Nights at Sea

الغلاف الأمامي
N. C. Nafis, 1840 - 147 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 50 - To plague the inventor; this even-handed justice Commends the ingredients of our poison'd chalice To our own lips.
الصفحة 64 - The times have been That, when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end ; but now they rise again, With twenty mortal murders on their crowns, And push us from our stools.
الصفحة 27 - It's oae of two things — a parting blush o' the sun, or a gathering squall o' the night," returned the boatswain's mate ; " but we've no reason to care about it — 'cause, why? we're all as snug as possible. Well, shipmates, to get on with my yarn : — when we'd run a league or two, out of Portsmouth, we hove to at a victualling port, and I spied a signal for good cheer hanging out aloft; and so, without any bother, I boards 'em for a reg'lar stiff Nor'-wester, more nor halfand-half, and says...
الصفحة 26 - em see we arn't been sarving the king or hammering the French for nothin'. And, mayhap, thinks I, they arn't never got too much to grub ; so I gets a bag, and shoves in a couple of legs o' mutton and a whole shole of turnips, a full bladder of rum, and, as I knew the old uns loved cat-lap, there was a stowage of sugar and tea, with a bottle o...
الصفحة 24 - Englishwoman; and none o' your skinny, half-starved, sliding-gunter-legged, spindle-shank sinoreas for me !" " You manifest a shocking want of taste, shipmate," returned the serjeant, proudly, and bringing himself to a perpendicular. " The Italian women are considered the most lovely women in the world." " Tell that to the marines, ould chap !" chimed in a boatswain's mate, who now made a fourth in the party. " The most lovely women in the world, eh?
الصفحة 24 - I loves to see a good sunset," rejoined the other ; " and I never see'd finer than what I've see'd in these "here seas. It's some'at strange to my thinking, though, messmate, that God A'mighty should have made this part o' the world so beautiful, and yet have put such d — lousy, beggarly rascals to live in it ! Look at them there Italians, with no more pluck about 'em than this here cat-head!" " Nay, shipmates," said the serjeant of marines, who had just joined them,
الصفحة 15 - Pipe down !" draws forth a lark-like chirping of the calls, and in a few seconds the whole have disappeared; even the hammock-men to the young gentlemen have fetched their duplicate, and the cloths are rolled up for the night. The gallant Nelson had his coffin publicly exhibited in his cabin ; but what of that ? the seaman constantly sleeps in his coffin, for such is his hammock should he die at sea.
الصفحة 17 - Like the genius of his country, 'tis ever bold and free ; And he will prove, •where'er it flies, we're sovereigns of the sea." " Very fair, very fair, Mr. Nugent," said his lordship ;
الصفحة 84 - O'Brien was delighted. His maternal uncle was a general in the French service, whose father had left his country, Scotland, through persecution, when young, and had settled somewhere in France...
الصفحة 33 - ... conflobergasticationment ; there stood the skipper, with a bright steel pen in his hand as looked like a doctor's lanchet, and there, close by his side, upon her beam-ends, laid that lovely young creatur, the sparkling jewels in her dress mocking the wretchedness of her countenance. " Are you ready ?" says he ; and his onkivered eye rolled round and round, and seemed to send out sparks through the friction. —

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