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over us, for expelling us from his cottage : tell him we have received his orders, and are preparing to obey them, but say withal, that they have wrung the tears from the eyes of the widow, and let him prepare himfelf to answer the appeal that is gone up against him.”

“ Lookye, Master Daw, replied Fulford, “how all that may be is another case, and coram non nobis as we say; my commission extends no farther than to the widow May, she is the party I am to look to ; with respect to you I have no instructions, and for aught I know, you may have his worship's leave for remaining on the premisses, "-" How fay you, sir ?" exclaimed Ezekiel, “ mày I have his leave to abandon this poor widow? I will neither take his leave, nor his example, for any thing so base and daftardly: he shall never teach me to be cruel like himself, he. shall never feduce me to make promises 'of protection and afterwards revoke them; I reject: his favour, and will perfift in my integrity."

“ You know your own business best," quoth Fulford; “ I am to look for : the rent, or distrain to the amount." " Name it,” cried Henry, “ produce your bill, I am o prepared

to difcharge lit”-And who are you,” replied

Fulford, « that take upon yourself to speak to • a gentleman in so peremptory a file?”—“I speak to you,” said Henry, “as I shou'd to your principal”“ Speak then to my principal,” replied the attorney; and turning on his heel, quitted the company. .. Before he had gone many paces from the door, Isabella, accompanied by her father, entered the cottage: Goody May had not yet dried her tears, and the cause of them being enquired into by her worthy visitors, gave her an opportunity of relating whac had passed. Sir Roger Manftock, whose heart was ever open to a case of pity, and who well knew the hateful character of Blachford, bade her bei comforted, for that he would provide her with a habitation on his own estate, and in the near neighbourhood of her daughter; where she should be at least as well lodged and better protected than she was at prefent -" As for the little inatter of rent," added he,” which Mr. Blachford thinks fit to lexact of you, notwithstanding his word to the contrary, if one of you will step out and call back the attorney, we will discharge it on the spot.” . Henry flew upon the errand, and was at


Blachford's door in an instant, where that gen., tleman was then standing with Fulford at his elbow. At the name of Sir Roger Manstock he startéd, swelled with pride and passion, and strode away with hafty fteps to the cottage, ordering the attorney to follow him.

« Give me leave,” faid he, as he fet his foot within the door, “ to tell you, Sir Roger Manstock, that I do not hold it proper behaviour from one gentleman to another to interfere between me and my tenant, and spirit her out of my houfe for the invidious purpose of cafting an odium upon my character, as if I was a tyrant and persecutor of the poor: I would have the world to know that I have as much humanity as yourself or any man breathing, and I don't see what right you have to take for granted that I intend to go the length of driving this woman out of her house at any rate." :

“ Mr. Blachford,” replied the venerable baronet, "you have put an interpretation upon my motives fo contrary to what has ever go. verned my actions, that I fhould be warranted in making no reply to your invectives; but I am an old man pretty well known in this neighbourhood, and little afraid of being mife understood by any body but yourself. If your


attorney did not warn this poor widow from her house by your authority, I have stept into : a business by mistake, which does not belong to me; if, on the contrary he did, I have as Înuch right to take her into my protection, as you can have to put her out of your's, and that protection I will give, though your persecution should extend to every other person under this roof.” - Blachford's dusky visage turned purple with rage, he gnawed his lip, knit his footy brows, and fullenly replied, " It is no concern of mine how many vagabonds you take into your house, fo:mine is clear of them.”-Upon the instant stept forward: our' young hero, and darting a look like that which our immortal bard bestows upon the seraph Abdiel before he encounters the grand apostaté. Now," said he, “your virulence so clearly points at me, that I am warranted to reply to you; and first, I tell you, I will not permit you to lose the respect due to a venerable character, which none buc: one devoid of every manly, every virtuous feeling, would have the baseness to defame : in the next place, I have a word for you in answer to the afperfions you have thrown out against this innocent young wo


mạn, in which you have brought my honour into question, and for which you ought to blush, knowing your own infamous attempts upon her person; but as your turpitude is such, that to speak of it in this presence would be a breach of decency, I desire you will step out with me, and I will breathe one word in your ear; which, if you have the spirit of a man, you will know how to reply to.” .

This faid, Henry stept nimbly out of the door, and Blachford, attended by his lawyer, sullenly followed.--" In the name of the Lord,” cried Ezekiel, grasping his crab-stick, “ I will also go forth.”-At this moment Isabellan gave a figh, and fell back in her chair..



CHAPTER VIII. How deep and secret are the Seeds of Love! I A S soon as Blachford was on the outside of " the door, Henry, who had stopt for him, accosted him, and said, “I'now-repeat to you; that your attempt upon Susan Máy was infamous; and that when you told Lord Crow

bery that innocent girl had been criminal with į me, you told a most impudent and abominable


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