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British Volunteer Force, and on the duct of the Prince of Wales ; containing Duties of Officers, commanding Partisan a True and impartial view of Mr. Jeffrey Corps; by Capt. R. Murray, 2s

as a Tradesman, Politician and Courtier, The History of the Campaigns of by Philo Veritas, 3s. 1805, in Germany and Italy ; by W. An Antidote to Poison, or Burke, late Army Surgeon, 6s.

reply to Mr. Jeffreys' attack upon the Copy of a letter to the Right Hon. Cliaracter and Conduct of the Prince of W. Windham, on the simplifying and Wales; containing several particulars, more easily arranging the Volunteer derived from authentic information; system ; by an Inspecting Field Officer, hy Claudio, 3s. 1s. 8d.

A complete Vindication of his Royal Proposals tending to augment the Highness the Prince of Wales, relative Force of this Country, and encourage to his Creditors; but not quite so comthe Martial Spirit of the People; by plete a vindication of the Right Hon. J. York, Esq. 6d.

W. Pitt, relative to his Royal Highness, 1s. 6d.

Letters from the Dead to the Living, The Friend of Youth, or Candid or thoughts on the separated states of Advice to Parents and Guardians, in the departed spirit; to which is added, the choice of such Trades, Professions and contlicts of passion, and final triumph of Occupations, as may be best suited to faiin, an ode; by L. S. Abington, 1s. their Taste and Genius, to the present A Letter to the Editor of the British circumstances and future hopes of their Critic ; occasioned by some remarks in respective children and wards, 4s. that review, on a book entitled · Cases

The Principles and Regulations of of Pulmonary Consumption, &c. treated Tranquillity ; an Institution commenced with Uva Ursi; by the author of the in the Metropolis, for encouraging and above-mentioned book, 15. enabling industrious and prudent indi- Miscellanies, in Prose and Verse; by viduals in the various classes of the Alexander Molleson, 12mo. 4s. community to provide for themselves; The Doctrine of Equivalents ; or, an by the payment of small weekly sums; Explanation of the Nature, Value, and by J. Bone, 3s. Od.

Power of Money; by Geo. Crawford, Thoughts on Trial by Jury in Civil Esq. 5s. Cases, with a view to the Reform of the The Third Report of the Committee, Administration of Justice in Scotland; for managing the Patriotic Fund, from in a series of letters, 1s. 6d.

March 1, 1805; to Feb. 28, 1806, 8vo. The Annual Register, New Series, 7s. 6d. for 1801, 8vo. 155.

The Prose Works of John Milton, Tables of Simple Interest and of Com- with a Life of the author; interspersed wission Brokerage or Exchange at all with translations and Critical Remarks; the usual Rates per cent., constructed on by Charles Symmons, D. D. of Jesus a plan entirely new; by W. Stonehouse, College, Oxford, 7 vols. 8vo. 81. 135. 6d. 8vo. 11. 1s.


A review of the conduct of the Prince of Wales, in his various translations The Spirit of the Mountains; with with Mr. Jeffrey's by N. Jeffreys, 3s. other Poems; by G. Taylor, sm. 8vo. 6d.

5s. A Letter to Mrs. Fitzherbert, in an- Miscellaneous Poems; by Margaret swer to a complaint that her feelings Patrickson, 2 vols. 7s. have been hurt, by the mention of her Poetical Recreations; by A. Harrison, name, in the Review of the Conduct 2 vols. 10s. 6d. of the Prince of Wales; by N. Jef- Select Icelandic Poetry translated from freys.

the original; with notes, by the Hon. W. A Letter to N. Jeffreys, on his Pam. Herbert. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. 10s. phlet, intitled a Review of the Conduct Tules in verse; Critical, Satirical, and of the Prince of Wales, containing an Humourous; by Thomas Holcroft, 3 examination into the motives of his vols. 83. Publication and its probable conse- Daylesford, a Poem, ts. quences, 2s.

Essay and Poem on the Public Life of Diamond Cut Diamond, or Observa. the laté Mr. Pitt; by, Thomas Shirley, tions on Mr. Jeffreys' review of the com 1s. 6d.


POLITICS, POLITICAL ECONOMY. rious Issue of the Religion of Chris A brief examination into the Increase Jesus to all God's chosen ; by S. Barnard, of the Revenue, Commerce and Navi- Junr. 12mo. 4s. gation of Great Britain, during the ad

The Christain Officer's Complete Are ministration of the Rt. Hon. W. Pitt; by mour, containing evidence in favour of the Rt. Hon. G. Rose, M. P. 5s.

a Divine Revelation; by Col. Burn, of The Blazing Comet, or Political In. the Royal Marines, ad. edit. 4s. dex; pointing out the successive changes

Fifty-three discourses, containing a that have taken place, in all the chief connected System of Doctrinal and ministerial departments, from 1760, to

Practical Christianity, as professed and the present time, 2s.6d.

maintained, by the Chureh of England, The Affairs of Asia considered, in by the Rev. E. Brackenbury, A. B. their effects on the Liberties of Britain, Vicar of Skendleby, in the county of in a series of letters, addressed to the Lincoln, 2 vols. 8vo. 15s. Marquis Wellesley, late Governor-Ge.

A Historical View of the Rise and neral of India ; including a correspon- of its Principles and Reasonings; in a

Progress of Infidelity, with a Refutation dence with the government of Bengal, under that Nobleman; by Charles Mac- series of Sermons, preached for the Leca lean, M. D. 5s.

ture founded by the Hon. Robt. Buyler Supplement to the Answer to the In- Esq. in the Parish Church of St. Maryquiry into the State of the Nation, 1s.

le-Bow, from the year 1803, to 1805 ; by Peace or War considered; by a Bar. W. Van Mildert, M. A. Roctor of st. rister of the Hon. Society of Lincoln's Mary-le-Bow, London, 2 vols. 8vo. 16s.

A Third Part of Notes on the Reve? Iin. 2s.

"Fragments upon the Balance of Power lation of St. John, compared with itself in Europe ; from the German of C. F. and the Rest of Scripture, exhibiting a Gentz; by M. Peltier, 8vo. 8s.

Harmony, Paraphrase, and AccomplishThe Letters of Crito to eminent men,

ment of the Prophecy, the result of 8vo. 7s.

a comparison of the book with itself, Remarks on the OudeQuestion 35. 6d. with the rest of the Scripture, and with

An examination of the alleged Ex· History, 1s. pediency ot the American Intercourse

Bishop Hall's Works, vol. 5., containBill, respectfully inscribed to Robert ing 18 Sermons, demy 8vo. 85. Royal Curling, Esq. and the other gentlemen who compose the Committee of Ship tin's in the fields, on Sunday March 9,

A Sermon in the Church of St. Marowners, 1s. Dissertations on Man, Philosophical, 1806; by G. J. Huntingford, D. D.

F. R. S. 1s. 6d. Physiological, and Political ; in answer to Mr.Malthus's " Essay on the Principle rated Church; a Sermon preached in

The Condition and Duties of a tole. of Population ;' by T. Jarrold, M.D. 8vo. B0s, 6d. boards.

Bishop Straban's Chapel, Dundee, ou Free Thoughts on Public Affairs; Sunday March 9, 1806; at the Conse

Advice to a Patriot; in a Letter cration of Rt. Rev. D. Sandford, D. D. addressed to a Member of the Old

tu the Office of a Bishop, in the Scotch Opposition.

Episcopal Church; by the Rev. J.

Walker; A. M. Is. 60. The Vidette, or Cursory Remarks on the policy of the East India Company,

The New Testament of our Lord Jesus

Christ, with Observations and Practical 1s. 6d.

instructions; being an Abridgement of

the large and valuable work of an antient The Woman in the Wilderness, or the Expositor, the Rev. Mr. W. Burkiit; Wonderful Woman; an answer to Joanna by the Rev Samuel Glasse, D.D. F.R.S., Southcott; by L. Mayer, 6d,

2 vols. 4to. 31. 3s. A Sermon preached at the Assizes, at Jewish Prophecy the Sole Criterion to Dortchester, 11th March, 1806; by the distinguish between genuine and spuriRev. J. Williams, M. A. 1s. 6d.

ous Christian Scripture; or an attempt to A Sermon preached at Rochdale, 13th remove the obstacles to the conversion of April, 1806, on occasion of the death of Jews and Deists; "a visitation Sermon, the Rev. T. Threlkeld; by T. Barnes, preached before Dr. Gretton, ArchD. D. Is. 6d.

deacon of Essex; by F. Stone, M. A, The Essence, Spirituality, and Glo. F.R.S. A. 1s,6d.





the house, crown 8vo. 15. 6d. Royal 8vo: The History and Description of Ex- 7s. 6d. eter, and its Environs; by A. Jenkins, The first half volume of the Archi: 10s. 6d. Large paper, 15s.

tectural Antiquities of Great Britain, A Description of the Lakes of Cum- represented and illustrated in a series berland and Westmoreland, in the Au- of Plans, Ele ons, Views, &c. of tum of 1804, 4s.

various antient Edifices; with Historic The Traveller's Guide through Ireland, and Descriptive accounts of each; by or a Topographical Description of that John Britton, Medium 4to. 21. 12s. 61. Kingdom; by the Rev. G. Robertson, extra large 410. 41. 5s.

An Account of Prince Edward's An Historical Account of Corsham Island, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, House, Wilts, the seat of Paul Cobb North America ; containing a descripMethuen, Esq., with a catalogue of his tion of its divisions, 'soil, present state ; celebrated collection of Pictures, by with a Map of the island; by John John Britton'; with a view and plan of Stewart, Esq. 8s.

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CORRESPONDENCE. We have received a letter from Acudemus, charging McJefferson, the author of Hore Poeticæ, (See F. R. Vol. I. 417) with copying the poetni which we extracted in noticing that work, from the Rev. John Robertson's Letters on the Lord's Supper. Edin, 1794. On applying to Mr. Jefferson, we have received a very satisfactory explanation, which we insert in his own words.

• It seems Mr. Robertson had lost a child by death, and finding my piece, inserted in the Evangelical Magazine for August 1793, under the signature of Iota, suitable to his bereaved situation, he had placed it in his own volume ; but in such a manner as might easily induce his readers to consider it as his own production. When I published my volume of Poems, I did not think the matter of sufficient importance to notice, little supposing that any one would accuse me of such a plagiarism ; and especially in a composition, which I consider as inferior to some others in the work, the sentiments being little more than a paraphrase of the words of David on the death of his child."

Mr. Wood's favour is duly received ; and we have taken an opportunity of forwarding a few lines in answer.

W. K. will accept of our thanks, for his friendly offer.


July, Page 520, line 17, for inconsistent, read consistent.

inference. 559, 2, opinions

opinion. August, 634, 14, Tesy's

Testy. 638, 27, vocations

equivocations 28, proequistituted prostituted.

658, 24, before Lord, insert saying. September, 709, 5,





For OCTOBER, 1806.

Art. I. The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales, A. D.

MCLXXXVIII. By Giraldus De Berri, translated into English, and
illustrated with Views, Annotations, and a life of Giraldus, by Sir
Richard Colt Hoare, Bart. F. R. S. F. A. S. 2 Vols. royal quarto.
Price £8. 88. pp. 850. With a volume containing the original Latin.

£11. Ils. Miller, 1806. WHEN the Mahommedan arms, under the victorious Saladin,

had wrested from the Greek Empire some of its fairest provinces, when they had ravaged those countries which had been sanctified by the residence and miracles of the Son of God, and especially, when Jerusalem itself, the Holy City, had fallen a prey to the warlike devotees of the Arabian impostor, the shock was felt throughout Christendom; and every

valiant heart awoke to sentiments of honour, of policy, and of devotion. Taught, too severely, the insufficiency of his own powers to repel the ferocious Invader, the Greek Emperor solicited sup; port from the West, and in the name of Religion invoked assistance, from all who were concerned for the glory of the Cross. The state of the East, as depicted by his agents, was truly deplorable: they represented the haughty foe as unremitting in his progress, inflamed by victory after victory, and maddened by the brutal enjoyments of conquest. “The sceptre of universal dominion,” said they, “ awaits the grasp of the unsparing enemy. Terror and despondency lead the van of his barbarous battalions, describe their prowess as invincible, and paralyze the arm which courage might have lifted in resistance. Cruelty and rapine mark their track, devastation and ruin follow.

In vain is the city fortified, in vain is the field contested, his ranks are thinned, his march impeded in vain; new legions crowd into the vacancies, and rush onward with redoubled violence! They revel amid the smoking ruins of our palaces, once how august! They wave their triumphant banners over the Sacred Sepulchre! They breathe defiance against the name of Christ, and swear the extermination of his faith and people.” The appeal reached England; and when were her sons tardy at the call of honour, or at the supplications of distress? VOL. II,


Inured to contention, and, enamoured of martial glory, their native bravery needed little excitement. But in this cause religion, as religion was then understood, consecrated their energies, promising success and renown in this life, and assuring to the dying hero a crown of immortality. It may tend a little to abate our respect for this enthusiasm, when it is considered that the Croises were exempted from prosecution for debt, from paying of interest, &c. &c. and were intitled to plenary indulgencies, with all the privileges of the clerical order. At the same time, the obstinate recusants were subjected, not merely to reproach and ignominy, but to a property, tax of ten per Cent. It would be too much to suppose these advantages were overlooked. Urged however by secular or by religious considerations, all ranks panted for the conflict: the Noble summoned his vassals; the Knight accoutred his horse and prepared his armour: the Archer strung his bow, and replenished his quiver: the Peasant furbished his trusty bill, and wielded the ponderous weapon which should crash on the head of his enemy with resistless violence.

Equal enthusiasm animated the Church; for what less than enthusiasm could impel an Archbishop of Canterbury to travel from city to city, and from village to village, preaching the duty of engaging ina Croisade. In this laborious exertion of persevering zeal, Archbishop Baldwin was accompanied by the celebrated Ranulf Glanville, the father of English jurisprudence, and then just raised to the new and important office of Chief Justiciary.

Not confining their labours to people of their own race and language, they traversed the counties of Wales, and sought among the Ancient Britons for heroic asserters of the liberties of Palestine. The history of this mission is the main subject of the splendid volumes before us. The Itinerary was composed by Giraldus de Barri, usually called Cambrensis, or the Cambrian; one of those who accompanied the Archbishop in his arduous progress, and, as his eloquence was the more intelligible of the two, who shared in the honour of promoting the purpose of this pious expedition.

This valuable record of British Antiquity, was published in the original Latin, in 12ino, 1585, and reprinted by Camden, in folio, 1602. The present editor, Sir Richard Colt Hoare, has for the first time translated it into English, and has embellished his edition with a splendor of paper, engravings, and accompaniments, which are highly honourable to his taste and spirit. Sir Richard commences these volumes with a respectable memoir of the author, for which he has resorted to the most authentic sources. His life is not of remarkable im. portance to our readers, we shall therefore only notice that he was born at the castle of Manorbeer, Pembrokeshire, in the

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