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be doing till he come, wait and haften (faith Peter) for the coming of our Lord: all is night that is here, in respect of ignorance and daily ensuing troubles, ope always making way to another, as the ninth wave of the sea to the tenth; therefore figh and long for the dawning of that morning, and the breaking of that day of the coming of the Son of man, when the shadows shall flee away. Pere fuade yourself the King is coming: read his letter sent before him, Rev. ii. 11. Behold, I come quickly: wait with the wearied nightwatch for the breaking of the eattern sky, and think that ye have not a morrow; as the wise father said, who, being invited against to morrow to dine with his friends, answered, Those many days I had no morrow at all. I am loath to weary you: Thew yourself a Christian, by suffering without murmuring, for which sin fourteen thousand and seven hundred were Nain, Numb. xvi. 49. In patience possess your fool : they lose nothing, who gain Christ. Thus, remembering my brother's and my wife's humble service to your Ladyship; I commend you to the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus, assuriog you, that your day is coming, and that God's mercy is abiding. The Lord Jesus be with your fpirit. Anwoth, Jan. 15. Yours in the Lord Jesus at all dutiful 1629.

obedience, S. R.

5. To my Lady KENMURE. Madam, S

may be) for ever farewel in paper, having small assurance ever to see your face again, till the last general assembly, where the whole church universal Thall meet : yet promising, by his grace, to present your Ladyship, and your burdeos, to him who is able to fave you, and give you an inheritance with the saints, after a more fpecial manner than ever I have done before. Ye are going to a country, where the Sun of righteousnefs in the gospel Thineth not so clearly as in this kingdom: but if ye would know where he whom your

foul loveth doth rest, and where he feedeth at the noon-tide of the day, wherever ye be, get you forth by the footsteps of the flock, and feed yourself beside the shepherds tents, Cant. i. 7. that is, ask for some of the watchmen of the Lord's city, who will tell you truly, and will not lie, where ye shall find him whom

your foul loveth. I trust ye are so betrothed in marriage to the true Christ, that ye will not give your love to any false Christ: ye know not how foon your marriage-day will come; Day, is not eternity hard upon you ? it were time then, that ye had your wedding. garment in readiness: be not sleeping at your Lord's coming: I pray God, ye may be upon your feet standing, when he knocketh. Be not discouraged to go from this country to another part of SE


the Lord's earth: The earth is his, and the fulness thereof, Pfal. xxiv, 1. This is the Lord's lower house; while we are lodged here, we have no assurance to ly ever in one chamber, but must be content to remove from one corner of our Lord's nether-house to another, resting in hope, that, when we come up to the Lord's upper-city, Jerusalem that is above, we shall remove no more; because then we shall be at home. And, go wherefoever ye will, if your Lord

go with you, ye are at home: and your lodging is ever taken before night, so long as he, who is Ifrael's dwelling house, is your home, Psal. xc. I. Believe me, Madam, my mind is, that ye are well lodged, and that in your house there are fair ease-rooms and pleasant lights, if ye can in faith lean down your head upon the breasts of Jesus Christ; and till this be, ye shall never get a sound Seep. Jesus, Jesus, be your shadow and your covering: it is a sweet foul sleep to ly in the arms of Christ, for his breath is very sweet. Pray for poor friendless Zion; alas ! no man will speak for her now, although at home in her own country the hath good friends, her Husband Christ, and his Father, her Father-in-law: beseech your husband to be a friend to Zion, and pray for her. I have received many and divers dashes and heavy strokes, fince the Lord called me to the ministry; but indeed I esteem your departure from us amongst the weightiest: but I perceive, God will have us to be deprived of whatsoever we idolize, that he may have his own room. I see exceeding small fruit of my ministry, and would be glad to know of one soul, to be my crown and rejoicing in the day of Christ. Though I spend my strength in vain, yet my labour is with my God, Ifa. xlix. 4. I wish and pray, that the Lord would harden my face against all, and make me to learn to go with my face against a storm. Again, I commend you, body and spirit, to him, who hath loved us, and washed us from our fios in his own blood. Grace, grace, grace for ever be with you. Pray, pray continually. Anwoth, Sept. 14. Your Ladyfip's at all dutiful obedience 1629

in Chrift, S.R

6. TO JOHN KENNEDY. My loving and most affectionate brother in Chrift, I

Salute you with grace, mercy and peace from God our Father,

and from our Lord Jesus Christ. I promised to write to you, and although late enough, yet now I make it good. . I heard with grief of your great danger of perishing by the sea, but of your merciful deliverance with joy. Sure I am, brother, Satan will leave no stone unrolled (as the proverb is) to roll you off your Rock, or, at least, to shake and unsettle you : for at the fame time, the mouths of wicked men were opened in hard fpeeches against you, by land;


and the prince of the power of the air was angry with you, by fea. See then how much ye are obliged to that malicious murderer, who would beat you with two rods at one time; but, blessed be God, his arm is short : if the sea and winds would have obeyed him, ye had never come to land. Thank your God, who faith, Rev. i. 11. • I have the keys of hell and of death, Deut. xxxii. 39. . I kill and make alive, 1 Sam. ii. 6. The Lord bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up. If Satan were jailor, and had the keys of death and of the grave, they should be stored with more prisoners. Ye were knocking at these black gates, and ye found the doors fhut; and we do all welcome you back again. I trust, ye know it is not for nothing, that ye are sent to us again : the Lord knew, ye had forgotten something that was necessary for your journey ; that your armour was not as yet thick enough against the stroke of death. Now, in the strength of Jesus, dispatch your business; that debt is not forgiven, but fristed: death hath not bidden you farewel, but hath only left you for a short season. End your journey, ere the night come upon you; have all in readiness against the time that ye must fail through that black and impetuous Jordan; and Jesus, Jesus, who knoweth both these depths and the rock, and all the coasts, be your pilot; the last tide will not wait for you one moment: if ye forget any thing, when your sea is full, and your foot in that ship, there is no returning again to fetch it. What ye do amiss in your life to day, ye may amend it to morrow: for as many suns as God maketh to arise upon you, ye have as many new lives : but ye can die but once; and if ye mar or spill that business, ye cannot come back to mend that piece of work again ; no maa sinneth twice in dying ill; as we die but once, so we die but ill or well once. Ye see how the number of your months is written in God's book; and as one of the Lord's hirelings, ye must work till the shadow of the evening come upon you, and ye shall run out your glass even to the last pickle of fand: fulfil your course with joy; for we take nothing to the grave with us, but a good or evil conscience. And although the sky clear after this storm, yet clouds will engender another. Ye contracted with Christ, I hope, when first ye began to follow him, that ye would bear his cross: fulfil your part of the contract with patience, and break not to Jesus Christ; be honest, brother, in your bargaining with him ; for who knoweth better how to bring up children than our God? For (to lay aside his knowledge, of the which there is no searching out) he hath been practised in bringing up his heirs these five thousand years, and his bairns are all well brought up, and many of them are honest men now at home, up in their own house in heaven, and are entered heirs to their Father's inheritance. Now the form of his bringing up was by chastisements, scourging, correcting, nurturing : see if he maketh



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exception of any of his bairos, Rev. iii. 19. Heb. xii. 7, 8. No: his eldest son and his Heir Jesus, is not excepted, Heb. ii

. 10. Suffer we must: ere we were born, God decreed it, and it is easier to complain of his decree, than to change it. It is true, terrors of conscience cast us down; and yet without terrors of conscience we cannot be raised up again : fears and doubtings may shake us; and yet without fears and doubtings we would soon sleep, and lose our grips of Christ: tribulation and temptations will almoft loose us at the root; and yet without tribulations and temptations, we can now no more grow, than herbs or corn without rain. Sin and Satan, and the world will say, and cry in our ear, that we have a hard reckoning to make in judgment; and yet none of these three, except they lie, dare say in our face, that our fin can change the tenor of the new covenant. Forward then, dear brother, and lose not your grips; hold fast the truth, for the world sell not one drachm weight of God's truth, especially now when most men measure truth by time, like young seamen fetting their compass by a cloud : for now time is father and mother to truth, in the thoughts and practices of our evil time. The God of truth establish us; for alas ! now there are none to comfort the prisoners of hope, and the mourners in Zion: we can do little, except pray and mourn for Joseph in the stocks : and let their tongue cleave to the roof of their mouth, who forget Jerusalem now in her day : and the Lord remember Edom, and render to him as he hath done to us. Now, brother, I will not weary you ; but I intreat you, re. member my dearest love to Mr. David Dickson, with whom I have small acquaintance; yet I bless the Lord, I know, he both prayeth and doth for our dying kirk. Remember my dearest love to John Stewart, whom I love in Christ;. and Thew him from me, I do al. ways remember him, and hope for a meeting : the Lord Jesus eftablish him more and more, though he be already a strong man in Christ. Remember my heartiest affection in Christ to William Rodger, whom I also remember to God : I wish the first news I hear of him, and you, and all that love our common Saviour, in those bounds, may be, that ye are fo knit and linked, and kindly fastened in love with the Son of God, that ye may fay, “Now, if we would never fo fain escape out of Christ's bands, yet love hath fo bound us, that we cannot get our hands free agaio; he hath fo ravished our hearts, that there is no loosing of his grips; the chains of his foul-ravishing love are so strong, that the grave nor death will not break them. I hope, brother, yea, I doubt not of it, but ye lay me, and my first entry to the Lord's vineyard, and my flock before him, who hath put me in his work; as the Lord knoweth, fiace I first saw you, I have been mindful of you. Marion Macknaught doth remember most heartily her love to you, and to John Stewart: blessed be the Lord, that in God's mercy I


found in this country fuch a woman, to whom Jesus is dearer than her own heart, when there be so many that cast Christ over their shoulder. - Good brother, call to mind the memory of your worthy father, now asleep in Christ; and, as his custom was, pray continually, and wrestle for the life of a dying breathlefs kirk: and defire John Stewart not to forget poor Zion; she hath few friends, and few to speak one good word for her. Now I commend you, your whole foul and body and spirit, to Jesus Christ and his keeps ing, hoping ye will die and live, stand and fall, with the cause of our Master, Jesus. The Lord Jesus himself be with your fpirit. Anwoth, Feb. 2.

Your loving brother in our Lord 1632.

Jefus, S.R.

7. To my Lady KENMURE. Madam, I

Have longed exceedingly to hear of your life and health, and

growth in the grace of God. I lacked the opportunity of a bearer, in respect I did not understand of the halty departure of the last, by whom I might have faluted your Ladyship: and therefore I could not write before this time. I intreat you, Madam, let me have two lines from you, concerning your present condition : I know ye are in grief and heaviness; and if it were not so, ye might be afraid, because then your way should not be so like the way that our Lord faith, to the New Jerusalem. Sure I am, if ye knew what were before you, or if ye faw but some glances of it, ye would with gladness swim through the present floods of forrow, spreading forth your arms out of desire to be at land. If God have given you the earnest of the Spirit, as part of payment of God's principal fum, ye have to rejoice; for our Lord will not lose his earnest, neither will he go back or repent him of the bargain. If ye find at some time a longing to see God, joy in the assurance of that light (howbejt that fealt be but like the passover, that cometh about only once a year) peace of conscience, liberty of prayer, the doors of God's treasure caften up to the soul, and a clear sight of himself looking out, and saying with a smiling countenance, welcome to me, afflicted soul ; this is the earnest that he giveth some times, and wbich maketh glad the heart, and is an evidence that the bargain will hold. But to the end ye may get this earnest, it were good to come of in terms of speech with God, both in prayer and hearing of the word: for this is the house of wine, where ye meet with your Well-beloved; here it is where he kisseth you with the kisses of his mouth, and where ye feel the smell of his garments; and they have indeed a most fragrant and glorious smell; ye must, I say, wait upon him, and be often communing with him, whose lips are as lilies, dropping sweet-smelling myrrh, and by the

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