The Cyclopædia of Anatomy and Physiology, المجلد 4،العدد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
Robert Bentley Todd
Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, 1852

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الصفحة 72 - ... of liquid matter, and hurling along, in rapid succession, opaque masses, which it strewed everywhere around. The beauty and novelty of such a scene in the animal kingdom, long arrested my attention, but after twenty-five minutes of constant observation, I was obliged to withdraw my eye from fatigue, without having seen the torrent for one instant change its direction, or diminish, in the slightest degree, the rapidity of its course. I continued to watch the same orifice, at short intervals, for...
الصفحة 294 - A true idea of the structure of a poisonfang will be formed by supposing the crown of a simple tooth, as that of a boa, to be pressed flat, and its edges to be then bent towards each other, and soldered together so as to form a hollow cylinder open at both ends. The flattening of the fang, and its inflection around the poison-duct...
الصفحة 469 - Maryland, exhibited to his obstetrical class, in the year 1827, a colored man, fifty-five years of age, who had large, soft, wellformed mammae, rather more conical than those of the female, and projecting fully seven inches from the chest, with perfect and large nipples. The glandular structure seemed, to the touch, to be exactly like that of the female. This man had officiated as wet-nurse for several years, in the family of his mistress, and he represented that...
الصفحة 444 - each single part of the body, in respect of its nutrition, stands to the whole body in the relation of an excreted substance...
الصفحة 469 - A carpenter fell into a quarrel with a soldier billeted in his house, and was set-upon by the latter with his drawn sword. The wife of the carpenter at first trembled from fear and terror, and then suddenly threw herself between the combatants, wrested the sword from the soldier's hand, broke it in pieces, and threw it away.
الصفحة 258 - Malpighian bodies, and on their singular connection with the tubes, I was led to speculate on their use. It occurred to me that as the tubes and their plexus of capillaries were probably, for reasons presently to be stated, the parts concerned in the secretion of that portion of the urine to which its characteristic properties are due (the urea, lithic acid, &c.), the Malpighian bodies might be an apparatus destined to separate from the blood the watery portion.
الصفحة 293 - In the interspaces of the fixed teeth in both these bones, the places of attachment of the shed teeth are always visible ; so that the dental formula, if it included the vacated with the occupied sockets, would express a greater number of teeth than are ever in place and use at the same time.
الصفحة 294 - The superior maxillary bone diminishes in length with the decreasing number of teeth which it supports : the transverse or external pterygoid bone elongates in the same ratio, so as to retain its position as an abutment against the shortened maxillary, and the muscles implanted into this external pterygoid...
الصفحة 152 - John Hunter similarly regarded it, after independent examinations of the organ, stating that " a small portion of it (the prostate) which lies behind the very beginning of the urethra, swells forward like a point, as it were, into the bladder, acting like a valve, to the mouth of the urethra.

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