Lives of the Engineers: With an Account of Their Principal Works, المجلد 3

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الصفحة 106 - On the Fire-Damp of Coal Mines, and on Methods of lighting the Mine so as to prevent its Explosion," before the Royal Society of London.
الصفحة 247 - The entire performance excited the greatest astonishment amongst the assembled spectators ; the directors felt confident that their enterprise was now on the eve of success ; and George Stephenson rejoiced to think that in spite of all false prophets and fickle counsellors, his locomotive system was now safe. When the
الصفحة 186 - What can be more palpably absurd and ridiculous than the prospect held out of locomotives travelling twice as fast as stage-coaches! We would as soon expect the people of Woolwich to suffer themselves to be fired off upon one of Congreve's ricochet rockets, as trust themselves to the mercy of such a machine going at such a rate.
الصفحة 236 - A mercurial gauge must be affixed to the machine, showing the steam pressure above forty-five pounds per square inch. 7. The engine must be delivered, complete and ready for trial, at the Liverpool end of the railway, not later than the 1st of October, 1829. 9 u 8. The price of the engine must not exceed 550£ It will be observed that the requirements of the directors as to speed were not excessive.
الصفحة 195 - Locomotive engines are liable to be operated upon by the weather. You are told they are affected by rain, and an attempt has been made to cover them ; but the wind will affect them ; and any gale of wind which would affect the traffic on the Mersey would render it impossible to set off a locomotive engine, either by poking of the fire, or keeping up the pressure of the steam till the boiler was ready to burst.
الصفحة 189 - But I put up with every rebuff, and went on with my plans, determined not to be put down.
الصفحة 159 - I only wish 1 may live to see the day, though that I can scarcely hope for, as I know how slow all human progress is, and with what difficulty I have been able to get the locomotive adopted, notwithstanding my more than ten years' successful experiment at Killingworth.
الصفحة 150 - It was set forth in the preamble that these different lines " will be of great public utility, by facilitating the conveyance of coal, iron, lime, corn, and other commodities, from the interior of the county of Durham...
الصفحة 247 - The engine then started on its journey, dragging after it about thirteen tons weight in waggons, and made the first ten trips backwards and forwards along the two miles of road, running the thirty-five miles, including stoppages, in an hour and forty-eight minutes. The second ten trips were in like manner performed in two hours and three minutes. The maximum velocity attained...
الصفحة 281 - During the railway-making period the navvy wandered about from one public work to another, apparently belonging to no country and having no home. He usually wore a white felt hat with the brim turned up, a velveteen or jean square-tailed coat, a scarlet plush waistcoat with little black spots, and a bright-colored kerchief round his Herculean neck, when, as often happened, it was not left entirely bare.

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