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watches and prepares to meet us, that, as the Jews were broken them.

off and dispersed by their infidelWhen we consider our present ity, so Christian nations stand by connexion and intercourse with faith. If nations, which have the nations of Europe, and the enjoyed the gospel, impiously changes which have taken place, and ungratefully renounce it, and are still likely to take place they lose all their security, and among them—when we consider become obnoxious to severer the long course of unusual pros- punishments, than if they had perity, which we have enjoyed, never known it. To them may and our present moral and polito be applied God's reproof and ical state and, when we consider threatening to Israel ; “ You only the predictions and warnings of have I known of all the families Scripture ; we have reason to ap- of the earth; therefore will I punprehend, that serious and painful ish you for all your iniquities.” trials are coming on us.

A regular administration of, Amidst the commotions of the and peaceable submission to our world, our national security will own chosen government, are depend, not so much on our num- matters of high importance to bers, wealth, and local situation, our security and happiness. Our as on our wisdom, virtue, piety, general constitution is probably peace, and union. If we adopt as liberal, as can reasonably be the vices and corruptions, we desired, and perhaps as can be may expect to share in the calam- safe for a people, so numerous ities of those guilty nations, and spread over so extensive a which God is punishing, and will territory; and it is as energetic continue to punish, until they as is necessary for a well-inform, are reclaimed or consumed. ed and virtuous people. But, if

The prevalence of infidelity it should be relaxed from its will succeed to the extinction of proper energy, or strained bepopery. This intimation of yond its due tone-if it should prophecy is confirmed by obser- be mutilated, twisted, and change vation. But its triumphing willed, until it cease to be the same ; be short ; and, when this is past, it will become the sport and baur the triumph of the gospel will be ble of conflicting parties, and glorious.

general confusion will ensue. The safety of our country will The people, if they be wise, depend on the maintenance of will steadily support, and prompt, the religion of Christ ; on the ly obey their own government strict observance of the Lord's will favour no unnecessary innoday ; on a just encouragement vations—will seek redress of of, and respect to the plain in- supposed grievances in no other stitutions of the gospel, and the than a constitutional way will stated ministry of the word ; on entrust the powers of government the increase of the churches and in the hands of those only, whose the preservation of peace and or reputed wisdom and integrity ender in them ; on a general regard title them to general confidence, to family religion ; and on har. While there is wisdom in rulers, mony and mutual confidence in virtue in the people, and union civil society. The apostle warns and confidence between both, there will be little danger from Foreign influence should be foreign powers.

spurned and repelled. If this That there should be different should ever dictate our elections, sentiments on many public mea- direct our councils, control our sures is naturally to be expected. government, corrupt our reliBut wisdom and virtue will forbid gious principles, and vitiate our all acrimony of speech and se- social manners ;

we shall of verity of treatment in parties to- course lose our independence. ward each other. Every thing The rapid increase of foreigners, of this kind tends to the cor- from whatever nation they come, ruption of national manners, to is dangerous to our liberty. Isthe weakness and inefficacy of rael was ruined, when he mixed government, to the obstruction himself with strangers ; for they of the channels of information, devoured his substance, and he to insolence and despotism in the knew it not. Our independence, dominant party, to discontent virtue and religion are safest with and faction in the feebler party, the gradual increase of our natand to loss of liberty in the peo- ural population. ple. A spirit of free and can- In a time, when the nations of did discussion may be useful. Europe are convulsed by wars But mutual slander, crimination, and revolutions, too close a con scurrility, and contest for power nexion with them may expose endanger the common liberty, us to be shaken by their changes, and degrade the national dignity. and perhaps to be crushed by In absolute governments, where their fall, the power pf the nation is concen- Amidst the convulsions of a trated in a point, parties may be changing world, it becomes us of use to check the progress of to rejoice in the immutable jusdespotism ; but in republics, tice, wisdom and goodness of the where the power is diffused Divine government. We lament through the body, parties are al- the miseries, which attend the ways dangerous, because they wars of nations, and the revoludiminish the national strength, tions of kingdoms; but it is a

. and when the parties become consolation to believe that all nearly equal, the

national these calamitous events are prestrength is lost. Party spirit has paring the way for the enlargebeen the common source of ruin ment of Christ's kingdom, which to republican governments. will diffuse peace and happiness

In public elections preference over the earth. should always be given to relig- While God's judgments are, ious characters. He that rul- as we believe, removing the obseth over men, must be just, ruling structions, which have long lain in the fear of God.” If the open in the way of a general reformaenemies of religion should ever tion; we are pleased to see some become administrators of our other appearances, more directly government, we should lose all

tending to so desirable a result. security ; for such men have no Wonderful is the zeal, which inherent principle to ensure their has appeared, and the exertions, fidelity, nor on them will an oath which have been made in Britain þave a binding efficacy.

and some other parts of Europe, for spreading tne gospel among propagated; but the progress of the unenlightened inhabitants of evangelical truth is also great. the world. For this purpose so

The number of the apparently cieties have been established, neutral party daily diminishes; Christians of different sects have and they are now becoming the united, liberal contributions have worshippers of the God and been made, able missionaries have Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, been sent forth, Bibles have been or are receding fast through the printed in different languages, mists of scepticism into the and dispersed among those, who dreary regions of speculative never saw such a book before ; and practical atheism. It seems and these measures have been as if Christianity and infidelity attended with a success, which were mustering each the host of has exceeded expectation. The the battle, and preparing for same missionary spirit, which has some great day of God. The been so conspicuous in Europe, enemy is come, like a flood, but has been extensively felt in A- the Spirit of the Lord hath liftmerica.

ed up a standard against him. As the object of the mission- Who then is on

Who then is on the Lord's ary societies is pious and benevo

side ? Let him come forth to lent, as their number is great, and the help of the Lord, to the help as their rise in different parts of the Lord against the mighty." was without concert, as they have

THEOPHILUS. met with liberal encouragement, and happy success ; we cannot doubt but the hand of God is with them.

EXEMPLIFIER Though we cannot conclude, IN THE CONDUCT OF DANIEL. that the great reformation will immediately appear; yet we feel Religion, when exhibited in a confidence, that God is now pre- the lives of men, more readily paring the way for it. And may engages attention, and is more his name be glorified; may his impressive, than when it is barekingdom come ; may his will be ly seen in precept. For this readone on earth, as it is done in son, among others, the divine heaven; and may all flesh see Author of the Holy Scriptures his salvation.

hath seen fit to transmit to us a To conclude; we may say, in particular account of the conduct the words of a late Scotch wri- of a number of persons, in differter, " Never were times more ent ages of the world, and in dif. eventful, or appearances more ferent situations of life, who acted interesting, than at the present under its influence. By perusing day. We behold, on the one their lives, we meet with somehand, infidelity with dreadful ir- thing more than a description of ruption extending its ravages far religion ; the thing itself is preand wide ; and, on the other, an sented to our view. amazing accession of zeal and Among the eminent saints, alacrity to the cause of Chris- whose lives are recorded in the tianity. Error in all its forms is sacred volume, the prophet Dan. assiduously and successfully icl holds a conspicuous place. lle



was of the seed of David, and was them not only from being defiled carried a captive to Babylon in the with the king's meat, but from third year of the reign of Jehoia- being corrupted with the errors kim, king of Judah. He, who is the of that idolatrous court. To preRuler of nations and the Head pare Daniel for what he had to of the church, had an important do and suffer in the cause of rework for him to perform in his ligion, God brought him into fastate of captivity. Wonderful vour with the prince of the was the providence of God in fit. eunuchs. This was a direct step ting him for this work, and in to his promotion, while he was introducing him to it. Holding found eminently faithful in the the heart of the king of Babylon service of his God. He was adin his hand, and improving him vanced to posts of honour, which as an instrument of accomplish- he neither sought nor coveted ; ing his eternal purposes, he in- and, unexpectedly to himself, clined him to select from the was enabled to be a kind of captive youths, a number of the nursing father to the people of most beautiful appearance and God in their afflicted state. His promising talents, to be taught precious life was spared, that the learning and tongue of the his prayers might ascend before Chaldeans. Among these were the throne of the God of Jacob, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and during the whole of the seventy Azariah, of whom Daniel was year's captivity. He maintained the chief. For them a daily his integrity, and at the same provision of the king's meat, and time possessed great influence, of the wine which he drank, was under the reign of several kings, appointed. The reason of their even in critical revolutionary being so delicately trained up times. probably was, that they, being in When Darius, the Median, the flower of their age, might be took the kingdom, he appointed allured with the delights of the an hundred and twenty princes, court, and thereby be brought who were set over the whole to forget their father's house and kingdom. Over these were aptheir religion; and, eventually, pointed three presidents, of to be the means of bringing over whom Daniel was first, that the all God's people to idolatry. But princes might give accounts unto the thoughts of the Most High them, and that the king should were not as the thoughts of the have no damage. These presiking of Babylon. While he was dents and princes hated Daniel, correcting his covenant people because he above them. for their great wickedness, he Their eye was evil, because he took care of the faithful among was good.

was good. To support a charge them, and made them to be piti- against him, on account of his ed of those who carried them administration, they found to be captive. He gave Daniel and impossible ; for there was his friends a double portion of excellent spirit in him, and in that excellent spirit of religion, all his undertakings he was upwhich the Holy Ghost begetteth right and faithful.

But they in the hearts of all, who are train- were determined that he should ing up for heaven. This kept be deposed; to effect which,



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they wickedly and maliciously executed ; because it was an esattacked him on the ground of tablished custom with the Medes his religion. They contrived to and Persians, not to repeal, but

This have a decree signed by the to execute their laws. king, which would necessarily was the snare which was laid for lead Daniel to part with his re- Daniel; and on obtaining the ligion or his life. A more wick- king's signature to the decree, ed and heaven-daring plot was they supposed that they had never conceived by man. It this holy man completely in verived the words of the inspire their hands. Here we see to ed pepman; Wrath is cruel, and what lengths the human heart anger is outrageous; but, who will go in wickedness. А can stand before envy ?

company of vile men, in power, Concealing their object from agreed to dethrone God, at least Darius, these men went to him for thirty days, and to make it with the flattering language of treason against their king to put courtiers, and addressing them- up one petition to God, in that selves to the proud feelings of time. What contempt of the his heart, as a great monarch, Most High! drew him into a snare.

" King

Having obtained the decree, Darius," said they, “live foreve their next business was to watch er. All the presidents of the the motions of Daniel, whom kingdom, the governors, and they had devoted to a cruel the princes, the counsellors and death. Now we have a view of the captains have consulted to- his situation. He must either gether to establish a royal sta- give up communing with his tute, and to make a firm decree, God, yea, he must deny his God, that whosoever shall ask a peti, or part with his life. There tion of any god or man for thir- was no other alternative. Did ty days, save of thee, o king, he hesitate what course to take ? be shall be cast into the den of Did he go to them and lay open lions." Such flattering language his embarrassing situation? Did was calculated to make a proud he study to conceal from their monarch blind to all consequen- view the manner in which he ces. They wished to confer, was disposed to treat his God? as they pretended, great honour No. He was resolved. He on their king; yea, to set him knew that the honour of the true up above all gods. But the real God was publicly attacked, and object was, to destroy an emi- that matters were now in such a pently holy man, and the best train that the interest of religman in the kingdom. Pleased ion, and the cause of his afflicted with their flattery, and ignorant people, depended greatly on his of their wicked plot, Darius firmness. signed the decree. Now they Although every thing pertainwere prepared to remind him, if ing to this world was at stake, be it should be necessary, as they did not alter the course of his well knew Daniel stood high devotion. When he knew the in his esteem,

that it was writing was signed, he went infor his honour and interest, as to his house, and his win. well as his duty, to see this law "dows being open in his cham

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