Ollendorff's New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the Spanish Language: With an Appendix, Containing a Brief, But Comprehensive, Recapitulation of the Rules [etc.] The Whole Designed for Young Learners, and Persons who are Their Own Instructors

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الصفحة 255 - You will have loved. They will have loved. I shall have come. Thou wilt have come. He will have come. She will have come. We shall have come. You will have come. They will have come. They will have come, fem.
الصفحة 576 - The object of this work is to enable the student, as soon as he can decline and conjugate with tolerable facility, to translate simple sentences after given examples and with given words ; the principles employed being those of imitation and very frequent repetition.
الصفحة 425 - ... me parece duro caso hacer esclavos a los que Dios y naturaleza hizo libres. Cuanto más, señores guardas -añadió don Quijote-, que estos pobres no han cometido nada contra vosotros. Allá se lo haya cada uno con su pecado; Dios hay en el cielo, que no se descuida de castigar al malo ni de premiar al bueno, y no es bien que los hombres honrados sean verdugos de los otros hombres, no yéndoles nada en ello.
الصفحة 575 - Nothing has been put in the notes for the sake of a mere display of learning—pedantry is out of place in a school-book; and nothing has been introduced by way of comment except what can be turned to practical use by the reader. An historical Introduction, which will enable the pupil to enter on his task intelligently, is prefixed. An abundance of geographical information, embodying the latest discoveries of travellers, is supplied; and the whole is illustrated with Kiepert's excellent map, showing...
الصفحة 387 - His figure caused him to be immediately accepted ; but he was totally ignorant of the German dialect; and his captain giving him notice that the king would question him in that tongue the first time he should see him...
الصفحة 427 - Dios fuere servido, aunque a pesar de su madre. -Y ¿qué edad tiene esa señora que se cría para condesa? -preguntó el del Bosque. Quince años, dos más o menos -respondió Sancho-; pero es tan grande como una lanza, y tan fresca como una mañana de abril, y tiene una fuerza de un ganapán.
الصفحة 571 - It is the only edition which contains the improved text that has been prepared by a recent careful collation and correct deciphering of the best manuscripts of Cicero's writings. It is the work of the celebrated Orelli, Madvig, and Klotz, and has been done since the appearance of Orelli's complete edition.
الصفحة 164 - What is the matter with you ? — Nothing is the matter with me. — Why does your sister complain ? — Because she has a pain in her cheek. — Has your brother a sore hand ? — No ; but he feels a pain in his side. — Do you open the window ? — I open it because it is too warm.
الصفحة 578 - ... has taken a different stand-point, which may serve as a sign of progress in this department of study. The editor has, it is true, also intended his work for the use of schools, and has sought to adapt it, in all its parts, to such a use ; but still, without losing sight of this purpose, he has proceeded throughout with more independency.
الصفحة 574 - Too fuH and learned for the beginner, it Is just what is needed for the college curriculum, containing all that л book of reference should contain.

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