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favours bestow'd on you I never can regret; they are fanctify'd by honour; they are ena dearments snatch'd by opportunity from the cold lingering forms of law ;. the overflowings of a heart that doats upon you, whose pride ico is to give you proofs of boundless confidence :

Here is my hand; take it, Henry, and with it take a husband's right in all that this fond heart and devoted person can bestow; we do but borrow a few hours from time.”

« Not fo,” cried Henry, stepping back; not in this tumult of your mind will I avail myself of an extorted sacrifice, and take your kand. I do most resolutely bar the agreement till the event is seen. Mark what Miss Manstock does; our fate is in her hands alone ; if by her means (which I am flow to suspect) the story gets abroad, and that your fame requires it, I shall be at hand; and here I. foleinnly engage my honour to come forth upon your summons, whether it be to confute fallhood and exaggeration at the risk of my person, or to repair your injuries by marriage, if this you shall require; and from this promise no temptation, be it what it may, shall make me swerve.”

With these words he departed, leaving her to bewail her disappointment, and murmur out


How abroad, and

and here I. 101simmons,



reproaches for his coldness, amidst tears, and fighs, and neepless toslings in a solitary bed. As for his mind, it felt a stab in every thought; one fatal lapse had sunk him in his own efteem; and in the promise he had made to Fanny, every hope that could aspire to Isabella was for ever buried. Nor daring to enquire the cause of her alarm, he conjectured that it must have been created by the storm, and saw, with some degree of consolation, that it now was past. Captain Cary was to return to his ship by the very first of the morning, and had kept his chaise and post-horses waiting for that purpose; and as immediate retreat from Manstock House was Henry's fixt resolve, the opportunity was fair for taking him and his baggage off at once, before the family was stirring. Their road fortunately laid through Crowbery, which was fomething more than half way; it was poffible, therefore, that Cary's time might allow of a short call at Ezekiel's or Zachary's house, where some information might be gained of Lady Crowbery's destination, and if that should turn out to be for Lifbon, all was so far well, if his new friend would stand to his offer of transporting him thither. It was necessary, however, to take a proper


leave of Sir Roger; and for this purpose he immediately wrote the following letter, ads dressed to that worthy personage :

« Sir,

.“ Impressed with a sense of your favours, which « no time can obliterate, I beg leave to inform « you, that I have embraced Captain Cary's

“ kind offer of a cruize, and hope you will .« consider it with your usual candour, both as

« an excuse for the abruptness of my departure,
« and a pardonable ambition to attach myself,
« though at humble distance, to the fortunes of
« fo brave a commander.
“ I have the honour to be, Sir,

“ your most obliged,
“ and ever devoted Servant,


A Visitor appears at Manstock House, who brings

Intelligence of an unexpeEted Sort.

THOUGH Cary's chaise was ordered to

the door by break of day, yet such of the domestics as had notice of it were ready wait

ing ing to make tender of their services and fare. wels at his departure ; to one of these Henry delivered his letter for Sir Roger, and from the same person he had the satisfaction to hear that Isabella's alarm, which proceeded from the fudden burst of one of her window shutters, fhivered by a stroke of lightning, had passed off without any further ill consequences; but what was his surprise when he found himself accosted by his friend Susan May at this early hour, who drew him aside, and in a whisper eagerly demanded -" What in the name of madness can possess you to be running away from your good fortune at the very moment when my lovely mistress is dropping into your arms? Oh! if you had but heard what the said of you last night!"-" Tell it not to me,” he exclaimed, “ I have undone myself with her for ever!"--Then recollecting that he was on the point of betraying Fanny Claypole, he checked himself, and grasping both her hands in his “ Susan!” he cried, “ I conjure you, by the love you once had for me, never name me to your angelic mistress; I am going to fhake off this loathsome existence, and my last breath will expire in prayers for her.”- This


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faid, he turned away, and sprung into the chaise, where his companion was waiting for him.

And now, as we can well believe the better part of our readers are by this time become indifferent to the fate of our unworthy hero, we will leave him, without regret, to pursue his journey, and for the present confine our attention to the house of Manstock. .: As soon as Fanny Claypole was drest, she presented herself at the door of Isabella's chamber, and was instantly admitted. Without any

embarrassment, she began her enquiries as to the alarm she had suffered in the storm; and when that was ' explained, and the fhattered window shutter referred to, Fanny, in her turn, undertook a plausible account of her being thrown into a fit by the violence of her fright, and of Henry's great attention in conveying her to the couch, and protecting her in her distress, with so much tenderness, that she verily believed She owed her life to his care." I am sure,” added she, “ I shall never forget his kind affiduity so long as I live; and though I dare say my situation, stretch'd at my length, and helpless as I was, might appear to you a little equivocal, yet I can truly assert that the dear man was as delicate in his treatment of me as


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