Metre, Rhythm and Verse Form

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Psychology Press, 1996 - 196 من الصفحات
This clear introduction explains technical terms such as iambic pentameter and syllabics, defines verse metres such as blank and free verse and illustrates a variety of forms, from the sonnet to freer modes favoured by contemporary writers.Poetry criticism is a subject central to the study of literature. However, it is laden with technical terms that, to the beginning student, can be both intimidating and confusing. Philip Hobsbaum provides a welcome remedy, illuminating terms ranging from the iambus to the bob-wheel stanza, and forms from the Spenserian sonnet to modern 'rap', with clarity and comprehensiveness. It is an essential guide through the terminology which will be invaluable reading for undergraduates new to the subject.

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There is something inspiring, and just a bit intimidating, when a master of prosody and the history of English poetry sets about delineating the varieties of poetic metre, rhythm, and verse form ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله


Blank verse
The heroic couplet
Rhyme and pararhyme
Sprung verse
Quantity and syllabics
Free verse
Verse forms 0
Verse forms ii
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