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church, according to their sources, the Eutheran symbolic books, availing himself of those later Protestant works, whose doetrinal orthodoxy is acknowledged; he also exbibits as full a catalogue as possible, of publications in which the Lutheran creed has been discussed.

Art. XXVIII. Spanische und Portugiesische Miszellen. Spanish and

Portuguese Miscellanies.-A new Journal under this Title, edited by Frederic Benjamin Bucher, Secretary of the Electoral-Saxon Cormercial Deputation, in Dresden, has been published at Leipzig, by Weigel, from the beginning of the present Year. A Number, consisting of six Sheets, is to appear regularly, every two Months, aud three Numbers will form a Volume.

THE Editor, who has long been known to the public as an admirer and cultivator of Spanish literature, is indebted chiefly to the liberal indulgence of an exalted patron, for the access to, and free use of, a considerable collection of original Spanish works, in all departments of Science, which have lately been brought to Dresden. Among these are the works of Brick, Capmeny, Casiri, de Castro, Corvalan, Foronda, &c.; the Man morial Literario of Madrid, the first two volumes of the Geographical Historical Lexicon of Spain, published by the Royal Historical Academy, the works of the Economical Societies of Madrid and Segovia, the colJections of novels, plays, and poems. The access to these works with which Mr. Bucher has been indulged, the use of the Electoral library at Dresden, which is tolerably well furnished in the departmevt of Spanish and Portuguese literature, the possession of some original works in both Janguages, which be bimself has collected, and the opportunity which his connections with the mercantile world afford him of procuriug in. telligence, and the assistance which he has engaged from competent coadjutors, in the departments of poetry and romance; these, and various other circunstances, enable him to present his countrymen with an entertaining and instructive miscellany. --It will consist chiefly of interesting extracts, and sometimes entire translations, from the multifarious Works which are placed at his disposal.

Art. XXIX. Sale of Books at Leipzic Fair. At the last Michaelmas Fair, the following Works appeared before the

Public. Historicorum Græcorum Antiquissimorum Fragmenta, collegit, emenAccount of the Campaign of the Dutch Army, in the Year 1793, with

dait, explicavit, ac de cujusque Scriptoris ætate, ingenio, fide, commentatus est Fr. Creutzer. "Hecatdi historica itemque Charonis et Xanthi

omnia, large 8vo. Frankfort on the Mayne. Mohr. Degerando's History of the Philosophical Systems, translated into Ger

man. By Pref. Tennemann. Vol. I. Large Svo. Marburg.--The

second Vol. was intended to appear in the Easter Fair, 1806. Sketch of Necker's Character and private Life, with some of his Posthu

mous Papers. By bis Daughter, Madame Stael. From the French Rostock." Stiller,

a continual. View to the Operations of the combined Austrian and English Armies, in the Netherlands, Vol. I. Large 8vo. Frankfort ou the Mayne. Guilhaumann.

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Art. XXX. C. Crispi Sallustii Belli Catilinarii ct Jugurthini His

torice Editio emendatior jurta edd. opt. diligentissime inter se collatas illustrata notis selectis, cum indice copioso. Salem, Massachuften

sium. 12mo. pp. 276. 1805. WE perceive with pleasure, that our transatlantic friends are increasing

ly diligent and successful in their literary pursuits. Editions of seteral Roman classics have, within these two years, been reprinted at the American press; among which are, the Eclogues, Georgics, and Æneid, of Virgil ; Merouille's Select Orations of Cicero, the Works of Sallust, and the Commentaries of Cæsar. Most of these, however, are-Dauphin editions; and the undertaking has been more indebted to motives of economy, than to a spirit of emulation. The present work is the first new edition of a classical author, that has appeared in the United States. Its plàn, and general accuracy, are creditable to the abilities and diligence of the editor. The text is amended from the Dauphin edition, by a collation with Havercamp's, Hunter's, Didot's, Maittaire's, &c. The notes are partly, and, indeed, too liberally, copied from Crispinus, the Dauphin editor; the most valuable are those which have been furnished by Havercamp, Minellius, Gruterius, Gronovius, &c. The work is also enriched with various readings, “Non quidem,” says the editor, "a codicibus MSS. quorum apud nos non extat aliquis, sed ex editione Sallastii splendida Havercampiana.”

Art. XXXI. A Selection of Pleadings in Civil Actions, subsequent to

the Declaration, with occasional Annotations on the Law of Pleading. By Joseph Story. Salem. 8vo. pp. 695. 1805. IT may

law adopt for their code of jurisprudence, the common law of England, together with such statutes. judicial decisions, and legal treatises, as existed before the declaration of independence. On points of political and fiscal economy, they must evidently differ. "English statutes occasionally, and decisions, subsequent to that period, are cited as corroborating arguments, but not as uncontrovertible authorities. Such parts of their code as are exclusively American, are almost confined be their own statutes. Judicial opinions and decisions are less valued, because they have never been recorded ; and perhaps the pursuit of wealth, or the love of leisure, would still prevent the compilation of reports, had not the government recently appointed an officer for that purpose. It may be worth remarking, tliat in the infancy of our own jurisprudence, the same plan was adopted, and we are indebted to prothonotaries, appointed by the crown, for the Reports, which under the name of Year Books, extend from Ed. II. to Hen. Vill.

Mr. Story's book may be found very useful to the junior student as a compilation for frequent reference. The precedents of pleadings appear to be copied from American records, or English books, with such alterations as Mr. S. conceives to be locally necessary. ---On their propriety we are not to decide, We cannot place much reliance on his professional science only knowing it, as we do, from his compilation of notes and dissertations, which is very common place and superficial.

Weh ave just received, too late for review in the present Number, an interesting pamphlet very recently published at New York. It is a “! Message froin the President of the United States, communicating discoveries made in exploring the Missouri, Red River, and Washita, by Captains Lewis and Clark, Dr. Sibley, and Mr. Dunbar; with a statistical account of the countries adjacent.". It was read in Congress, Feb. 10, 1806. We hope to lay it before our readers very shortly, and at the same time to offer a few remarks on the general state of American literature.


Gentlemen and Publishers who hare works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC Review, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probablé price, of such works; which they may depend on being communicated to ine public, if consistent with their plana

A Currespondence has been opened with rarious parts of the United Kingdom,

for the purpose of procuring interesting Literary intelligence, on the authenticity of which the public inay depen. GREAT BRITAIN.

and ending with the year 1800. It is Two thousand copies of a translation , intended to be given in the manner of a of the Gospel of St. John, in ibe Mo- Bibliotheca, describing the forn and pehawk language, have been printed, five culiarities of every work, its size, edibundred of which have been recently tions, &c. To which an analysis of the sent to America.

contents of each volume will be added. Mr. Parkinson's Second Volume of Dr. John Moodie of Bath, who was Organic Remains of a former World, is with the forces during the late war in in considerable forwardness.

India, proposes to publish by subscripMr. T, Park is Editor of a new and tion, a History of ihe Operations of the splendid Edition of Lord Oxford's Noble British Forces in Hindovstan from 1744 to and Royal Authors, with Portraits and 1784, to form 2 vols, royal 4t0, with fac-similia,

maps, charts, pians, and views illustrative Mr. Maurice is engaged in a Poem on of ihe subject. Richmond Hill, intended to illustrate Dr. Baddoes has in the press a Report the principal objects seen from that emi- from an Institution at Bristol, for investia nence; it will be embellished by En- gating the origin and arresting the progravirigs.

gress of Consumption, Scrophula, and Mr. C. Wilson proposes to publish by other prevalent disorders in Families and subscription, Recollections, consisting of Individuais. These cases have been original biographical notices, anecdvies, kept for several years by various medical &c. of distinguislied characters.

gentlemen, (who will be named) as well Mr. Royston is engaged in an exten- as by the editor, who will occasionally sive work on the Medical Literature of add his own practical observations. England : its objcct is; to give a des- Mr. Cumberland is printing a supplecription and analysis of books published mental addition to his Life, which is now by Englishmen, on Medical Science; passing through a second Edition. beginning with the earliest printed workss, The Endeavour Society is about to


publish a manual of orthodox divinity, or on rural economy, is engaged on a rétiei religious principles, in plain and easy of the Reports of the Board of Agriculo Jariguage in support of the tenets of thie established Church of England.

The National Cattle Plare Work wilt Mr. Plumptre is printing a collection be stwortly published by Miss. Buydelle of Songs, without the music, which will and Co. This work will be dedicated be conrprised in two-large volumes, 12mo. by pereission to his Majesty, and is

Mr. Murray, Lecturer in Chénistry, under the superintendance of Lord Sos Materia Medica, and Piarniacy, mervile. It wiil be published in nume Eduburgh; lras in the press a system of hers of Imperial quarto size, each cons chiernistry, expected to make 4 vols. 8vo. taining two or more prints, from pic

Mr. Robert Hamilton, teaclier of Elo. tures painted by Mr. Janics Ward. The cntion in the College of Old and New history and descriptions, uses; merits Aberdeen, has ready for the press Ele- and defects of the callle, with their niegts of Elooution, intended for the adaptation to various soils and situations; Improvement of Youth.

by Mr. Lawrence, author of the New Mr. Mitford' lias in the press, a re: farmer's Calendar, General Treatise on vised and considerably augmented Edi- Cattle, &c. tion of the 3 vots. already published of The following Works will shortly appear's his History of Greece, and a 4th vol. Tie first Book of “ The Evenings of entirely new,

Southbill" Dr. Pinel's Treatise on Insanity trans- Travels through Russia, the territoJated, and accompanied with notes by Dr. ries of the Don Cossacks, &c. by the Davis is nearly ready for publication. Rev. E. D. Clarke, 1 vol. 4to, with En.

The Criticism, or Miracles examined, a gravings. work published many years ago by Dr. Forty Sermons on doctrinal and pracDouglas, nom Bisliop of Salisbury, is tical subjects, selected from the works of reprinting with corrections and additions the Rev. J. Clarke; for the use of fahy the author.

milies. To which will be prefixed, some Mr. Dearn, Architect to the. Duke of account of his life by the Rev S. ClapClarence, will publish in imperial 4to. ham, M. A. a Collection of Sketches: a Review of Rev. J. Wooll's Biographical Memoirs the State of Architecture in this country, of the Rev. J. Warton. and an Inquiry into the situation of A Collection of Epitaphs and monu. those intended for the profession, will be mental In:criptions, historical, biogras prefixed.

phical, literary, and miscellaneous Mr. Gyfford has nearly ready for pub- A new edition of Madan's literal Verlication, a book of Designs for clegantsion of Juvenal and Persius. Cottages, Villas, &c.

A new edition of Butterworth's ConMr. Carlisle, Surgeon to the West. cordance. minster Hospital is engaged on a work A new edition of Dr. Vincent's Nearon tlie Anatomy of the Organs of Hear- chus. Ing in Aninals generally, together with A new edition of the Surgical Works the Physiology of their several parts, of P. Pott, Esq. and a series of Acoustic Phænomena, in- New and uniform edition in 8vo. of tended to elucidate the subject.

Mr. Roscoe's Life of Lorenzó de Me Mr. Marshall, author of several works dici, in 2 vols, and of Leo X. in 6 vols.

Art. XXXIII. LIST OF WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED. We hope that no writer will take exception at the omission of his work int the following list, as information respecting it may not have reached us : the insertion of any work should not be considered as a sanction of it; the list consisting of articles, which we have not examined.


the Board of Agriculture, by J. Naise General View of the Agriculture of mith. 6s. the County or Clydesdale, drawn up for General View of the Agriculture of




the County of Sinyle, drawn up for the Board of Agriculture, by J. Smith, D. D. A full' and Empirual Report of the 75. 6d.

Debate in the House of Lords, May it,

1800, opon Lord Holland's B.ll for the Designs for Ornamental Plate, by C. relief of Insolvent Debtor's, 8vo. os. H. Tathani, royal folio, forty-one plates. An: 1:nquiry concerning the livention 11. Ils. 60.

of the Life Buat, including Remarks Onli Essays on the Anatomy of Expression Mr. Greathead's Report of the Evidence in Painting. By C. Bell, 4to.

and other Proceedings in Parliament, BIOGRAPHY.

&c. By Mr. Hlails, 2s. The Military, Historical, and Politi- Transactions of the Royal Irish Acacal Merroirs of the Count de Hordt. By demy, vol. X, 4to. 11. M. Borrelli, 2 vols. 8vo. 12s.

The first book of the Iliad of Homer, Menioirs of the late G. Morlaud. By translated into English blank W. Collins. 55.

with notes, &e. By P. Willians, D. D. CHEMISTRY.

Archdeacon of Merioneth. 8vo. 3s, A Chymical Catechism for the Use of Memvirs and Reports of the Sucie!y: Young People. By S. Parkes, 8vo. 125. for Maritime Improvement. '1s. EDUCATION.

An Inquiry into the Changes of Taste Rhymes for the Nursery. 18. 60. in Landscape Gardening, with some Ob

A Course of Mathematics, designed servations on its Theory and Practice, for"the use of the Officers and Cadets of by H. Repton, Esq. 8v:55:the Royal Military College. By Isaac Censura Literaria. By S. E. Brydges, Dalby, Professor of Mathematics in the Esq. vol. 2, 8vo. 10s. 6d. said College. 2 vols. 8vo. 8s.

Analysis of Aristotle's Logic, with HISTORY

Remarks, by T. Reid, D. D. F. R. S. 35. A History of Ireland from the earliest Views in Suffoldi, &€, illustrative of Accounts to the Accomplishment of the the works of R. Bloomfield. By E. Union, 1801. By the Rev. J. Gordon, Brayley, demy 8vo. 10s. 6d. royal 8vo. % vols. $vo. 11. 45.

15s. 4to. Il. 1s. LAW.

The Annual Review, for 180.), 8vo. The Parish Officer's Complete Guide, il. 1s. by J. I. Maxwell. - 3s. 6d.

Geography in Miniature, in one largo The Trial of R. Patch. By Blanchard sheet for hanging up in Counting-ilouses; and Ramsay. 6s. 60.

1s. A Vindication of the Commentaries of An Inquiry into the Principles of Sir William Blackstones against the Civil and Ahlitarý Suhordination. By Strictures contained in Afr. Sedgwick's J. Macdiarmitl, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 64. Critical Miscellaneous Remarks. By Naval Anecdotes, illustrating the Cham! W. H. Rowe, Esqi ot Lincoln's Inn. 6s. racter of British Seamen, 8vo. 10s, 6d.

A Series of Prints, descriptive of the Anatomical Reflections on the form of Scenery, the Habitations, Costume, and Animals, and the new opinions of H. Character, of the various Tribes of Na. Clint, Esq. Surgeon. By T. Hunt. 58. tive Inhabitants, and many of the rare

Observations on Abortion. By J. Animals, of Southern Africa, from Draw Burn. 18. 6d.

ings taken from nature. By S. Daniel, The Second Volume of the Principles 10 Nos. each No.-three Prints, 18 inches of Surgery, in two Parts 410. By J. by 13, 21. 25. or 211, the Set. Bell, Surgeon!. 51. 55.

Crests of the Principal Families of Cow-pock Inoculation vindicated and Great Britain and Ireland, with Expla. recoin mended from Matter of Fact. By nations and Mottues, 6.0. Plates, 125.Rowland Hill, A. M.

6d. A Letter to Thomas Trotter, M. D, OG- The Mental friend and Rational Comcasioned by his Proposal for destroying panion. 9s. the Fire and Choak Damps-of Coal The Advocate and Friend of Woman, Mines. By Henry Dexar, M. D." compiled from numerous Authors. 15.

Cases of the Excision of Curious Joints: The Miseries of Huinan Lite; or, the By H. Park, Surgeon, Liverpool, 4s. 6d. Groans of Timothy Testy and Sander

Manual of Health, to be continued Sensitive. 8vo.7s. occasionally, 18mo. 55.

The Rights of the Stockbrokers de. Admcritory Hints on the Use of Sexe feaded against the Attacks of the City of bathing. By J. Peake, M. K. C. S. 8vo. London"; by Francis Brily, of the Stock 1s. 6d.

Exchange Is. 60

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