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delight every grace and beauty with which (in The next persons to encounter were the actors, my idea) it abounded; read, or caused it to be between whom, the following squabble ensued. read, at every opportunity among my friends and Celia, the heroine, thought proper to demand a acquaintance, and was complimented profusely song from the part of Delia; upon which, the by all parties; insomuch, that I began already latter complained grievously, and urged that she to think myself a great man; anticipated every was enviously robbed of the best part of the advantage that might arise from its success on the character allotted to her; however, with some stage; sat for my portrait without delay, fully address, matters were at length amicably seitled persuaded that I should shortly have the satisfac- between the ladies.

titlepage of The Monthly Mirror; but, alas, ! --How- as vile a cruaker as ever sung Bobbing Join in a ever you shall know all.

country alehouse),.was much disconcerted that My opera fell by chance into the hands of an he had no song; for, added he, I am always well eminent literary gentleman, who read it, and was received in a lively duet with the Signora ! How pleaserl, without hesitation, to that the story we apples swin! Sir, you shall have something was good ; that it was nearly and humourously all right so far. Another objected to his part, wld; characters chastely drawn, and judiciously because, forsooth, there was no breaking of shins varied; incidents naturally diverting, songs charın. over banisters, no lady's toupee to frizzle, no cant ing, and introduced with much taste; adviseri me phrase, nor any of those chaste eccentricities to present it to the theatre; adding, that if I which the gods admire, and which constitute so thonght of so doing, he would give me an in considerable a part of the modern drama. troductory letter to the Manager. This from What could I do here but appeal to the mahim, who (by the way) is a severe critic, gave nager? who did not chuse te interfere, as Mr. me every reason to hope that I was now in a fair Feignwell was, in his opinion, perfectly acquaintway to attain the very summit of my wishes. Ied with John Bull, whose taste it was their pargladly accepted his offer ; and accordingly waited ticular interest to study; and desired therefore, upon the manager, who read the letter, and ap- that this gentleman be allowed to arrange the part pointed me to call again, which I did the week he was to enact suitable to his owu powers : following; when he informed me with great whereupon, some of my best dialogue was to be coolness, that he had read my piece, and, to my omitted, and a Merry Andrew, Jew Pedlar, no sinall mortification, without a single encomium Sailor Jack, Tom Tinker, Tom the ; in short, upon it, observed, that it wanted stage-effect; but, any thing, as I at last understood, like grimace provided Crotehet, the composer, thought it and buffoonery introduced. worth music, it should have a trial. Crotchet, By this time, the poor child of


brain was in his turn, vouchsafed to pronounce it pretty; so mangled and disfigured, that it was with great and, though in its present state not fit for repre- difficulty, my patron on seeing it again, could sentation, thought it a production of much pro recognize a single feasure; who therefore, ad. mise; but the songs, which were by no means vised me to take it to my own protection, which suitable to the taste of the day, must be altered. I consented to do, rather than "tum it forth," Here, I observed, that the songs of an opera as I must have done, “ ashamed of my own ought, in my epinion, to be expressive of some work, and set no mark upon it." passionate sentiment, naturally arising froin the Now, Sir, as the last consolation we can hope character, situation, &c. and upon ihat principle for in cases of this kind, is the commiseration of I had written mine. “ Why, aye," rejoined those who will indulge us with a bearing, I must Crotchet," that formerly was the principle ad.beg you to excuse this trespass upon your pho hered 10; but we find now that any little episo- tience; and if you can insert this in your Fashina. dical ditty, opposite to the situation in which it able Jagasine, as a word to my brother scribblers, is introduced, goes off much better than any it may prepare, them for a similar ordeal; and thing absolutely connected with the business of perhaps in some measure, account for the cene the piece." — Yielding with deference to the temptibly degener te state, 10 which that once judgment and experience of a professional gen. elegant and delightful species of amusement, tleman, I promised my best endeavours to make called an Opera is reduced; which from a regular them what he would like; and accordingly in and forcefully harmonjous compasition of poetry voked the muse a second time: who, though and musio, aided by the graces of the dance, and very reluctantly, at last, furnished me with ballads embellished with the beauties of art, is become a for bravuras,-comic songs for quartettos, ditties confused jumble of heterogeneous matter, scarcely for duettos, and for rondos, short couples, gar- worih representation in a booth at Bartholomew nished with fal, la, la, -i, tum, ti, &c. &c.-all Fair I am, Sir, &c.

VAPID. of which were approved.

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