Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society: Mathematical and physical sciences, المجلد 10

الغلاف الأمامي
Cambridge Philosophical Society, 1900

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الصفحة 380 - President, in the chair. The following were elected Fellows of the Society : — Mr.
الصفحة 37 - ... Ptychoderidae, which are enlargements of the annulations ; and by the dermal pits of Spengelia, which are intergonadial depressions of the interannular grooves. In the Enteropneusta and in the Cephalochorda the gonads are more or less coextensive with the gill-clefts, both being primarily unlimited in number. A theory of gill-slits was developed, according to which gill-slits arose in the interannular depressions, while the gonads were disposed in zones corresponding with the epidermal annulations....
الصفحة 230 - Raia where the anatomical resemblances are especially striking. There is a surprising dearth of paleontological evidence in favour of the view. The two creatures of which most have been made are the Devonian Climatius, and the Carboniferous Cladoselache, each of which has been held to support it.
الصفحة 234 - These structures have the primary function of Respiration. They are also however provided with an elaborate muscular apparatus comprising Elevators, Depressors, and Adductors, and larvae possessing them may be seen every now and then to give them a sharp backward twitch. They are thus potentially motor organs. In such a Urodele as Amblystoma their homologues on the mandibular arch are used as supporting structures against a solid substratum, exactly as are the limbs of the young Lepidosiren. I have...
الصفحة 185 - PRESIDENT, IN THE CHAIR. The following was elected a Fellow of the Society : AL Bennett, BA, Christ's College.
الصفحة 12 - B up to the narrowest part (diameter 0.80 in.), and then made conically divergent to the discharging end. The results of the experiments are given in the following table : The fact that B discharges more than A is very noticeable...
الصفحة 27 - t Hoff*, the osmotic pressure of a solution can be calculated from its vapour pressure by multiplying the difference between its vapour pressure and that of pure water by the ratio of the density of water to the density of its vapour. This gives the osmotic pressure of the salt in the solution, or what is the same thing the diminution of the internal pressure due to the presence of the salt. Assuming that the internal pressure in the solid is diminished by an amount measured by the diminution of...
الصفحة 181 - ... wave-train, when the field is on, is identical with that of the same wave-train when the period is altered by its being carried round with angular velocity + co and there is no influencing magnetic field.
الصفحة 47 - The experiment exhibited would appear to show that one atmosphere of pressure is sufficient to produce a sensible difference of colour in the case of iodine vapour diffused in air as compared with a vacuum ; and in the meantime as a lecture illustration the experiment may be of some interest.
الصفحة 156 - On the Fossil Flora of the Staffordshire Coal-fields. II. Trans. R. Soc. Edinb. vol. xxxvi. p. 63. (93) On Lepidophloios, and on the British species of the genus.

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