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tended to supersede the former Machine nicis. S. S. Bibliorum versionibus addiat Marly, with an account of a method of dit C. Th. de Murr. 8vo. pp. 83. with a gupplying the town and ridens of Ver , plate. This is a reprint with several adsailles, with water, withou applying thv ditions, of a Memoir inserted in the 7th moving force of the river. This Memoir and 9th Volumes of the Journal of History, was submitted to the class of National of Arts and of Literature. Science and Mathematics of the Institute, M. Th. Soemmering has published at 18th May, 1806. MM. Monge, Coulomb Franckfort, a Description of the Organs and Prony, were deputed to report on it, of Hearing ; ( Abbildungen des menschlichen who were of opinion, that it merited the Hoer-Organs : folio, 5 plates. II fjor. commendation of the class, and that Dillwyn's Synopsis of British Conthe author should be desired to publish his fervæ, has been translaterl and published mea oir and his designs. Tho report was by M. M.T. Weber, M. and H. Mohr, and confirmed by the class at its sitting of the published at Gottingen. (Grosbrittuniens 19th June 1806. (Projet une nouvelle Conferven. 8vo. 20 grs.) machine hydraulique pour remplacer l'ancienne M. G. Londes has published a Syste machine de Marly, &c. 4to 2 large plates, matic Catalogue of Plants, growing sponpr. 5 fr.)

taneously in the Environs of Gottingen; M. Bedault

has published a Bibliotheque it contains the phænogamea, according to universelle des Dames. 2 Vol 18 francs : the first 23 classes of Linnæus. (Verhey contain; 1. A Grammar. 2. A zeichniss der wildwachsenden Pflangen. GotTreatise on Orthography. 3. On Pronun- tingen, 8 gr.) ciation. 4. On Versification.

The first number of an Herbal, con

taining the plants themselves, properly M. J. J. Wagner has commenced, at prepared, and fixed.on pasteboard, has Leipzic, a Journal of the Sciences and has been published at Salzbourg by R. Arts; M M. Eschenmayer, Hüz, Hebel, Priers: it consists of a collection of the and others, have prom sed their co-ope- poisonous plants. (Saurmlung der Wurzelni, ration. (Journal für Wissenschaft und &c. 4 rxd. 8 gr.) Kunst. No. 1. 8vo. 16 gr).

A Selection of Pieces in Poetry and M. M. J. Wolf, and B. Meyer, have Prose, chiefly extracted from various pepublished at Nuremberg, Nos. 1 to 9, of riodical works, is published by M. A. E. the Natural History of German Birds, de Eschke, at Berlin. (Kleine Schrifften) scribed and designed from nature. The 8vo. 20. gr.) first two numbers of this work were pub- A work intended for the amusement lished under the title of “ The Birds of and information of its readers, has been Franconia," but now the Editors, no longer commenced at Dantzig, intitled, Miscelconfining themselves within the same geo- lanies relating to Man, and to the History graphical limits, take more extensive of the World. The two volumes pubscope in their title. To each species is lished contain accounts of, or Essays on, added the German, French, Latin, and the following subjects ;-Vol. I. i. The English Synonymes; these are followed by Union of Calmar. 2. The Islands in the the character of the species, and the de- Gulf of Finland, 3. The Man in the Iron scription of the individual bird in parti- Mask-Vol. II. 1. Philip Augustus, king cular; that is, its native Country, habits, of France. 2. Charles 6 and 7, Kings of food, propagation, nidification, its useful France. 3. The Hot-springs and Volca: and noxious qualities; description of its va- noes of Iceland. 4. Ivan, and the trourieties, and some anatomical observations. bles of Russia, in 1764. (Naturgeschicte der Voegel Deutschlands.) A periodical publication has been com

M. F. Bouterwerk has published at menced at Leipzic, by M.J. A. Bugh, Leipzic, a work entitled Essays on the Fine intended to give an account of every parArts: Vol. 1. contains an Essay on the ticular worthy of notice, relating to In: Theory of the Beautiful in Nature, and dia, it consists of extracts from voyages in the Arts. Vol. 2. The Theory of the and other works of a similar description, Fine Arts.

from which this kind of information may M. Halle bas now published the follow. be derived. Four numbers (making one ing work on the state of the Jews and Jewn yolume 4te. 24 plates, pr. 6 rxd.) are to be ish Literature in China.--Ignatii Kægleri, published in a year. (Magazin über Asians S. J. Pekini inathematici tribunalis præ- Vol. 1. No. 1. (rxd. 12 gr.) sidiis mandarini secundi ordinis, &c. No- Mr. Walther, Bookseller at Erlangen, titiæ, S. S. Bibliorum Judæorum in Impe has publishert Georgii Augusti Goldfuss, rio Sinensi. Editio altera auctior. Se. Doctoris Medicinæ et Chirurgiæ Enumeriem chronologicam atque diatriben de Sie ratio Insectorum Eleutheratorum Capetis


Boni Spei totiusque Africæ Descriptione iconibusque nonnullarum

specierum A committee of the Academy of Sci. nuvarum illustrata. Cum tabula aenea. ences at Petersburg, has laid before that The Author was sent by his Majesty the Body the project of a system of “ Rules King of Prussia, to collect Natural for writing Russian Words with foreign Productions, at the Cape of Good Hope, Characters, &c. foreign Words with Rusand hence we m reasonably expect many sian Characters.” Two alphabets, the valuable additions to the Description of German, and French, are made use of to Nature.

render the pronunciation of Russian words M. L. Storr has published Researches intelligible to strangers. The plan was into the Nature and Treatment of Hypo- approved by the Academy, and it will be condriasis. (Untersuchengen über den Be- of great utility with respect to Russian grif. 8vo. Stutgard, 1 tlor. 12 kr.) names which have been much disfigured

M. H. T. Elsaesser has published at by the various ways of writing them used Stutgard, an Essay on Operating for the by French, German, and English writers. Cataract (Ueber die operation des grauen Staars frc. 24 kr.)

At Carlskrona M. E. H. af. Chapman,

Vice Admiral of the Swedish Navy, Dr. Lübeck has commenced a work en- Knight of the order of the Sword, &e titled Ungrische Miscellen, Hungarian Mig, has published in quarto Försök till en Thecellanies. Three numbers are publish- oretisk afhandlung, &c. An Essay towards a ed.

'Theoretical Treatise to give to Line of M. Jos. Heggi has published at Pesth, Battle Ships their proper Dimensions and a' Hungarian translation of Cicero's, Form; likewise to Frigates and other letters-and also a Library for Youth.' armed Vessels: it contains upwards of

40 folio plates. It is dedicated to his The censure of Literary Works is abo- Swedish Majesty. lished at Milan; but authors are to be

SWITZERLAND. henceforth held to their responsibility, A Jewish newspaper, in the Hebrew and an office for superintending the Li- language is about to make its appearance berty of the Press is set up to prevent at Basle, principally on the subject of all abuse of that privilege.

the deliberation which occupies the assenbly at Paris.






duction to Mr. Boucher's Supplement to An Address to the Commoners, and a Dr. Johnson's Dictionary, by G. Odell, Letter to Mr. Tunnard, the Solicitor, &c. M. A. on the Drainage of the East, West, and The English and French Languages, Wildmore Fens, by the Rev. E. Walls. 6d. compared in their Grammatical construcBIOGRAPHY.

tions. In two parts, by M. Duverger, Memoirs of the Life of Col. Hutchinson, 2 vols. 12mo. 8s. bound. Governor of Nottingham Castle and

MEDICINE, Town, Member of the Long Parliament of Malvern Waters. Being a RepublicaOliver Cromwell, written by his Widow, tion of Cases, formerly collected by John Lucy, 4to. ll. lls. 6d. or large paper, Wall, M. D. of Worcester ; and sinee 21. 12s. 6d.

illustrated with Notes, &c. by his Son, The life of Thomas Chatterton, the Martin Wall, M. D. 3s. Poet, by J. Davis, 8vo. 4s.

Observations on the Nature, Kinds, EDUCATION.

Causes, and Prevention of Insanity. By D. Junii Juvenalis et A. Persii Flacci Thomas Arnold, 8vo. 168. bds. Satiræ ad Lectiones Probatiores diligenter Sketch of the Revolutions of Medical amendatae et Interpunctione Nova Sce- Science; and Views relating to its Rem pius Illustratæ Cura, J. Hunter, LL.D. form. By P. J. G. Cabanis, Member of 28. 6d.

the National Institute of France, &c. The Primitives of the Greek Tongue, Translated from the French, with Notes, in five Languages, viz. Greek, Latin, by A. Henderson, M. D. 8vo. English, Italian, and French ; in verse,

MISCELLANIES. by J. F. A. Roullier, 3s. 6d.

The British Neptune, or

a Navai An Essay on the Elements, Accents and History of Great Britain, from the time of Prosody of the English Language; in- Alfred, to the Victory of Trafalgar ; contended to have been printed as an Intro. taining a full and particular Narrative



in regular Chronological Series, of the The Political Picture of Europe, Ss. Er. Rise, Progress, and Triumphs, of the Three Letters to the Right Hon. George British Nary, in one closely printed vo- Tierney, one of the Representatives for lume, iHustrated with views of great the Borough of Southwark. Victories, and a Chart of the World. 7s, 60. bd. and lettered, and 9s. on fine Salvation by Christ alone, a Sermon paper, elegantly bound.

preached at Orange-street Chapel, PortA new Method of brewing Malt Liquor, sea, July 13th. 1806. By James Churin small quantities, for domestic use, by chill, Ongar, Essex 6d. &. Rawlinson, 1s.

A New Selection of 700 Evangelical The Independent Man, or an Essay on Hymns, (many original) intended as a the Formation and Developement of those Supplement to Dr. Watts's Psalms and Principles and Faculties which constitute Hymns. By J. Dobell, 18mo. 4s. 6d. bd. Moral and Intellectual Excellence, 2 vols. The Unitarian Doctrine completely re8vo. 18s,

futed, being a Friendly and Candid Address No. 16. Missionary Transactions, 1s. to Unitarians in general, as also a par

The Gentleman's Mathematical Com- ticular Reply to some late publications. panjon, for the Year 1807, (to be con- By the Rev. J. Proud, 2s. tinued annually), 1s. 6d.

Baptism: an Address, by P. Edwards, The Bibliographical Miscellany, or second edition, 6d. Supplement to the Bibliographical Dic- The English Liturgy, a « Form of tionary ; containing Alphabetical Sound Words.” A Sermon, delivered in Account of all the English Translatious the Parish Churches of St. Benet, of the Greek and Roman Classics, and of Gracechurch, St. Mary, Stoke-Newington, the Greek and Latin Fathers and others, and St. Mary, Islington. By George from the first attempt by William Caxton, Gaskin, D. D. Is. down to the present Year.

By Adam

A Discourse occasioned by the Death of Clarke, 2 vols. 18s. bds.

the Right Hon. Charles James Fox, deThe Naval Heroes of Great Britain, livered at the Unitarian Chapel, in Essexor Accounts of the Lives and Actions of street, October 12th. 1806. By Thomas the distinguished Admirals and Com- Belsham, Is.. manders who bave contributed to confer A short Account of the Old Presbyteon Great Britain the Empire of the Ocean, rian Dissenters, comprehending also an from Sir Francis Drake, to Lord Nelson Abstract of their Principles. By the By William Burney, A. M. Master of the Rev. James Reed, 8vo. Is. Naval Academy at Gosport, &c. &c. A Course of Theological Lectures on the with Portraits and Maps, 7s. 6d. bd. or Peculiar Doctrines of Christianity. By 93. on fine paper.

the Rev. Joseph Robertson, Edinburgh, The Accomptant's Guide, an Improved price 7s. 6d. 8vo. System of Practical Arithmetic, with an

TOPOGRAPHY. Appendix; containing Artificers, Measur- History and Description of the City of ing, &c. By James Morrison, Svo. Exeter. By Alexander Jenkins, 10s. 6d. 4s, 6d. bds,

The History and Antiquities of the Encyclopædia for Yonth ; or an abridg- Town of Newark, in the County of Nota ment of all the Sciences, for the use of tingham, (the Sidnacester of the Romans.) Schools of both Sexes. By John Joseph Interspersed with Biographical Sketches; Stockdale, 11 plates, 8vo. 105. 6d. bds. in two parts. Embellished with Engrar

ings. By W. Dickinson, Esq. Part I. 15s. Original Poetry: by a Member of Christ College, Cambridge, small 8vo. A Voyage to South America, describing Ss. bds.

at large, the Spanish Cities, Towns, &c. Della Ragion Poetica trà Greci, Latini, Undertaken by command of the King of et Italiani, de Vincenzo Gravina. Re- Spain, by Don Geo. Juan, and Don publicata, T. D. Matthias, 7s.

Antonio de Ulloa. Translated from the

original Spanish, with Notes and ObservaA Political Essay on the Commerce of tions, and an Account of the Brazils. By Portugal, and her Colonies, particularly John Adams, Esq., of Waltham Ableyx of Brazil, in South America. By J. J. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. Is. Da Cunha de Azeredo Continho, 5s.




P. 1002. Ante-penult. for his works, read his sermons.

1021. l. 12, for truth, read truths.

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Page ABOLITION of Slave Trade 468 Arabic and Persian Dictionary, Wil. Abernethy's Surgical Observations 625 kins' edition of Richardson's 581. 801 Account of British Institution , 388 Architectural Antiquities of Britain 150 Dr. S. Johnson

133 Architectüre, Dallaway's View on of Swedish Publications English

508 862. 1055 Arithmetic, Dubost's Commercial 152 Acts, Dick's Lectures on the 437 Arts, Fine, British

388 Adams's Atlas 477 Apxas, Salmon's

992 H. History of New England 932 Atkinson's Views of Picturesque CotAddress to British Grand Juries 931


927 Age of Frivolity

372" Austrians, Rohrer's Essay on 80 Agriculture, Communications to the Board of 67. 783

Aikin's Geographical Delineations 619
Αιρεσεων Aναςασις

- 361 Baldwin's, Abp: Itinerary, translated 773 Alexandriad 934 Baldwin's Fables

314 Alley's Vindication of Lord Sheffield's Barry's History of the Orkneys 90 Strictures

714 Barrow's Voyage to Cochin China Almanac, Berlin


819. 889 Tyrol

80 Basanistes, New Way of deciding Alston's Hints on Drawing 469 Old Controversies

361 America, Parkinson's Tour in 165 Baxter, Extracts from

836 , North, Wakefield's Excur- Bayfield's Gleanings

1038 sions in

840 Bayle's Dictionary, Leipzig édition 574
South, Considerations on Bechstien's Natural History of In-
an Expedition to


766 American Annals, Holmes's - 749. 842 Bell's Principles of Surgery : 878 Literature 162. 576, 665. 749. Belligerent Rights Vindicate” 728 842. 960 Belsham's Sermon

556 Anatomy, Manual of

· 374 Bentley's Spiritual Telescope 155 Answer to War in Disguise 728 Beresford's Translation of the Song Inquiry on State of the of the Sun

44 Nation 935 Berlin Almanac

80 Antient Monuments explained by Bevans's Defence of the Doctrine of Mythology 765 the Friends

524 Antient Gallery

765 Biddulph's Sermon for Lord Nelson 159 Apocalypse, Woodhouse on the - 914 Bigland's Essays'

449 Appeal on sitting while Singing - 234

Letters on Natural History 928


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Bile, Smith on digestive Powers of 721 Cormontaigne's Memorial on the
Birds of Scotland, Grahame's 792 Defence of Fortified Places

Bighops, Reflections or Power of -- 1044 Cottages, Atkinson's Views of 927
Blackader's, Col. Diary and Letters 560

Gifford's Designs for 746
Bloch's Greek Grammar - - 571 Correspondence, German

- 863
Bloomfield's Wild Flowers - 475 Craven, Antiquities of

Blundell's Sermons

376 Cromer considered as a Watering
Booth's Rev. A. Fumeral Sermon for,


and Memoirs of
471 Cuinberland's Memoir's

Bourdaloue's Select Sermons translated


Bread-Making, Edlip's Treatise on 741
Bridel's List of Irregular Preterites 234 Dallaway's Observations on English
British Institution, Account of - - 388 Architecture

Britton's Architectural Antiquities 150 Danish Literature - 571. 768. 866. 1054
Broadley's Internal Evidence of the Davie's Letters from Paraguay - - 553
Religion of Moses -

462 Dawson's Thanksgiving Sermon - 662
Bruce's Life and Travels -

440 Deaf and Dumb, Asylum for - - 235
Burke's History of the Campaign in Decline, Causes of, in Nations 325. 427
· 831 Description of St. Helena

Derivative Dictionary • 465

of Latium

- 588
Bury St Edmunds, History of 922 Dermody, Life of Thomas

- 701
De Rossi's Lexicon Hebraicum - 956

Selecta Scholia R. Im.

Camus on Teeth of Wheels 1034

Dissertatio de Corana 9587
Cappe's, Newcome, Discourses 263, Dewhirst's Fast Sermon

Carlyle's Poems
528, Diary, Col. Blackader's

Carpenter's Sermon
1041 Dick's Lectures ou the Acts

Carr's Northern Summer

29 Dictionary, Greek English Deriva.
Stranger in Ireland 869. 976

Catechism of Sacred History 659

Persian and Arabic 581,801,
Cavc's Introduction to Reading - 235 Discourse of the Three Sisters · 385
Cellerier's Sermon
861 Discourses, Cappe's

Charges, Judge Rush's

• 290
- Kenrick's

Massillon's, translated -


Jay's, for Families 1002
Charnock's Life of Lord Nelson 209 Diseases, Clinical History of - 422
Christian Mirror
- 278 Diversions of Purley

245. 353,
876 Dix on constructing Maps

- Teacher
• 840, Dore's Funeral Sermon

- 471
Christianity, Historical View of Dubost's Commercial Arithmetic . . 152,
Church, Established, Hints for Secu- Duellists, 'Lucas's -

- 153
rity of

937' Dulac's Trayels in Louisiana • 563
Churchill's Sermons

840 Dutch Literature - 766. 768.969
Churchman's Confession, Simeon's 237 Dyer's Restoratiou of the ancient
Civilization of British India, Wrang- Mode of bestowing Naines

hain's and Mitchell's Essays on 363.535
Clark, Life of Dr.



Clarke's Naufragia

Cloutt's Last Sermon.

748 East Indian Literature

03 dito

82. 329
Cochin China, Barrow's Voyage to Edinburgh, Stark's Picture of

819. 889 Edlin's Treatise on Bread-Making - 741
Cockburn's Address to Methodists 313 Egypt, Wilson's History of 64. 141
College of Arms, History of 302 Emigration, Lord Selkirk on
Collyer's Thanksgiving Sermon - 662 Empire of Hayti, Rainsford's 405
Colombe Messagere, Sabagh's 956 Enigmas, Collection of

Comicorum_Græcorum Fragmenta, 61 Epitome of Sacred History 659
Commerce, Oddy's European

38, 134 Essay on the Austrians
Coramercial Phraseology

German Jews

Constitutional Diseases, Lambe on 47


Cooke's Sermon_for Lord Nelsyn

157. Wrangham and Mitchell's,
Guoper's Sermons, Vol. ú. 719

on civilizing India - 363. 535


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