself, “ How transcendently glorious must be Author of all this beauty and grandeur!” The thought struck him with the suddenness and the force of lightning, “ But what do I know of this God? Have I ever sought his favour, or made bim my friend p” This happy impression, which proved, by its permanency and its effects, to have come from the best of all sources, never left him until he took refuge in Christ as the hope and life of his soul. He afterwards became a minister, and few names in the American Church rank higher than his on the scale of usefulness.


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“ NO religion," said that deistical nobleman, “ever appeared in the world, whose natural tendency was so much directed to promote the peace and happiness of mankind, as Christianity. No system can be more simple and plain than that of natural religion, as it stands in the Gospel. The system of religion which Christ pub. lished, and his evangelists recorded, is a complete system to all the purposes of religion, natural and revealed. Christianity, as it stands in the Gospel, contains not only a complete, but a very plain system of religion. The Gospel is, in all cases, one continued lesson of the strictest morality, of justice, of benevolence, and of universal charity."

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LUTHER.-“ He addressed his prayers to God with 80 profound a veneration, that it might easily be perceiv. ed he was speaking to God; yet with a faith so assured, .a hope so certain, that it might be seen he was speaking with his Father, and with the best of all fathers.",


Sung at the close of public worship after farewell Discour:

ses from Acts xx. 32. and 2 Cor. xiii. 11.
Our souls adore our God,

Thy justice we confess;
We kiss the hand whose lifted rod

Corrects in faithfulness.
Though clouds thy throne surround,

And darkness veils thy face;
Yet faith can soar to heavenly ground,

And boundless goodness trace.
Away desponding fears,

Our souls would trust the Lord;
The prayer

of faith Jehovah hears,
And comforts with his word,
To that good word of grace,

Each other we commend;
Our feet shall run the Christian race,

And find in God our friend.
TieAnd now-we bid farewell,

In peace, in hope, in love;
May sovereign grace preserve from hell,

And bear us all above.


In this THIRD EDITION of the First Number we embrace the opportunity of expressing our acknowledgments to the Christian Public for the considerable and increasing patronage which our work is receiving. We have become confirmed in the opinion, that a work on this plan, intended for the youth of our land, is needed ;will attract to its pages, rich contribu. tions from Science, and Genius, and Religion ;s will be very extensively circulated and may become extensively useful

The next volume will be printed on an entirely NEW.TYPË and appear regularly the FIRST OF EVERY MONTH.

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NO. 2,


THE sooner a young man can say with holy Job, * I know that my Redeemer liveth," the better. Young men must die as well as the aged. Few live to seventy. Many die under twenty-seven.

Now, to enjoy the favour of God in life, and to possess a confidence in him in death, is, doubtless, the summit of human happiness. But can this be expected, if a young man be found quite regardless of what is the word and will of Almighiy God? Instruetion is a first-rate bles. sing. Bible learning is the best wisdom. (See Prov. i. anu Ps. cxix.) Without all question, ignorance of the Bible is the worst and most dangerous kind of ignorance; it has proved fatal to thousands!

The words spoken by Jesus Christ, in a way of just reproof, may be applied to many,-“ Yo do greatly err, not knowing the Scriptures." Let Bible learning, my dear young friends, be your first and favourite study. Let me entreat you to form, by the grace of God, one resolution on the day you read these lines ; to consult the holy Scriptures daily. Consider out of three hundred and sixty five days indulged you each returning year, how many hours you ought, in duty and gratitude, to spend in Bible study. Let not the news of the day, rob you

time. In humbly offering to you my friendly counsel, I could wish that you would not grovel with the low, or sinķ with the unwortby, or herd with the base; I would say,-elevate your character-regard your time-improve your talents--benefit the world-be concerned for your soul be cautious in forming a cennexion for life. I hope you feel no objection to such advice.

of your

2d Edit.

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