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الصفحة 84 - what I may seem to the world, but, as to myself, I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea shore and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.
الصفحة 494 - And e'en the motion of our human blood Almost suspended, we are laid asleep In body, and become a living soul : While with an eye made quiet by the power Of harmony, and the deep power of joy, We see into the life of things. * A
الصفحة 494 - OF MIND. That blessed mood In which the burden of the mystery, In which the heavy and the weary weight Of all this unintelligible world, Is lightened :—that serene and blessed mood In which the affections gently lead us on, Until the breath of this corporeal
الصفحة 238 - And so obliging that he ne'er obliged ; Like Cato give his little senate laws And sit attentive to his own applause; While wits and templars every sentence raise And wonder with a foolish face of praise— Who but must laugh if such a man there be— Who would not weep
الصفحة 279 - And still she slept an azure-lidded sleep, In blanched linen, smooth and lavender'd, While he from forth the closet brought a heap Of candied apple, quince, and plum, and gourd , With jellies soother than the creamy curd, And lucent syrups, tinct with cinnamon ; Manna and dates, in argosy transferr'd From Fez
الصفحة 272 - As the last cloud of an expiring storm, Whose thunder is its knell; he, as I guess, Had gazed on Nature's naked loveliness Acteon-like, and now he fled astray With feeble steps, o'er the world's wilderness, And his own thoughts, along that rugged way, Pursued, like raging hounds, their father and their prey.
الصفحة 73 - Who reads, Incessantly, and to his reading brings not A spirit and judgment equal or superior (And what he brings, what need he elsewhere seek) Uncertain and unsettled still remains ; Deep versed in books and shallow in himself, Crude or intoxicate, collecting toys And trifles for choice matters, with a
الصفحة 225 - smile, and smooth the bed of death, Explore the thought, explain the asking eye, And keep awhile one parent from the sky! On cares like these, if length of days attend, May heaven, to bless those days, preserve my friend, Preserve him social, cheerful and serene, And just as rich as when he served a queen.
الصفحة 291 - To be no more ; sad cure ; for who would lose, Though full of pain, this intellectual being, Those thoughts that wander through eternity, To perish rather, swallowed up and lost In the wide womb of uncreated night, Devoid of sense and motion
الصفحة 492 - SPRING. I heard a thousand blended notes, While in a grove I sat reclined, In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts Bring sad thoughts to the mind. In her fair works did nature link The human soul that through me ran, And much it

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