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and Chrift together! But I desire the coming of his kingdom,
and that Christ (as I assuredly hope he shall) would come upon
withered Scotland, as rain upon the new mowo gross. O let
the King come! O let his kingdom come! O let their eyes rot
in their eye-holes, who will not receive him home again to reiga
and rule in Scotland! Grace, grace be with you.
Aberd. 1637

Yours in his sweet Lord

Jesus, S. R.

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91. To his reverend and dear brother Mr. DAVID DICKSON.

Reverend and dear est brother,
Hat joy have I out of heaven's gates, but that my Lord Je-

fus be glorified in my bonds ? Blessed be ye of the Lord, who contribute any thing to my obliged and indebted praises. Dear brother, help me a poor dyvour to pay the interest, for I cannot come nigh to render the principal. It is not jest nor sport which maketh me to speak and write as I do: never before came to that nick or pitch of communion with Christ, that I have now attained unto, For my confirmation, I have been these two fabbaths or three in private, taking instruments in the pame of God, that my Lord Jesus and I have kissed each other in Aberdeen, the house of my pilgrimage. I seek not an apple to play me with, he knoweth, whom I serve in the Spirit, but a feal; I but beg earnest, and am content to suspend and frist glory while suppertime, I know this world will not last with me; for my moon light is noon-day light, and my four hours above my feasts, when I was a preacher; at which times also I was embraced very often in his arms. But who can blame Christ to take me on behind him (if I may say fo) on his white horse, or in his chariot paved with love, through a water? Will not a father take his little dawted Davie in his arms, and carry him over a ditch or a mire? My short legs could not step over this laire or linking mire; and therefore my Lord Jesus will bear me through. If a change come and a dark day, so being that he will keep my faith' without faw or crack, I dare not blame him, howbeit I get no more while I come to heaven: but ye know, the physic behoved to have sugar; my faith was fallen afwoon, and Christ but held a swooning man's head. Indeed I pray not for a dawted bairn's diet; he knoweth I would have Christ four or sweet ; any way, fo being it be Christ indeed: I stand not oow upon paired apples, or fugared dishes; but I cannot blame him to give, I must gape and

make a wide mouth., Since Christ will not pantry-up joys, he · must be welcome, who will not bide away: I seek no other fruit,

but that he may be glorified; he knoweth I would take hard fare to have his.name fet on high. I bless you for your counsel: I


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hope to live by faith, and swim without a mals or bundle of joyful sense under my chin; at least to venture, albeit I should be ducked. Now for my caule: I think the council fhould be efsayed, and the event referred to God: duties are ours, and events are God's. I shall go through yours upon the covenant at leisure, and write to you my mind there-anent; and anent the Arminian contract betwixt the Father and the Son. I befeech you, fet to, to go through scripture. Yours on the Hebrews is in great request with all who would be acquaint with Christ's testament. I par. pofe (God willing) to set about Hosea, and to try if I can get it to the press here. It refresheth me much, that ye are so kind to my brother; I hope your counsel Mall do him good; I recommend him to you, since I am so far from him. I am glad, chat the dying fervant of God, famous and faithful Mr. Cunningham, fealed your ministry before he fell állcep. Grace, grace be with you. Aberdeen, March 7

Yours in his sweet Lord 1637.

Jesus, S.R. ananananananananananananana 92. To the much honoured WILLIAM RIGG of Atbernie. Mrich honoured Sir, Race, mercy and peace be to you. I received your long.

looked-for and short letter; I woold ye had spoke more to me, who stand in need. I find Christ, as ye write,' ay the longer the better, and therefore cannot but rejoice in his salvation, who hath made my chains my wings, and hath made me a king over my crosses, and over my adversaries : glory, glory, glory to his high, high and holy name !: not one ouncc, not one grainweight more is laid on me, than he hath enabled me to bear; and I am not so much wearied to fuffer, as Zion's haters are to persecute. Oh if I could find a way, in any measure, to strive to be even with Christ's love! but that I must give over. Oh who would help a dyvour to pay praises to the King of saints, who triumpheth in his weak servants ! I see, if Christ but ride apon a worm or feather, his horse will neither stumble nor fall; the worm Jacob is made by him a new sharp threshing instrument, having teeth, to thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and to make the hills as chaff, and to fap them, so as the wind shall carry them away, and the whirlwind shall scatter them, Isa. xli. 14. 15, 16. Christ's enemies are but breaking their own heads ja pieces upon the Rock laid in Zion, and the Stone is not removed out of its place. Faith hath cause to take courage from our very afflictions; the devil is, but a wet-stone, to sharpen the faith and patience of the saints: I know he but heweth and polisherh stones all this time, for the new. Jerusalem. But in all this, three things have much moved me, since it hath pleased my Lord to


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turn my moon-light into day.light. First, He hath yoked me to work, to wrestle with Christ's love of longing, wherewith I am fick, pained, fainting, and like to die, because I cannot get him felf, which I think a strange fort of desertion; for I have not himfelf, (whom if I had, my love-sickness would cool, and my fever go away; at least, I should know the beat of the fire of complacency, which would cool the searching heart of the fire of defire) and yet I have no penury of his love; and so I dwine, I die, and he seemeth not to rue on me. I take instruments in his hand, that I would have him, but I cannot get him; and my best eheer is black hunger: I bless him for that feast. Secondly, Old challenges now and then revive, and cast all down; I go halting and sighing, fearing there be an unseen process yet coming out, and that heavier than I can answer, I cannot read distinctly my furety's act of cautionary for me in particular, and my discharge; and sense, rather than faich, assureth me of what I have; fo unable am I to go, but by a hold. I could (with reverence of

my Lord) forgive Christ, if he would give me as much faith, as í have hunger for him, I hope, the pardon is now obtained, but the peace

is not so fore to me, as I would wish: yet, one thing I know, there is not a way to heaven, but the way he hath graced me to profefs and suffer for. Thirdly, Wo, wo is me for the virgin-daughter of Scotland, and for the fearful desolation and wrath appointed for this land; and yet all are sleeping, eating and drinking, laughing and sporting as if all were well. ON oor dim gold ! our dumb, blind pastors ! the sun is gone dore upon them, and our nobles bid Christ fend for himself if he be Christ. it were good, we should learn is time the way to our strong hold. Sir, howbeit not acquainted, remember my love to your wife. I pray God establish you. Aberd. March 9.

Tours in his sweet Lord 1637

Jesus, S. R.

encon 93. TO JOHN EWART Ballie of Kirkcudbright. My very worthy and dear friend, Cannot but most kindly thank you, for the expressions of your love: and respect to me is a great comfort to me.

I bless his high and glorious name, that the terrors of great men have Dot affrighted me from open avouching the Son of God; nay, his Cross is the sweetest burden that ever I bare; it is such a burden, as wings are to a bird, or fails to a ship, to carry me forward to my harbour. I have not much cause to fall in love with the world; but rather to with, that he who fitteth upon the floods, would bring my brokea ship to land, and keep my cooscience safe, in these dangerous times: for wrath from the Lord is coming on



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this sinful land. It were good, that we prisoners of hope knew of our strong. hold to run to, before the storm come on; therefore, Sir, I beseech you by the mercies of God, and comforts of his Spirit, by the blood of your Saviour, and by your compearance before the fin-revenging Judge of the world, keep your garmcats clean, and stand for the truth of Christ, which ye pro. fefs. When the time shall come that your eye strings shall break, your face wax pate, your breath grow cold, and this hovse of clay shall totter, and your foot shall be over the march, in eternity; it shall be your comfort and joy, that ye gave your came to Christ. The greatest part of the world think heaven at the next door, and that Christianity is an easy task; but they will be beguiled. Worthy Sir, I beseech you make sure work of salvation: I have found by experience that all I could do hath had much ado in the day of my trial; and therefore lay up a fure foundation for the time to come. I cannot requite you,

for your

undeserved favours to me and my now afflicted brother ; but I trust to remember you to God. Remember me heartily to your kind wife. Aberdeen, March 13.

Tours in his only Lord 1637.

Fejus S. R.

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94. TO WILLIAM FULLERTON Provost of Kirkcudbright.

Much honoured Sir, G Race, mercy and peace be to you. I am obliged to your

love in God. I beseech you, Sir, let nothing be so dear to you as Christ's truth, for salvation is worth all the world, and therefore be not afraid of men, that shall die; the Lord thall do for you in your suffering for him, and shall bless your house and feed; and ye have God's promise, that ye shall have his presence in fire, water, and in seven tribulations. Your day will wear to an end, and your sun go down. In death it will be your joy, that ye have ventured all ye have for Christ; and there is not a promise of heaven made, but to such as are willing to suffer for it: it is a castle taken by force. This earth is but the clayportion of bastards; and therefore po wonder the world smile on its own; but better things are laid up for his lawfully begotten bairns, whom the world hateth: I have experience to speak this, for I would not exchange my prison and fad nights, with the court, honour, and ease of my adversaries: my Lord is pleased to make many unknown faces to laugh upon me, and to provide a lodging for me; and he himself visiteth my soul with feasts of spiritual comforts. O how sweet a master is Christ! Blessed are they who lay down all for him. I thank you kindly for your love to my distressed brother. Ye have the blessing and prayers of the prisoner of Christ to you, your wife and children. Re


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member my love and blessing to William and Samuel: I desire them in their youth to seek the Lord, and fear his great name, to pray twice a day (at least) to God, and to read God's word; to keep themfelves from cursing, lying, and filthy talking. Now the only wise God, and the prefence of the Son of God, be with

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you all.

Aberdeen, March 13,


Yours in his fweet Lord

Jefus, S. R.

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95. To the worthy and much honoured, Mr. ALEXANDER

COLVILL of Blair.
Much honoured Sir,
Race, mercy and peace be to you. The bearer hereof, ,

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but none is so kind as my only royal King and Master, whose cross is my garland. The King dineth with his prisoner, and his spikenard casteth a smell. He hath led me up to such a pitch and pick of joyful communion with himself, as I never knew before: when I look back to bv-gones, I judge myfelf to have been a child at A, B, C, with Christ. Worthy Sir, pardon me, I dare not conceal it from you, it is as a fire in my bowels, (in his presence who feech me I speak it,) I am pained, pained with the love of Christ ; he hath made me sick, and wounded me: hunger for Christ out-runneth faith ;, I miss faith more than love, O if the three kiodoms would come and see! O if they knew his kindoess to my foul! It hath pleased him to bring me to this, that I will got strike fails to this world, nor Aatter it, nor adore this clay-idol that fools worship; as I am now disposed, I think I will neither borrow nor lend with it; and yet I get my meat from Christ with nurture; for seven times a day I am lifted up and caften down. My dumb fabbaths burden my heart, and make it bleed: I want not learful challenges and jealousies sometimes of Christ's love, that he hath caften me over the dike of the vineyard, as a dry tree. But this is my infirmity ; by his grace I take myself in these ravings : it is kindly that faith and love both be fick, and fevers are kindly to moft joyful communiop with Christ. Ye are blessed, who avouch Christ openly before the Prince of his kingdom, whose eyes are upon you: it is your glory to lift him up on his throne, to carry his train, and bear up the hem of his robe royal : he hath an hiding place for M. A.C. against the storm: go on, and fear not what man can do. The saints seem to have the worst of it, (for apprehensions can make a lie of Christ and of his love) but it is not fo: providence is not

rolled upon unequal and crooked. wheels: all things work topagether for the gaod of those who love God, and are called accor

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