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A very extraordinary and most valuable Historical Print, consisting of six whole-lengılı

Portraits, embellishes


Being the Nineteenth, of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE;

Publishal on the First of July, price 25. 60.
And which concluded the Second Volume of this Work, with the termination of the Half Year.

THE Subject of the present Print is that of the first introduction of the Emperor ALEXANDER of Russia to the Queen of Prussia, by the King, her husband, who is seen in the act of presenting his illustrious guest to the Queen-Her Majesty, accompanied by the Countess VONNEss, receives him with an air of dignified complacency and august grandeur. At the termination of the Picture are seen the two Brothers of the King of Prussia, Prince William, and Prince Henry. They are dressed in the military habit of the country; but the Queen is attired in a plain and simple manner, much after the Parisian fashion of dress which prevails generally in the Prussian Court.--The Figures are all whole lengths and correct Portraits of the august Personages represented, and so admirable are the Likenesses in the original Print from which this is most accurately copied, that the Emperor of Russia and all the Prussian Court were liberal Subscribers at two Guineas for each Print.

This Interview took place on the 10th of June, 1802, at Memel, a city at some distance from Berlin, and situated on the Polish frontiers.

The SUPPLEMENT may be had of any Bookseller in Town or Country; and those who have not yet completed their Volumes, and failed of receiving it with the delivery of their last Number (No. 18.) are requested to give immediate orders for it to their respective Booksellers.

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For AUGUST, 1807.




The Twentieth Pumber.


CHARLOTTE Lenox, the present independence at the hazard of his inDuchess of Richmond, is the third daugh- || terest. ter of the Duke and Duchess of Gordon.

Upon the dissolution of the late miHer Grace was married September 9th, || nistry, when the friends and adherents of 1789, to Colonel Lenox, now Duke of || Mr. Pitt were again called to the helm of Richmond, by whom she has a very nu- power, the Duke of Richmond was not merous family.

forgotten. An offer was immediately Upon the death of the late Duke of made to him of the Lord Lieutenancy of Richmond, who died at an advanced period | Ireland. His Grace accepted the office, of life, and without legitimate issue, his title and his brother-in-law, the Duke of Bedand fortune devolved upon his nephew, ford, was immediately recalled. It may General Lenox, the present Duke. here be remarked, that the recall of his

His Grace represented the county of Grace the Duke of Bedford was softened Sussex in several Parliaments, and had to his feelings as much as possible; and in always been warmly attached to the party | being thns superseded by a near relation, and politics of Mr. Pitt-in truth, his the dignity might be considered as still attachment was of a nature more close and continuing in the same family. affectionate than political alliances gene. The Duchess of Richmond accompanied rally are. He maintained his connection || her husband to Dublin a few months with Mr. Pitt at a time when his uncle, the since; and is, of course, still in the Irish late Duke, was extremely hostile to the metropolis. conduct of that minister; and though As a public character we have little to General Lenox was chosen member for say of her Grace. Her conduct is worthy the county of Sussex almost solely upon of her rank, and her affability and good the Richmond interest, he did not on that humour make her equally beloved and reaccount hesitate to vote against the opi- spected. nion of his uncle, or to preserve his





LOUISA MARIA THERESA, Queen of Spain, the commission of a colonel in the life guards, was born a Princess of Parına on the 9th of De and orders to repair to Madrid without delay. cember, 1751; she was married to his present Almost immediately after the return of Louis Spanish Majesty, Charles IV.on the 4th of Sep- the elevation of Manuel commenced. A new tember, 1763, and is the mother of three sons | appointment was created for hiin, that of adand three daughters. Had her royal consort thejutant-general of the life guards, with the rank character of his ancestor, Louis XIV. his people of a major general in the army. He had not would have been happy, and the independence held that situition long, when he was raised 10 of his king lom respected; he would not then the rank of a lieutenant-general, and created a have suffered himself to be ruled by a weak | Grandce of Spain of the first class, under the Princess, governed in her turn by a still weaker eitle of Duke of Alcudia, the King granting hin favourite, the imbecile upstart, the Prince of the royal domains of Alcadia, together with the Peace; whose pernicious influence has brought revenues of the most valuable of the four mili. disgrace on his Sovereign, and ruin on his fri.

tary orders. His power soon became so con. low-subjects. As this personage is by the insiderable, that the proudest Grandees tound it politic partiality of the Queen become of great necessary to solicit his ii luence to obtain even consequence in the actual concerns of Europe, ordinary favours from the court. Even the grand some particulars respecting his origin, the pro- council of Castile, with the philosopher and gress and the causes that have contributed to hi

patriot Count D'Aranila at its head, could make advancement, must necessarily find a proper place no stand against him. At the commencement in this sketch.

of the war with the regicides of France in 1793, Don Manuel Godoy de Alvarez, Prince of the pusillanimous opinion of the council of Peace, was born on the 8th of March, 1767, at Castle was in favour of defensive operations ; Badajoz, in the province of Estranjadur', that the screral passes of the Pyrennean mounobscure parents. Early in life he was sent to tains should be strongly guarded, and the army Madrid with his eldest brother Louis, to serve in considerably augmented, before a thought should the King's life guards as cominon soldiers, his be entertained of sending any force into the French family not having sufficient means 10 support territory. But the Duke of Alcadia thought other. them as cadets in the army. Don Manuel re

wise, and his opinion prevailed. The council of mained in the guards in obscurity unul his Castile was dissolved for presuming to resisi it, brother's banishment. I took place in conse- and Count D'Aranda was banished to Saragossa. quence of information received by the late King,

The war with France had, from its beginning, which induced a suspicion that the Queen, then been badly conducted by Spain, and the critical a Princess of Asturias, was particularly attached situation of that country, in the year 1795, cointo hin. So much was Charles 111. alarmed by pelled the Duke of Alcadia to change his plan, the intelligence, that he ordered Louis to be exiled and to think only of the means of repairing the from Madrid for life, and he was allowed but two injury the nation had sustained through his rashihours to prepare for bis departure.

He was

ness and folly. A peace was called for by the strictly enjoined never to approach within twenty-people, as they seemed to believe that it would five leagues of the court. He oblained, how- heal all their wounds. Peace, upon any terms, ever, a company of the provincial militia in the appeared to the superficial mind of the Duke of place of his birth, with a cross of the military || Alcadia the best expedient that could be adopted. order of Alcantara. During his exile, which cou

"He, therefore, precipitately conclu led a treaty tinued until the King's death in 1788, Louis had with regicide France equally disadvantageous and many valuable presents sent him by the Princess dishonourable. It left the Spanish monarchy at of Asturias. These presents were conveyed to

the mercy of the French republic, with a tera him by Manuel, who was introduced to the ritory abridged, her resources considerably diPrincess by the Duchess of Alva, under prelence minished, her army almost broken down, and of hearing him play and accompany on the guitar, her spirai nearly exhausted. The popular joy which hedid, as the Spaniards term it, eon gracia. and gratitude, however, was extreme; and the On the death of Charles III. the same courier King, instead of punishing an ignorant and prewho brought this news into the district where

sumptuous minister, conferred upou the peace. he resided, also brought him his pardon, with I maker the title of Prince of Peace!

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