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O what avails me now that honor high 66 To have conceiv'd of God, or that salute Hail highly favor'd, among women blest ! While I to forrows am no less advanc'd, And fears as eminent, above the lot

70 Of other women, by the birth I bore, In such a season born when scarce a shed Could be obtain’d to shelter him or me From the bleak air ; a stable was our warmth, A manger his ; yet soon enforc'd to Ay

75 Thence into Egypt, till the murd'rous king Were dead, who fought his life, and missing fillid With infant blood the streets of Bethlehem ;


passionate feeling of her grief. If A sentiment much of the same kind this reading was but poffeffed of with that in the Paradise Loft, the editions, nothing could be ob- where upon the fall of our first pajected to it. Calton. rents it is said X.

23: I am no friend to alterations of the

--dim sadness did not spare text, unless they are absolutely ne

That time celestial visages, yet cessary. The construction is

mix'd But to his mother within her breaft—-motherly cares and fears

With pity, violated not their

bliss : got head, and rais’d fome troubled thoughts: and if the words were and


also serve to confirm what brought thus near together, there has been observ'd in the note upon would not perhaps be thought that that place. How much more digdifficulty and perplexity in the nity and amiableness in this chafyntax.

racter than in that of a Stoical in63. Within her breast though calm, difference and freedom from all perher breast though pure,

turbations as they term it? Motherly cares and fears got head, ]


From Egypt home return'd, in Nazareth
Hath been our dwelling many years ; his life

Private, unactive, calm, contemplative,
Little suspicious to any king; but now
Full grown to man, acknowledg’d, as I hear,
By John the Baptist, and in public shown,
Son own'd from Heav'n by his Father's voice; 85
I look'd for some great change; to honor ? no,
But trouble, as old Simeon plain foretold,
That to the fall and rising he should be
Of many in Israel, and to a sign
Spoken against, that through my very soul

A sword shall pierce; this is my favor'd lot,
My exaltation to afflictions high;
Afflicted I may be, it seems, and blest;

I will

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great intent


in Nazareth I will not argue that, nor will Hath been our dwelling many years;] repine. She mentions this as part of their But where delays he now? some distress, because the country of Galilee, whereof Nazareth was a Conceals him :) How charmingly city, was the most despised part of does Milton here verify the chaPalestine, despised by the Jews racer he had before given of the themselves : and therefore Natha- blessed Virgin in the lines above? niel asketh Philip John I. 46. Can

Within her breast though calm, there any good thing come out of No

her breaft though pure, zareth ?

Motherly cares and fears got

head. 93. Afflicted I may be, it seems, and bleft; We see at onę view the piety of


I will not argue that, nor will repine.
But where delays he now ? some great


95 Conceals him: when twelve years he scarce had seen, I lost him, but so found, as well I saw He could not lose himself; but went about His Father's business ; what he meant I mus'd, Since understand ; much more his absence now 100 Thus long to some great purpose he obscures. But I to wait with patience am inur'd; My heart hath been a store-house long of things And say’ings laid up, portending strange events. Thus Mary pond'ring oft, and oft to mind

105 Recalling what remarkably had pass’d Since first her salutation heard, with thoughts Meekly compos’d awaited the fulfilling;


the faint, and the tenderness of the 103. My heart hath been a floremother; and I think nothing can house long of things be conceiv'd more beautiful and And Sayings laid up, moving than the sudden start of Thus Mary pond'ring oft,] Alludfond impatience in the third line, ing to what is said of hér, Luke But where delays he now? breaking II. 19. But Mary kept all tbefe in fo abruptly upon the compos'd things, and pondred them in her heart : resignation express'd in the two and again, ver. 51. but his mother preceding ones. The same beauty kept all these sayings in ber heart : is continued in her suddenly check- fo confiftent is the part that the ing herself, and resuming her calm acts here with her character in and refign'd character again in Scripture. these words - Yome great intent fonceals him. Thyer,

110. with


The while her son tracing the desert wild,
Sole but with holiest meditations fed
Into himself descended, and at once
All his great work to come before him fet;
How to begin, how to accomplish best
His end of being on earth, and mission high :
For Satan with fly preface to return

Had left himn vacant, and with speed was gone
Up to the middle region of thick air,
Where all his potentates in council fat;
There without sign of boast, or sign of joy,


I 22.

110. --with holiest meditations

from th' element fed, ] An expression very fig Each of his reign allotted, rightlier nificant, and the same with that in call'd Paradise Lost. III. 37.

Pow'rs of fire, air, water, and Then feed on thoughts &c.

earth beneath,] It was a noThyer.

tion among the Ancients, especially

among the Platonists, that there 11. Into himself descended.] In were Demons in each element, sese descendere. Persius Sat. IV. 23. fome visible, others invisible, in

the æther, and fire, and air, and 115. with sy preface to return water, so that no part of the world Mr. Sympson proposes to read, was devoid of soul: - with fly purpose to return:

αλλοι δαιμονες, ες και καλοιη αν τις

γενιητες θεες, καθ' έκαςον των τοιχείων, but preface is better, alluding to οι μεν ορατοι, οι δε αορατοι, εν τε αιwhat Satan had said I. 483. Oezi, xai augi, aeps Ti, x20 Údati, as - permit me

μηδεν κοσμο μερG- ψυγης αμοιρου ειναι, To hear thee when I come &c.

as Alcinous in his summary of the

Platonic doctrines says cap. 5. MiSatan's concluding speech at their chael Psellus, in his dialogue confirit meeting was a preface to their cerning the operation of Demons, meeting again.

from whence Milton borrowed


εισι δε

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I 20

Solicitous and blank he thus began.

Princes, Heav'n's ancient Sons, ethereal Thrones, Demonian Spirits now, from th' element Each of his reign allotted, rightlier callid Pow’rs of fire, air, water, and earth beneath, So may we hold our place and these mild seats 125 Without new trouble ; such an enemy Is risen to invade us, who no less Threatens than our expulsion down to Hell ; I, as I undertook, and with the vote Consenting in full frequence was impower’d, 130


fome of his notions of Spirits (as το μισοφαες και δυσαισθητον. p. 45. we observed in a note upon the Edit. Lutet. Paris. 1615. But the Paradise Lost I. 423.) speaks to Demons not only resided in the the same purpose, that there are elements, and partook of their many kinds of Demons, and of nature, but also presided and all sorts of forms and bodies, so ruled over them, as Jupiter in that the air above us and around the air, Vulcan in the fire, Nepus is full, the earth and the fea tune in the water, Cybele in are full, and the inmost and deep- the earth, and Pluto under the eft receffes : σολλα δαιμοιων γενη, earth. και σανλοδαπα τας ιδεας και τα σωματα ως ειναι αληρη μεν τον αέρα, , 130. - in full frequence) Milτον τε υπερθεν ημων και τον σερι ημας" ton in his History of England, αληρη δε γαιαν και θαλατίαν, και τας has said, The assembly was full μυχαιτατες και βυδιες [βυθιος] το

and frequent : and in Paradise 785, p. 41. and he divides them Loft 1. 797. the council of De. into fix kinds, the fiery, the aery, vils was frequent and full

. Here · the earthy, the watry, the subter- the adjective is converted into a raneous, and the lucifugous : to fubftantive, and in I. 128: and διαπυρον, το asprov, το χθονιον, το Shakespeare uses it in the same υδραιο» τε και εναλιον, το υποχθονιον,

Timon Act 5. Sc. 3.



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