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are growing up, where nobles did spread a table) if you engage your estate and nobility for this noble King Jesus, with whom the created powers of the world are fill in tops; all the world Thall fall before him, and (as God liveth) every arm lifted up to take the crown off his royal head, or that refuseth to hold it upon his head, shall be broken from the shoulder-blade : the eyes that behold Chrift weep in fackcloth, and wallow in his blood, and will not help, even these eyes shall rot away in their eyeholes. O if ye, and the nobles of this land, faw the beauty of that world's wonder, Jesus our King, and the glory of him, who is angels wonder, and heaven's wonder for excellency! Oh what would men count of clay.estates, of time-eaten life, of worm-eaten and moth-eaten worldly glory, in comparison of that fairest of God's creation, the Son of the Father's delights. I have but small experience of suffering for him; but let my judge and witness in heaven lay my fool in the ballance of justice, if I find not a young heaven, and a little paradife of glorious comforts and foul-delighting love-kisses of Christ here beneath the moon, in suffering for him and his truth: and that the glory, joy, and peace, and fire of love, I thought had been kept while supper-time, when we fhall get leisure to feast our fill upon Chrift; I have felt it in glorious beginnings, in my bonds for this princely Lord Jesus. Oh! it is my forrow, my daily pain, that men will not come and see : I would now be ashamed to believe, that it should be poffible for any

foul to think that he could be a loser for Christ, suppose he should lend Christ the Lordihip of Lindsay, or some fuch great worldly estate. Therefore, my worthy and dear Lord, fet now your face against the opposite of Jesus, and let your soul take courage to come under his banner, to appear'as his soldier for him; and the blessings of a falling kirk, the prayers of the prisoners of hope who wait for Zion's joy, and the good-will of him who dwelt in the bush, and it burned not, shall be with you. To his saving grace I recommend your Lordship, and your house, and ftill am Christ's prisoner, and Aberdeen, Sept. 7, Your Lordship’s obliged servant in his 1637.

Sweet Lord Jesus, S. R.

39. To iny Lord BOY D.My very honourable and good Lord, Race, mercy

and peace be to you. I am glad to hear that you, in the morning of your fort day, mind Chrift; and that you love the honour of his crown and kingdom. I beseech your Lordship, begin now to frame your love, and to cast it in na mould but one, that it may be for Christ only; for when your leve is now in the framing and making, it will take best with


Christ: if any other than Jesus get a grip of it, when it is green and young, Christ will be an uncouih and strange world to you. Promise the lodging of your soul first away to Christ, and stand by your first covenant, and keep to Jesus, that he may find you honest. It is easy to master an arrow, and to set it right, ere the tring be drawn; but when once it is shot and in the air, and the flight

begun, then ye have no power at all to command it: it were a blessed thing, if your love could now level only at Christ, that his fair face were the black of the mark ye shot at: for when your love is loosed, and out of your grips, and in its motion to fetch home an idol, and hath taken a whorish gadding journey, to seck an unknown and strange lover, ye shall not then have power to call home the arrow, or to be master of your love ; and ye shall hardly give Christ what ye scarcely have yourself. I speak not this, as if youth itself could fetch heaven and Christ: believe it, my Lord, it is hardly credible what a nest of dangerous temptations youth is; how inconsiderate, foolish, proud, vain, heady, raih, profane, and careless of God, this piece of your life is; so that the devil findeth in that age a garnished and swept house for himself, and seven devils worse than himself: for then affections are on horseback, lofty and stirring; then the old man hath blood, luft, much will, and little wit, and hands, feet, wanton eyes, profane ears, as his servants, and as king's officers at command, to come and go at his will; then a green conscience is as souple as the twig of a young tree; it is for every way, every religion, every lewd course prevaileth with it: and therefore, O what a sweet couple, what a glorious yoke are youth and grace, Christ and a young man! This is a meeting not to be found in every towo. None who have been at Christ can bring back to your Lordship a report answerable to his worth ; for Chrift cannot be spoken of, or commended according to his worth: come and see is the moft faithful mesfenger to speak of him; little persuasion would prevail where this were. It is impossible, in the setting out of Christ's love, to lie and pass over truth's line: the discourses of angels, or love-books written by the congregation of seraphims (all their wits being conjoined and melted in one) would for ever be in the nether side of truth, and plentifully declaring the thing as it is. The infiniteness, the boundlesness of that incomparable excellency that is in Jesus, is a great word. God fend me, if it were but the relicks and leavings, or an ounce weight or two, of his matchless love ; and suppose I never got another heaven (providing this blessed fire was evermore burning) I could not but be happy for ever. Come hither then, and give out your money wisely for bread; come here, and bestow your love. I have cause to [peak this, because except ye enjoy and possess Christ, ye will be a cold friend to his spoule ; for it is love to the husband that cau

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feth kindness to the wife. I dare swear it were a blessing to your house, the honour of your honour, the flower, of your credit, now in your place, and as far as ye are able, to lend your hand to your weeping mother, even your oppressed and spoiled motherkirk. If ye love her, and beftir yourself for her, and hazard the Lordship of Boyd for the recovery of her vail (which the fmiting watchmen have taken from her) then surely her husband will scura to Aeep in your common or reverence. Bits of Lordships are lit. tle to him, who hath many crowns on his head, and the kingdoms of the world in the hollow of his hand. Court, honour, glory, riches, stability of houses, favour of princes are all on his fingerends. O what glory were it to lend your honour to Christ, and to his Jerusalem. Yeare one of Zion's born fons; your honoura. ble and Christian parents would venture you upon Christ's errands : therefore I beseech you, by the mercies of God, by the death and wounds of Jesus, by the hope of your gloricus inheritance, and by the comfort and hope of the joyful presence ye would have at the water-side, when ye are putting your foot in the dark grave, take

courage for Christ's truth, and the honour of his free king. dom; for, howbeit ye be a young flower, and green before the sun, ye know not how soon death will cause you cast your bloom, and wither root and branch and leaves; and therefore write up what ye have to do for Christ, and make a treasure of good works, and begin in time. By appearance we have the advantage of the braè; see what ye can do for Christ, against these who are waiting while Christ's tabernacle fall, that they may run away with the boards thereof, and build their nests on Zion's ruins. They are blind who see not lowns now pulling up the stakes, and breaking the cords, and rending the curtains of Christ's (sometimes) beautiful tent in this land: Antichrist is lifting that tent up upon his shoulders, and going away with it; and when Christ and the gospel are out of Scotland, dream not that your houses shall thrive, and that it shall go well with the nobles of the land. • As the Lord liveth, the streams of your waters shall become pitch, and the dust of your land brimstone, and your land shall become burning pitch, and the owl and the raven fall dwell in your houses; and where your table stood there shall grow briars and nettles,' Ifa. xxxiv. 9, 11. The Lord gave Christ and his gospel as a pawa to Scotland; the watchmen have fallen foul, and lost their part of the pawn; and who seeth not, that God hath dried up their right eye, and their right arm, and hath broken the shepherd's staves, and men are treading in their hearts upon such unfavoury salt, that is good for nothing else? If ye the pobles put away the pawn also, and refuse to plead the controversy of Zion with the professed epemies of Jesus, ye have done with it. Oh! where is the cou. rage and zeal Dow of the ancient nobles of this land, who win their

their swords, and hazard of life, honour and houses, brought Christ to our hands ? And now the nobles cannot be but guilty of shouldering out Christ, and murdering of the souls of their polterity, if they shall hide themselves, and lurk in the lee-side of the hill, till the wind blow down the temple of God. It goeth now under the name of wisdom, for men to cast their cloke over Christ and their profession, as if Christ were stolen goods and durst not be avouched : though this be reputed a piece of policy, yet God esteemeth such men to be but state fools and court gouks, whate, Ver they, or other heads of wit like to them, think of themselves since their damoable silence is the ruin of Christ's kingdom. O but it be true honour and glory to be the fast friends of the Bride groom, and to own Christ's bleeding head, and his forsaken cause, and to conteod legally, and in the wisdom of God, for our sweet Lord Jesus, and his kingly crown. But I will believe your Lordthip will take Christ's honour to heart, and be a man in the streets. (as the prophet speaketh) for the Lord and his truth. To his rich grace and sweet presence, and the everlasting consolation of the promised comforter, I recommend your Lordship, and am Aberdeen, Sept. 7.

Your Lordship's in his sweet 1637.

Lord Jesus, S. R.


40. To my Lady BOYD. My very Honourable and Christian Lady, Race, mercy and peace be to you. I received your letter,

and am well pleased that your thoughts of Christ stay with you, and that your purpose still is, by all means, to take the kingdom of heaven by violence, which is no small conqueft; and it is a degree of watchfulness and thankfulness also, to observe sleepiDess and unthankfulness. We have all good cause to complain of falfe light, that playeth the thief, and stealeth away the lanthorn ; when it cometh to the practice of constant walking with God, our journey is ten times a day broken in ten pieces; Christ getteth but only broken, and half-fed, and tired work of us, and alas, too often against the hair. I have been somewhat nearer the Bridegoom; but when I draw nigh, and see my vileness, for shame I would be out of his presence again; but yet desire of his foul-refreshing love putteth blushing me under an arrest, O what am I, fo lothlome a burden of sin, to stand beside such a beau. tiful and holy Lord, such an high and lofty one, who inhabiteth eternity! But, since it pleaseth Christ to condescend to fuch an obe as me, let ihamefacedness be laid aside, and lose itself in his condescending love. I would heartily be content to keep a corner of the King's hall: Oh if I were at the yonder end of my weak defires! then thould I be where Chrift my Lord and Lover lives



and reigns; there I should be everlaftingly solaced with the fight of his face, and satisfied with the fur passing sweetness of his matchlefs love: but truly now I land in the nether side of my desires, and with a drooping head, and panting heart, I look up to tair Jefus ftanding afar off from us, while corruption and death thall scour and refine the body of clay, and rot out the bones of the old man of lip. In the mean time we are blessed in sending word to the Beloved, that we love to love him; and till theo there is joy in wooing, suiting, lying about his house, looking in at the windows, and sending a poor foul's groans and wishes through a hole of the door to Jesus, till God send a glad meeting: and bles. fed be God, that after a low ebb, and so fad a word, Lord Jesus it is long since I saw thee; that even then, our wings are growing, and the absence of sweet Jesus breedeth a new fleet of desires and longings for him. I know no man hath a velvet cross, but the cross is made of that which God will have it. But verily, howbeit it be no warrantable market to buy a cross, yet I dare not tay,

that I had liberty to fell Christ's crofs, left therewith also I should fell joy, comfort, sense of love, patience, and the kind vifits of a Bridegroom: and therefore, blessed be God, we get crorfes, unbought and good, cheap. Sure I am, it were better to buy crosses for Christ than to sell them; howbeit neither be allowed io

And for Christ's joyful coming and going, which your Ladyship speaketh of, I bear with it, as love can permit: it ftould be enough to me, if I were wise, that Christ will have joy and forrow halvers of the life of the saints, and that each of them should have a share of our days; as the night and the day are kindly partners and halvers of time, and take it up betwixt them : but if forrow be the greediest halver of our days here, I know joy's day fhall dawn, and do more than recompence all our sad hours. Let my Lord Jelus (fince he will do so weave my bit and span-length of time with white and black, well and wo, with the bridegroom's coming and his fad departure, aswarp and woof in one web; and let the rose be neighboured with the thorn; yet hope (that maketh not ashamed) hath written a letter and lines of hope to the mourners in Zion, that it shall not be long so: when we are over the water, Christ shall cry down crosses, and up heaven for evermore; and down hell, and down death, and down fin, and down forrow; and up glory, up life, up joy for evermore. In this hope I sleep quietly in Christ's bosom till he come, who is not slack; and would sleep so, were it not that the noise of the devil, and fia's feet, and the cries of an unbelieving heart awaken me; but for the present, I have nothing whereof I can accuse Christ's cross. Oh if I could please myself in Chrift only! I hope, Madam, your fons will improve their power for Jesus; for there is no danger, neither is there any qụestion or justling betwixt Christ and au


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