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BE graciously present with all who this day meet to serve thee; bless the labours of all those who watch for souls; and give us all grace to hear with attention, to receive the word with meekness, and to serve the Lord with gladness. Teach us all things necessary to salvation; enable us to understand and remember the sacred truths delivered to us, with full purpose of living accordingly, that our conversation may be holy, and our end everlasting life.


WE thank thee for the morning light of this day of

rest, and for all the spiritual privileges which it brings with it. May we have rest and refreshment to our souls. May we read, and hear, and meditate with profit, and lift up our hearts to thee in prayer and praise with sincere devotion. And grant, most merciful God, that we may so improve all our sacred opportunities, that we fail not of a part in thine eternal rest, and in the hymns of angels and blessed spirits in the world to come.


GLORY be to thy name for the especial blessings which this sacred day has brought to us. Pardon us, if in any manner we have abused its privileges.

Cause the truths which we have heard to sink deep into our hearts, and bring forth in us the fruits of a holy and religious life, a peaceful and blessed death, and a glorious resurrection.


glory, that care, and diligence, and constancy that we ought to have done. Forgive, O Lord, our sins of ignorance and infirmity; but especially all our wilful transgressions of thy laws, the impurity of our hearts and thoughts, and every sinful practice and habit, of what kind soever. Work in us a hearty contrition for sin, and help us to live more worthily for the time to come; so that we may secure thy favour, and find eternal life.

BLESSED be God, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath vouchsafed to us the rest and the instruction of this Christian Sabbath. Blessed be God for the means of happiness and improvement, which have INTERCESSION FOR CHILbeen offered this day to us and our fellow Christians. Make us mindful, we pray thee, of our duty; that as we often hear how we ought to walk and to please God, we may continue to do so unto our lives' end.


MOST gracious and merciful God, we humble ourselves before thee in a deep sense of our unworthiness. We acknowledge that we have not served thee with that purity of intention, that sincerity of heart, that fervency of spirit, that zeal for thy


O GOD, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, bless the children of this household with healthful bodies, and understanding souls, and sanctified hearts, that they may remember their Creator all their days. Let thy grace preserve them from the temptations of the world; and may we never be wanting in any part of our duty to them, but instruct them in the faith and duties of a christian life, and convince them of their faults, and correct them in reason and` love. Be thou, O God,

their Father and portion, in this world, and in the world

to come.


OUR Heavenly Father, we beseech thee to be a Father to our children. Take them into the arms of thy love. Strengthen them in the path of duty, and when they fall, raise them up again. Wherever they are, or may go, there be thou with them. Guide them; teach them; defend, pardon, and save them.


may all meet together at last in the house of our Heavenly Father.



ALMIGHTY God, fountain of all goodness and all excellency; extend thine abundant favour and loving kindness to all our friends and benefactors. Reward them for all the good which from thy merciful providence they have conveyed unto us. Let the light of thy countenance shine upon them, and never let them come into any affliction or sadness, but such as may be an instrument of thy glory, and their eternal comfort. Forgive them all their sins. Preserve them from spiritual dangers. Give supply to all their needs; guarding their persons; sanctifying their hearts; and leading them in the way of righteousness, by the waters of comfort, to the land of eternal rest and glory.

WE humbly and earnestly look to thee, O God, for a blessing, a plenteous blessing on our dear children. Grant them thy best gifts. Grant them health, and strength, and understanding. Grant them, above all, virtue, holiness, good dispositions, the knowledge and love of thee, and of thy Son Jesus Christ. Help us to do all our duty to them, and help them to do their duty to us. Lead them and guard them O LORD, graciously through life; be with them accept our prayers for all in death; and grant that we our kindred and friends.


Do good unto them all. To those who err, show thy truth; and those who seek it, keep from error. To those who do amiss, give grace to do better; and those who do well, continue in well doing. To those who are afflicted, give comfort and deliverance; to those who prosper, humility and temperance. Bless the sick with health; and keep the healthy from sickness. Supply those who are in want; and let those who want not, give supply. To all grant thy grace, O God, and show thy mercy. Let love bind us one to another, and religion knit us all to thee; that however we suffer or scatter on earth, we may live and be in joy together, in the felicity of Heaven.


O THOU who art everywhere present, and everywhere and always the same merciful and protecting God, protect us, we beseech thee, in the house and by the way. Save us from danger, from violence, and from sickness. May our way be pleasant to our feet

and improving to our minds and souls. Grant to us a safe arrival at home. Bless and protect those whom we have left behind us. After the journey of life is over, grant that we may all arrive safely in that blessed country, where there is no weariness, nor peril, nor parting.


O THOU who art the confidence of those who are abroad upon the sea, protect us, we beseech thee, in this our voyage, and preserve us from all its dangers. But especially grant unto us a sure and steadfast trust in thee. Whatever changes may come over the deep, and whatever foes or perils we may encounter, let us know and feel that thou art near us, and that no real evil can befal us while we are with thee. Bring us to our desired haven, if it be thy will, and to our friends, in safety and peace. When the sea of life is past, and its storms are spent, O then, merciful God, land us on the calm and happy shore of thy heavenly kingdom.


WE thank thee, O God, merciful Father, that through thy great goodness we are permitted to meet again around our own domestic altar. For thy protecting care of us, while we were away, and for this our safe return, we praise and bless thee. For all the comforts, pleasures and duties of this our earthly home, we devoutly thank thee. But we know that we are strangers with thee, and sojourners, as all our fathers were; that our days on the earth are as a shadow, and here there is no abiding. O be thou with us, to lead and uphold us through the remainder of our pilgrimage, and at last receive us to our home in thine eternal heavens.


BLESSED be God, who has brought us safe to the beginning of another year. Make us sensible, O thou eternal and holy One, how short and uncertain is our mortal life. Pardon our misspent time, and make us henceforth careful to redeem it. Grant

that we may begin this new year with new resolutions of serving thee more faithfully. Make us wise unto salvation; that we may consider in this our day the things that belong unto our peace; and that we may pass the time of our sojourning here in thy fear and love; and be ready to depart hence, whenever thou shalt say unto us, Return, ye children of men.


HEAVENLY Father, we beseech thee to pity the troubles of the child whom thou hast visited with illness, and pity our sorrows, who are afflicted for it. Ease it of its pains, and strengthen it in its weakness. Raise it up again, if it shall please thee, to grow in years and stature, in wisdom and virtue; and thereby to comfort us, and glorify thee. We believe that thou knowest best what is fit both for it, and for us, and wilt do what is fit for both; and therefore we leave it to thy wise disposal. But let it be thine, O Lord, in life or death; and either preserve it to be thy true and faithful servant on

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