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effect, while the bick and shoulders have been Chinese diadem and comb, of blended diamonds somewhat indecorously and unbecoin ingly ex- and pearls, confine and ornament the hair, and posed. Within this last month, however, deep compose also the necklace, earrings, and bracelace of a mot delicate texture, has been placed , lets. She wears the new Turkish slipper of across the back, gathered in the centre, and on white satin, which is embroidered with the red. each shoulder with brooches. When I attempt, heath at the tve. I must not forget to tell you dear Julis, to give you a delineation of fashionable that rings are invariably, and abundantly disattire, I am puzzled with the multiplicity and played by us fashionables; three or four are worn variety which present themselves to my mind's on the livile finger. They consist of the simple eye. I have endeavoured, however, to execute gold hoop, with a small stone in the centre of your commissions to the best of my power; and each, of the diamond, ruby, emerald, and amewith this you will receive your ball dress, or exe- , thyst. The rainbow hoop-riog, formed in similar cution rohe! so christened by my sprightly cousin, |, variety, takes place of the diamond, by way of who joins me in wishing that it may prove a guard to the wedding ring. But you and I, talisman, by which you may slaughter your Julia, have as yet, nothing to do with this last envious rivals, and lay love al your feet.

mentioned article; and when we have, I trust Your pelisse, I have chosen of fine Georgian that our guard will boast a more auspicious cloth; because it is quite as genteel, and more emblem than that of variety. The long sleeve appropriate for your purpose than velvet. Your of plaited lawn, which you mention, is conbeaver hat, of the military order, cannot fail to sidered very elegant and select, and that of pet please; being likely to form an agreeable associa- | | lace, setting close to the arm, with bracelets and tion with your present state of affairs. The ornaments on the outside, is much worn in evenChinese scarf you may twist round your figure in ing parties. Coloured satin spensers trimmed a diversity of forms; sometimes disposing it in a with mole, linx, or swansdown, 'is a useful graceful drapery for your round muslin, or plain | change; and may be worn with white dresses of satin dress; at others, forming it as a military almost every construction. We find them a com sash; each of which will produce an elegant fortable and becoming shelter from the partial effect on your sylph-like figure. As we are air of the theatres; ours are formed of rose-pink going to a splendid party this evening, I must | satin, trimmed with gossamer fur. And now, hasten to give you a few more samples of fall dear Julia, before I take my leave, a word or two shionable attire, enclose my list of general re | for the dear vicarage. You will make known marks, and then proceed to my toilet. I believe there, that the long-wished for work of our I have before observed that coloured dresses of venerable favourite, the Reverend Percival Stockvarious materials, and constructions, are all the dale, is just ushered into public, and is entitled rage. White satin, with black n t drapery, em “ Lectures on the Great British Poets." Several broidered in colours, and tastefully disposed, is, of the literati speak highly of this production ; however, considered very fashionable and elegant. and my uncle (who you know is a most able Mary appears this evening in a most beautiful judge of classical merit) says that it not only costume after th- above design. It is a simple contains the most refined and correct criticisms on round dress of white satin, with a plain waist, poets, but exhibits specimens of a truly graceful and full short sleeve. The back and shoulders and poetic mind in the lecturer. That in the one cut very low, and a drapery of black net appear on Spenser, all the enchantments of the most ing in front like a large half square. The comer chivalric genius are displayed; and that throughtaken off behind, and embrudered all roun.. in out the whole of the work the reader is led a most beautiful border of the cape-heath and through scenery as romantic as the poet's fairy myrtle: this drapery is placed across the back, i land, and as interesting as any romance that has gathered in a pearl brooch of the shell form, on charmed the nineteenth century. In dwelling the left shoulder; one corner reaching below the thus on its merits, I shall doubtless secure it a knee, where it is finished with a variegated tassel, most welcome rec ption in the libraries of my corresponding with the colours which compose || Truro friends. Adieu, dear Julia ! believe me the border. The other is extended plain over the | ever, with love unfeigned, your bosom, which it delicately casts into shade. All


- -

London: Printed by and for John BELL, Southampton-street, Strand.


Bell's i




1. An elegant Portrait of HER ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUCHESS OF BRUNSWICK. 2. THREE WHOLE-LENGTH FIGUREs in the Fashions of the Month. 3. An ORIGINAL COUNTRY DANCE, composed and set to Music by Mr. Gow. . 4. An ORIGINAL WALTZ, composed by Mr. KOLLMAN. 5. An elegant new PATTERN for NEEDLE-WORK.


SCIENCES Her R. H. tlie Duchess of Brunswick.... 291

|| Og Magnetism

... 329 ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. Culinary Researches

333 Anecdote of Miss Ambrose .. Additions to the Natural History of cer

POETRY. tain Animals .......... ........ 293 The Ladies' Toilette; or, Encyclopædia of Original and Select ...

... 334 Beauty ....... War; a Dream ...................... The Brothers .......................,

PUBLIC AMUSEMENTS. Meiner's History of the Female Sex....

Two Faces under a Hood ......... The Dog of Melai .

........... 338

339 Essay on Printing ............

| Essay on the Stage ....
On the rage for building .......
On good Travellers ...
Barbito, or The Ghost of Cuenca; a

Spanish Tale .....
Essay on Knotting .................... 319

|| Explanation of the Prints of Fasbion.... on Anger .........

321 English and Parisian Costumes ........ 341 The Cestus; or, Girdle of Venus........ 322 General Observations on the most select A Connubial Story...

and elegant Fashions for the Season.. ib. An account of Thomas Williams Malkin, Letter on Dress .......

.......... 343 a Child of extraordinary Attainments.. 326 Supplementary Advertisements for the Month.

....304 i Faulkener ..

London : Printed by and for J. BELL, Proprietor of the WEELY MESSENGER, Southampton-Street,

Strand, January 1, 1808.

Now in the Royal Palace of Hampton Court, have been most correctly copied, and are not

Engraven accurately, and precisely in the style of Outline, under the inspection of the
first Artist of the age, and these most valuable Prints, Seven in number, the size Royal
Octavo, are given as the Embellishments in





Published this Day, together with the present Number, at the usual price of 2s. 6d.

although the Cartoon Prints alone, may be justly estimated worth Two Guipeas.

The following are the Subjects :

ment in conducting the future Numbers of I 1st. The Death of Ananias.

BELLE ASSEMBLEE, without abridging or abaling

single particle of those Attractions which have alrea 2d. Paul Preaching at Athens. Sd. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes.

raised the Work to such an eminent degree of pop 4th. The Charge to Peter.

larity. 5th. Elymas the Sorcerer.

Title-page and Index to the Volume for 1807, a 6th. The Sacrifice to Paul and Barnabas.

given in this Number. 7th. Peter and John healing the Lame Man in the

N.B. The New Arrangements, and actual Extraort Temple.

nary Embellishments to be introduced in LA BELL Of these Plates no accurate Engravings have ever been ASSEMBLEE, have been postponed, at the suggesti made; the imperfect representations of them, now ex- of many of our Subscribers, till the commencement tant, are only to be had at the most extravagant price the New Year, and the completion of the presen. V The present collection therefore being copied from the lume; and as the present Number, together with Original Pictures, and being complete and faithful, must Supplement, completes the Volume, - the next Nu be esteemed of the highest value to the man of taste, the ber being No. 27,) to be published on the first of ! lover of the Arts, the collector, and to such as value the bruary, will commence with the New Arrangements graphic illustrations of the niost beautiful and affecting A correct OUTINE of Mr West's memorable 1 part of Scriptural History,

torical Picture, « The Death of General Wolfe," 11 The genius of the mighty Raphael is here presented be given as the first Outline in this Number. It is! at one view, and those works faithfully represented, I ecuted under the immediate direction of that illustrie which are esteemed the glory of Britain to possess, and Artist,—and will be a most estimable treasure. the just pride of the ancient school to have produced.

These Engravings are accompanied with Critical,
Historical, and Explanatory Details.
The Supplemental Number contains, as usual, Sixty-

Printed for John Bell, Proprietor of the Weel four Pages of Literary Review, and in it will be deve. Messenger, Southampton-street, London. loped a most extensive and valuable Plan of Improve

[graphic][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][merged small]

migre ner for La fidie

tokomblei N 25. Tublished by Iekn Bell proprietar of the meekly

Messenger, Jan 1.1838.

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