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to him, and closing with him. Sixth assertion, Reprobates are not formally guilty of contempt of God, and misbelief, because they apply not Christ and the promises of the gospel to themselves in particular; for so they should be guilty because they believe, not a lie, which God never obliged them to believe. Seventh assertion, Justice hath a right to punish reprobates, because out of pride of heart, confiding in their own righteousness, they rely not upon Christ, as a Saviour of all them that come to him: this God may justly oblige them unto; because in Adam they had perfect ability to do; and men are guilty, because they love their own inability, and rest upon themselves, and refuse to deny their own righteousness, and to take them to Christ, in whom there is righteousness for wearied finners. Eighth assertion, It is one thing to rely, lean, and rest upon Chridt, in humility and weariness of spirit, and deaying our own righteousness, believing him to be the only righteousness of wearied finners; and it is another thing to believe Christ died for me, Joha, Thomas, Anna, upon an intention and decree to save us by name. For, ift, The first goetk first, the latter is always after in due order. 2dly, The first is faith, the second is a fruit of faith, and 3d. The first obligeth reprobates and all men in the visible kirk, the latter obligeth only the weary and laden, and so only the elect and effectually called of God. Ninth assertion, It is a vain order, I know not if Christ died for me, Joha, Thomas, Anna by name; and therefore I dare not rely on him. The reason is, because it is not faith, to believe, God's intention and decree of election at the first, ere ye be wearied: look first to your own intention and soul, if ye

find sin a burden, and can rest under it upon Christ; if this be once, now come and believe in particular, or apply by fense (for in my judgment it is a fruit of belief, not belief) and feeling the good. will, inteation, and gracious purpose of God anent your falvation : hence, because there is malice in reprobates, and contempt of Christ, guilty they are, and justice hath law against them: and, which is the mystery, they cannot come up to Christ, because he died not for them; but their sin is, that they love their inability to come to Christ; and he who loveth his chains, deferveth chains; and thus, in short, remember my bonds.

Aberdeen. 1637. Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus, S. R.

63. Ta the Earl of CASSILS. My very honourable and noble Lord.

express my earnest desire to your Lordship for Zion's fake,


whom we Mould not hold our peace. I know your Lordship will take my pleading on his behalf in the better part, because the necesity of a falling and weak church is urgent. I believe your Lerdship is one of Zion's friends, and that by obligation; for when the Lord shall count and write up the people, it shall be written, This man was born there. Therefore because your Lordship is a born fon of the house, I hope your desire is, that the beauty and glory of the Lord may dwell in the midst of the city, whereof your Lordship is a lon. It must be, without all doubt, the greatest honour of your place and house, to kiss the Son of God, and for his fake to be kind to his oppressed and wronged Bride, who, now in the day of her desolation, beggeth help of you, that are the shields of the earth. I am sure

many kings, princes and nobles, in the day of Christ's second coming, would be glad to run errands for Christ, even bare-footed through fire and water ; but in that day he will have none of their service. Now he is asking, if your Lordship will help him against the mighty of the earth, when men are setting their shoulders to Christ's fair and beautiful tent in this land, to loose its stakes, and break it down and certainly such as are not with Christ, are against him: and blessed shall your Lordship be of the Lord, blessed shall your house and feed be, and blessed shall your honodr be, if ye empawned, and lay in Christ's hand, the earldom of Caffils (and it is but a Madow in comparison of the city made without hands) and lay it even at the stake, rather than Chrift, and born down truth want a witness of you, against the apoftafy of this land. Ye hold your lands of Christ, your charters are under his feal, and he who hath many crowns on his head, dealeth, cutteth, and carveth pieces of this clay. heritage to men at his pleasure. It is little your Lordship hath to give him; he will not sleep long in your common, but shall surely pay home your lof. fes for his cause. It is but our bleared eyes that look through a false glass to this idol.god of clay, and think something of it: they who are past with their laft sentence to heaven or hell, and bave made their reckoning, and departed out of this smoky inn, have now no other conceit of this world, but as a piece of beguiling well-loftered clay; and how fast doth time (like a flood in motion) carry your Lordship out of it? and is not eternity coming with wings! court goeth not in heaven as it doth here. Our Lord (who hath all you, the nobles, lying in the shell of his balance) esteemeth you accordingly as ye are the Bridegroom's friends or foes :

: your honourable ancestors," with the hazard of their lives, brought Christ to our hands; and it shall be cruelty to the posterity, if ye lose him to them. Oce of our tribes, Levi's son, the watchmen, are fallen from the Lord, and have fold their mother and their father also, and the Lord's truth, for

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their new velvet world, and their fattin church. If ye, the non bles, play Christ a slip, now when his back is at the wall, (if I may so speak) then may we say, that the Lord hath caften water upon Scotland's (moaking coal; but we hope better things of you. It is no wisdom, however it be the state wisdom now in request to be silent, when they are cafting lots for a better thing than Chrift's. coat, All this land, and every man's part of the play for Chrift, and tears of poor and friendless Zion, (now going dool-like in fackcloth) are up in heaven before our Lord; and there is no question, but our King and Lord shall be master of the fields att length: and we would all be glad to divide the spoil with Chrift, and to ride in triumph with him; bue Oh how few will take a cold bed of straw in the camp with bim! How fain would men have a well-thatched house above their heads, all the way to hea, ven! And many now would go to heaven the land way (for they love not to be sea-sick) riding up to Christ upon foot-mandes, and rattling coaches, and rubbing their velvet with the princes of the land in the highest seats. If this be the way Chrilt called strait and narrow, I quit all skill of the way to falvation. Are they not now rouping Christ and the gospel? Have they not put our Lord Jesus to the market, and he who out-biddeth his fellow shall

get him ? O my dear and noble Lord, go on (howbeit the wind be in your face) to back our princely Captain ; be couragious for him: fear not these who have no subscribed lease of days, the worms shall eat kings: let the Lord Jehovah be your fear; and then, as the Lord liveth, the victory is yours. It is true many are striking up a new way to heaven; but my foul for theirs, if they find it; and if this be not the only way, whose end is Chrift's Fa. ther's house and my weak experience, fince the day I was first in bonds, hath confirmed me in the truth and assurance of this: let doctors and learned men cry the contrair, I am persuaded this is the way. The bottom hath fallen out of both their wit and conscience at once; their book hath beguiled them, for we have fallen upon the true Christ. I dare hazard, if I alone had ten fouls, my falvation upon

this stone, that many now break their bones vpon. Let them take this fat world, Oh poor and hungry is their paradise ! Therefore let me in treat your Lord thip, by your compearance before Christ, now while this piece of the afternoon of your day is before you, (for ye know not when your fun will turn and eternity shall benight you) let your glory, honour, and might worldly be for our Lord Jefus : and to his rich grace, and tender mercy, and to the never-dying comforts of his gracious Spirit, I recommend your Lordship and aoble house, Aberdeen, Sept. 9

Your Lordsbip's at all 1637.

obedience S. R.

64. Ta the Lady LARGIRIE. Mifrefs.

Race, mercy and peace be to you. I hope ye know what

ing: ye remember, he said, your summer days would have clouds, and your rose, a prickly thoro beside it: Chrift is unmixt in hea. ven, all fweetness and honey; here we gave him with his thorny and rough cross; yet I know no tree beareth sweeter fruit thaa Christ's cross, except I would raise a lying report on it. It is your part to take Chrift, as he is to be had in this life: sufferings are like a wood planted round about his house, over door and windov: if we could hold fast our grips of him, the field were won. Yet a little while and Christ Shall triumph: give Chrif his own Ahort time, to spin out these two long threads of heaven and hell to all mankind, for certainly the thread will pot break; and when he hath accomplifhed his work in mount Zion, and hath refined his filver, he will bring new vessels out of the furnace, and ple. nilh his house, and take up house again, I counsel you to free yourself of clogging temptations, by overcoming fome, and con, temning others, and watching over all: abide true and loyal to Christ, for few now are fast to him; they give Chrift blank paper, for a bond of service and attendance now when Chrift hath moft ado: to waste a little blood with Christ, and to put our part of this drolly world in pawo over in his hand, as willing to quit it for him, is the safest cabinet to keep the world in : but there who would take the world and all their fitting on their back, and run away from Christ, they will fall by the way, and leave their burden behind them, and be taken captive themselves. Well were my soul, to put all I have, life and soul, over in Christ's hands ; let it be forthcoming for all. If any ask how I do? I answer, None can be but well that are in Christ : and if I were not fo, my sufferings had melted me away in albes and smoke; I thank my Lord, that he hath something in me that this fire cannot consume. Remember my love to your husband, and shew him from me, I desire that he may set aside all things, and make sure work of falvation, that it be not a seeking, when the fand-glafs is run out, and time and eternity shall tryft together : there is no errand fo weighty as this; O that he would take it to heart. Grace be

with you,


Yours in Chrift Jesus bis Lord, S.R. tanaroonanana concoronarianaonachora encontran

65. To the Lady DUNGUEIG H. Mistress.

I Long to hear from you, and how you go on with

Christ : 1

sure I pray you

grips ; there is holding and drawing, and much sea-way to heaven, and we are often sea-fick; but the voyage is fo needful, that we must on any terms take shipping with Christ. I believe it is a good country we are going to, and there is ill lodging in this smoaky house of the world, in which we are yet living ; Oh that we should love smoke so well, and clay that holdeth out feet fast 1 It were our happiness to follow on after Christ, and to anchor oorfelves upon the rock, in the upper fide of the vail. Christ and Satan are now drawing two parties; and they are blind who see not Scotland divided in two camps, and Christ coming out with his white banner of love, and he hangeth that over the heads of his soldiers : and the other captain, the dragon, is coming out with a great black flag, and crieth, The world, the world, eale, honour, and a whole skin, and a soft couch; and there ly they, and leave Christ to fend for himself. My counsel is, that'ye come out and leave the multitude, and let Christ have your company; let them take clay and this present world, who love it: Christ is a more worthy and noble portion; blessed are these who get him. It is good, ere the storm rise, to make ready all, and to be prepared to go to the camp with Christ, seeing he will not keep the house, nor fit at the fire side with couchers. A shower for Christ is little enough. Oh, I find all too little for him! Wo, wo, wo's me, that I have no propine for my Lord Jesus: my love is fo feckless, that it is a shame to offer it to him. Oh if it were as broad as heaven, as deep as the sea, I would gladly bestow it upon him! 1 persuade you, God is wringiog grapes of red wine for Scotland, and this land shall drink, and spue, and fall. His enemies thall drink the thick of it, and the grounds of it; but Scotland's withered tree shall blossom again, apd Christ shall make a second

marriage with her, and take home his wife out of the furnace ; ; but if our eyes shall see it, he knoweth who hath created time. Grace be with you,

Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus, S. R.

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Aberd. 1637


06. TO JANET MACKULLOCH. Loving fifter,

Race, mercy and peace be to you. Hold on your course, for,

it may be, I will not foon see you : venture through the thick of all things after Christ, and lose not your master, Chrift, in the throng of this great market. Let Christ know how heavy, and how many a stone weight you and your cares, burdens, croffes, and fins are, let him bear all; make the heritage fure to yourself : : get charters and writs passed and through, and put on arms for the battle, and keep you fast by Christ, and then let the wind blow out of what airth it will, your soul will not blow in the sea.

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