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disturbed by no fears, inflamed by no anger, inspired by no hope, tormented by no jealousy; I can expect without impatience, and be disappointed without affliction. The dust which is scattered round me, and which once was living flesh as I am, chokes the fountains of my pride, and produces in me a mortification that is too strong for all my passions.

I was present very lately, when one of those monumental historians, whose employment it is to draw a profit from reading lectures on these resting-places of our ancient princes, was shewing the tomb of Henry the fifth to a circle of holiday strollers. After having informed the tasteless wonderers, that this was be who conquered France; that his son was crowned in Paris ; that he married the French king's daughter; and what else he had been able to collect from the records of this great prince's reign; he pointed to a plain, wooden, worm-eaten coffin, that was placed upon the ground by this tomb's side, and told them that it contained the body of Queen Catharine, the beautiful wife of this triumphant Henry: adding, that for a small additional contribution, he would unlock the coffin, and let them look in upon her corpse, which lay there perfect and undecayed, though she had been dead almost three hundred years.

They had curiosity enough to pay the price demanded, and the proposer made good his promise, unveiling to the sight and touch the reliques of that royal charmer. I cannot

express the indignation and concern which this scene gave me.

Her lovely limbs (which once were thought too tender for the wind to blow upon, and which were never seen without joy, reverence, and wonder, by the conqueror of her father's kingdom, and the sovereign of this in which she died) now lay neglected and exposed, denied even earth to cover her, and made a spectacle for the entertainment of a crowd of common wanderers !

Superior as this lady was in beauty, birth, and fortune, what pre-eminence in death have all these given her above the meanest and most unlovely ?--After having made her life a changeful course of sorrow and calamity, they left her destitute in death, without the decency of a grave to shelter her! There now she lies, a proof of transitory greatness; to comfort the wretched with this reflection, when they look in upon her exposed remains—that nature has made no difference between a royal and a vulgar body; but that, taking away what was added by fortune, each, from the moment of death, is the other's equal to eternity!

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mantle lie several little rolls; two of which opening at a corner, in the one may be distinguished these characters, MHNIN žeude ; in the other ΑΝΔΡΑ μοι έννεπε. The person in the other scale seems more sedate and thoughtful : his looks speak him a man of great application, and consummate judgment. On his head is a mixt garland of bays, myrtle, and rural flowers : in his left hand he bears a shepherd's crook, at the top of which hangs clustering a swarm of bees: in his right hand he displays a trumpet, with a banner, hanging from it; on the banner is painted a night-piece of a city in flames; and a young man in burnished armour, leading (through a street which goes to a gate of the city) a boy by the hand, and bearing on his shoulders an aged person, who carries a parcel of little images in his arms.

The scales seem equally poised; or, if there is any small declension, it is on the side of the old-man.

Close by the scale on the right stands (as if he expected to be weighed next) one who holds out a proadni.

of a delicious garden, out of which an anThe

th a flaming sword, drives a man and a next in jaked, who in their looks betray all the the piecef sorrow and remorse.

Behind this fithrough inces a venerable person, with a mitre man play d: he looks up (with all the signs of

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admiration and gratitude) towards the old man who holds the little rolls in the folding of his garment; and he stretches out his arm, as if he meant to present him with a book, lettered on the back “ Telemaque.” Not far off is drawn a large group of men; some with buskins on their legs; others with a particular kind of slight pumps on their feet; and two or three with vi. zard masks on their faces. At some distance up in the air is seen a figure with a human face, and the legs and body and wings of a swan ; it seems to direct its flight to the clouds; and beneath, on a plain, are represented some games of exercise, as, running, wrestling, horse and chariot races, with crowds of spectators. In the third pannel, the figure that first en

eye is Astrea, sitting on a broad blue arch of a circle, in which are shadowed out darkly in miniature, the likenesses of several animals: in her hand she holds the balance, of which she was the inventress. In the scales are human figures lessened in due proportion: in the descending scale is only one person, bearing in his lap a sphere, and upon it lies the draught of a city besieged, with several engines of an ancient form planted on the walls. He beckons to a man of a studious aspect, who seems in. tent upon a prism of glass, and holds a book What rank or condition is then among us, which

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may not draw, from this great school of moral reasoning, some observation for their benefit?- Even the unwary and extravagant, whose lives are a continued luxury, and to whom the miseries of debt appear remote and without terror; even they may find a lesson among these tombs; for there they may be shewn the bodies of great men, doing penance in their velvet coffins, and imprisoned after death, to satisfy the malice of their stubborn creditors'; as if the influence of sórdid money could extend its cruelties beyond life, and had a privilege to disturb, by avarice, the sleeping ashes of departed sovereigns !

Is a man insulted, wronged, betrayed? does he hate his distrusted enemy? are his thoughts employed on revenge? and does he break his sleep with stratagems to avoid, or retaliate, the injustice that may be done him? Let him walk with me in this instructive circle, and I will shew him the dust of a murdered monarch, mixing quietly with his who murdered him. I will tread with him. over earth that is passive and ferments not, though composed of united atoms from the mingled bodies of those men, whose battling interests and affections, while they lived, shook the kingdom like an earthquake! When

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