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H.S., &c., assisted by Professor Lindley,


Ph.D., F.R.S., &c.


Instructions in 'Gardening, for Ladies. By Catalogue of Works on Gardening, Agricul.

Mrs. Loudon

350 ture, Botany, rural Architecture, &c.,

Every Lady her own Flower-gardener. By lately published, with some Account of

Louisa Johnson

• 660

those considered the more interesting: -

The Floricultural Magazine and Miscellany

32. 92. 216. 262 296. 559

of Botany. Edited by Robert Marnock

The Elements of Botany for Families and

The Florist's Journal

. 602



Icones Plantarum rariorum Horti Regii Bo- Verhandlungen der K.K. Landwirthschafts-

tanici Berolinensis. Figures and Descrip- Gesellschaft in Wien, &c.

- 298

tions of rare Plants in the Roval Botanic Kollar's Treatise on Insects injurious to

Garden at Berlin. By H. F. Link, Fr. Gardeners, Foresters, and Farmers


Klotzsch, and Fr. Otto

556 Annual Flower Seeds, Fruit Trees, Seeds and

Icones Plantarum; or, Figures, with brief Implements, and a List of Geraniums, sold

descriptive Characters and Remarks, of by E. Sang and Sons


new or rare Plants selected from the Au. Johnson on increasing the Depth of Soils . 216

thor's Herbarium. By Sir William Jackson Mrs. Loudon's Ladies' Flower-Garden of

Hooker, K.H., LL.D., &c.

Ornamental Annuals


Traité de la Composition et de l'Ornement Mrs. Loudon's Ladies' Flower-Garden of Or.

des Jardins, &c.

namental Bulbous Plants


Design for laying out the Inner Circle of the Buist's American Flower-Garden Directory,

Regent's Park as a Garden for the Royal &c. &c.


Botanic Society of London

605 Appleby's Catalogue of Plants

The Eastern Arboretum, or Rural Register Rivers's Rose Amateur's Guide, &c.

• 298

of all the remarkable Trees, Seats, Gardens, Sayers's Treatise on the Culture of the

&c., in the county of Norfolk. By James

Dahlia and Cactus



352 Bridgeman's Florist's Guide

- 560

The Eastern Arboretum, or Rural Register Rivers's descriptive Catalogue of Fruits

of all the remarkable Trees, Seats, Gardens, Rivers's descriptive Catalogue of Pears • 203

&c., in the County of Norfolk :- Trees and Fruit Trees, by a practical Observer


Gardens of Norw.ch, continued ; Cossey Clark's Method of pruning and training

Park; Dereham and its Neighbourhood. Standard Apple Trees


By James Grigor

- 600. 661 Lindley's Appendix to the First Twenty-

William May's Priced Catalogue of select three Volumes of Edwards's Botanical

Plants grown in the Hope Nursery, Lce-



ming Lane, Bedale, Yorkshire

605 Torrey and Gray's Flora of North America 9+

Traité des Végéteaux qui composent l'Agri- Webb's Otia Hispanica, seu Delectus Plan-

culture, Horticulture, &c.

659 tarum rariorum aut nondum rite notarum

The Flora of Yorkshire. By Henry Baines 660 per Hispanias sponte nascentium


A History of British Ferns. By Edward Mörch's Catalogus Plantarum Horti Botanici

Newman, F.L.S.

168 Hafniensis


Annales des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles, Lemaire's Cactearum Genera nova Speciesque

d'Agriculture et d'Industrie, publiées par novæ, et omnium in Horto Monvilliano

la Société Royale d'Agriculture de Lyon

cultarum ex Athinitatibus naturalibus Or.

A Flora of North Anierica; containing dinatio nova Indexque Methodicus


abridged Descriptions of all the known in- Visiano's Della Origine ed Anzianità dell'

digenous and naturalised Plants growing Orto Botanico di Padova, &c.


North of Mexico; arranged according to

Webb's Otia Hispanica, &c.

- 297

the Natural System. By John Torrey and

Burnett's Plantæ utiliores


Asa Gray

558 Descrizione dei Funghi Mangerecci più

Illustrations of the Botany and other Branches communi dell' Italia, e de' Velenosi che

of the Natural History of the Himalayan possono co' medesimi confondersi, &c. 298

Mountains, and of the Flora of Cashmere. Francis's Grammar of Botany

- 560

By J. Forbes Royle, M.D., F.R.S., &c. &c. 348 Macgillivray's Manual of Botany

Icones selectæ Plantarum quas in Pro- Agardh's Recensio Specierum Gen. Pteridis 33

dromo Systematis universalis, ex Herbariis

Sheer's Kew and its Gardens


Parisiensibus præsertim ex Lessertiano Brady's Visitor's Guide to Knole, in the

descripsit Aug. Pyr. DeCandolle. Editæ County of Kent


a Ben). De Lessert

• 350 | Sproule's Treatise on Agriculture, adapted

Exposition des Fleurs et d'autres Produits, to the Soil and Climate of Ireland


&c. à Lyon

Sir Humphry Davy's Elements of Agricul.

Monographie du Genre Camellia, &c. By tural Chemistry


the Abbé Berlèze, 2d Edit.

664 Bayldon's Art of valuing Rents and Tillages.

The Surveyor, Engineer, and Architect; or By John Donaldson


London Monthly Journal of the Phy. Hodges's Use and Advantages of Pearson's

sical and Practical Sciences. By a Com. Draining Plough


mittee of Practical Surveyors, Engineers, Transactions of the Society of Arts, Manu.

and Architects

171 factures, and Commerce


Illustrations of Indian Architecture. By The Sixth Annual Report of the Royal Corn-

M. Kittoe

356 wall Polytechnic Society


Ricauti's Rustic Architecture. Parts I. Daly's Revue générale d'Architecture et des

and IL

355 Travaux Publics, &c.


History and Guide for drawing the Acan. London Architectural Precedents

· 267

thus, and every other Description of Orna- Davy's Architectural Precedents


mental Foliage, by Rule. By J. Page, Ricauti's Rustic Architecture


Ornamental Draftsman

355 Lewis's Illustrations and Description of Kil-

A Treatise on Agriculture and Dairy Hus- peck Church, Herefordshire


bandry. By James Jackson

665 Perkins's Improved Patent Apparatus for

The Journal of the English Agricultural warming and ventilating Buildings



169 Parkes's Report on A. M. Perkins's Patent

Hints for the Use of Highland Tenants and

Steam Boiler


Cottagers. By a Proprietor

214 Jones's Principles and Practice of Level.

Religion and Crime ; or the Distresses of


the People, and the Remedies. By John The Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art 267

Minter Morgan

606 Red field's Remarks on Mr. Espy's Theory of

Centripetal Storms, &c.


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- 267

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- 563


Mrs. Loudon's Magazine of Gardening - 607 Report of the Society for obtaining free Ad-

Mrs. Loudon's Gardening for Ladies

267 mission to the National Monuments


Mrs. Loudon's Companion to the Ladies' Notice Biographique sur J. B. Huzard


- 267 | Bibliothèque Huzard

• 563





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The Improvement of the Agriculture and Horti-

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to the Regent's Park, 566 ; An additional

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made to the Committee appointed by the Lords

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head's Swedish Turnip, D, R., 48; A clothy
Substance, white above and greenish heneath,
1. R., 375; M. J. Berkeley, 376.




35_57. Details of Wire Field Gates 194—196 1–3. Details of a Wire Trellis, erected at

53. Illustrative of the Mode of naming


- 16-18

Plants at the Derby Arboretum 523 1922. Plans and Sections of Hot-houses, il-

61-68. Sections of Sash-Bars


lustrative of Mr. Penn's Mode of

62. Sections of Glass, showing the difference

Warming and Ventilating, - 122-127

in thickness

- 572 29, 30. Plan and Section of a Forcing Pit,

70. Lines showing a Mode of arranging

heated by Hot-water

140, 111

Walks on a Lawn

- 587 41. Section of a Hot-house illustrative of Mr.
71. Section of Ground, showing a Sunk Fence 589 Penn's Mode of Warming and Ven.
72. Beds intended for Flowers in the Royal


Botanic Garden, Regent's Park . 606 63-66. Elevation, Plan, and Sections of a
73. Beds proposed for Flowers in the Royal

Conservative Wall at Chatsworth 573, 574
Botanic Garden, Regent's Park - 606 67. Section of a Hot-house, showing a Mode

of covering with a Thatched Root . 578
INSTRUMENTS, IMPLEMENTS, UTEN. 69. Section of a Bonnet-roofed Plant-house 579

5-7. Views and Section of Kirkwood's



• 39, 40

14–51. A Brick Tally in use at the Derby 4. Plan of House and Gardens, showing the


- 74521

site of a Conservative Wall


15-18. Details of a Glass Case for growing

18–10. Plan of the Grounds at Fortis Green,
Plants in Rooms


the Villa of W. A. Nesfield, Esq. 50-52
23—28. Views and Plans of Rogers's Conical

12. Ground Plan of the House and Gardens
Boiler and Hot-Water Apparatus 133–136

at Fortis Green


31-34. Sang's Hypsometer

191, 192

52. Plan of the Derby Arboretum

- 522

38. Chimney to Rogers's Conical Boiler 197

55. Plan, Sections, and Elevations of the

42. Trough for supplying Atmospheric Mois-

Ground at the Derby Arboretum

ture to Hot houses


43. Section of Perkins's Double Boiler

• 325


45. Read's Barrow Engine

11. View from the Lawn Front of Fortis

47, 48. Details of an Instrument for taking



the Heights of Trees

384, 385

13. Entrance Front of Fortis Green


39. View of Isola Bella



54. One of the Pavilions at the Derby Arbo.

40. Laurus nobilis

- 242



44. Cynodon Dactylon

- 349 56. Design for a Statue and Stone Seats for

46. Queen Mary's Thorn

the Derby Arboretum

- 537

49. Pinus Pináster Lemonidnus

S94 57-60. Views of the Lodges and Entrances

73, 74. Torrèya taxifolia

659 to the Derby Arboretum . 538-541

- 284

- 361

. 362



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